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ANTWERP – Usually I write concerts experiences for myself and of course in my native tongue. But sometimes you have to do something different, right?

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So why not writing down my great experience which I had during the concert in Antwerp? If the report is written too enthusiastical and sentimental, please, forgive me.  
But check it out!

I arrived at the Lotto Arena about 3 o´clock in the afternoon, after an adventurous ride on an old tram which was very full and when I write very full I mean V.E.R.Y.

But back to the topic.
Only a few die-hard Roxers were waiting in front of the venue entrance. Unfortunately rain and wind came later and it wasn’t cozy anymore. Shortly before they opened the door at 18:30 there were some more people queuing, but it was still manageable. The entrance-situation went quick and easy. No problems at the security checkpoints, so it was really relaxed!

When Eskobar entered the stage at 8 o´clock the venue was already well-filled, the standing-area (so far I could see it from the front row) and even the seats in the ranks were almost full up.
The audience was nice to the support act, was applauding politely after the songs and you could feel the atmosphere in the venue getting better and better.
Could be a good omen for the 35th concert of this leg.

About half past nine it was high time!
Roxette entered the stage. First of all it was Marie who was supported by Bosse BoJo Johansson to her chair. She came in white clothes with a black tie followed by Per, Pelle, Magnus, Clarence, Chris & Dea.
WOW! What a fabulous feeling to see them back on stage again! The last Roxette concerts I saw were in July 2012 in Kristiansand and Halden so it was definitely high time for a new Roxette experience.

They started with a strong intro before the began with “Sleeping in My Car and then “The big L.”  WOOAH! Such a powerful beginning of the show. Terrific!
We couldn’t stop jumping, shouting and singing in front of the stage from the first beat on, and the audience was partying from the beginning.

While they played “Stars,” I recognized the XXL-sized blinds. And yeah, I really like it, I didn’t even focus on them the whole show, only from time to time. The were more important things happening on stage…
“Spending My Time” was the real first possibility for the audience to sing along with Roxette and to show them, that they remember the lyrics very well. And they did it very well and got a thumbs up from Per while he said: “That was terrific!”

They played “Crash! Boom! Bang!” and Per and Marie sang so emotionally. Honestly, this song isn’t among my favorites, but the song is touching me more and more. Wonderful ballad!

Speaking of ballads: before they started to play “Crush on You” Per was talking to Magnus (that he is a viking and his favorite album happens to be Have a Nice Day, which he denied (most of you know this talk between Per and  Magnus already very well), because his favorite album is Baladas en Español, very funny. Love that communication and acting between all the band members.

The band had a blast and the audience was cooking, too, while they played “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio).” When I turned around I could see almost all people on the ranks were standing, clapping their hands, dancing, singing and just having fun! GREAT!

When they sang “The Heart Shaped Sea all the band-members (except Pelle) were standing in a row on the stage to perform this wonderful song. For my taste a little bit too fast (it felt that they would finish the song as fast as possible). But maybe they always play it as a uptempo song. No problem for me, I only expected something different. “
Watercolours in the Rain” and “Paint” were performed so sentimentally by Marie & Dea. That touched me so much. Could hear such sentimental ballads for hours. “Fading Like a Flower,” one of my favorite songs I always love to hear live! Nothing more to say.

And I couldn’t believe that no one was sitting down, when the played the intro of “How Do You Do!”. My God, the audience was again partying more than ever this evening! That was so fantastic. I have no words! Sorry for being a tad biased, but this is one of my favorite live songs. Pure party!

And when the audience heard the first sounds of “It Must Have Been Love they started to applaud and sang along Marie’s lyrics. Fabulous!

With “Dressed for Success,” “Dangerous” and “Joyride” (where 6 balloons in number from the first row found their way into the audience bouncing around) the main part was over and the band left the stage, but only for some minutes. The audience was still clapping hands & shouting during the whole time, when the band was backstage.

Then they entered the stage for a last time to perform “Listen to Your Heart,” which Marie sang with so much power and emotions. Every time she sing that song live, I get tears in my eyes… this amazing voice blows my mind away, really!

Last but not least one of the greatest party hit “The Look” was the grand finale of a successful show!! Gosh, what a splendid evening within the most fantastic band of the world. Thank you so much to Marie, Per, Christoffer, Magnus, Clarence, Pelle & Dea and all the guys, who make it always as great as possible to join these amazing shows!

After the show when they switched on the light, it was Jakob who was throwing some guitar-picks in the front of the standing area. And I was lucky to get one… almost. I felt the pick at my fingertips but I didn’t manage to catch the tiny plastic thing (I think I have to practice it for the next times) and it fell down in the pit between the stage and the barrier. But hey! There was a man standing in the pit with his back in my direction, so I couldn’t see his face and I slapped him on his shoulder immediately. I showed him where the picks lay on the ground and as he gave me the pick with a smile I saw it was Anton Corbijn… Oh my gosh, was I embarrassed!? Okay guys, stop laughing!

We left the venue slowly but steady with a certain aim: the backstage entrance of course. We, a little group of fans from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary, were standing at the waiting bus. And as the bus was backing closer to the backstage entrance we were following bravely.  
We didn’t have to wait to long, at least it was entertaining for me. We decided when Marie came out, we would like to sing a birthday song for her and we checked the clock.
Shortly after midnight the wonderful & fantastic band left the venue followed by gorgeous Per (and I´m not a Gessle-girl, but a addicted-to-Marie-girl I have to agree, that Per definitely radiates something special so even I get weak in the knees… my God! And I have the same feeling when he looks straight into my eyes while he acts on stage.
Well, after telling you this secret, I can go on with the review:

The band and also Per took time for signing, chit chating, taking photos and then went into the waiting bus, which should bring them back to Amsterdam. The bus was leaving before the amazing Marie came out. A black limousine drove in front of the entrance and BoJo checked out the waiting fans (there were three autograph-hunters waiting with us, which didn’t understood that Marie wouldn’t sign anything, they tried it nevertheless). First it was Micke who came out, smiling like always and then Marie with BoJo. She was looking tired, of course, but then we, (altogether we were around 15 fans) started to sing “Happy Birthday” and she started to smile the biggest smile!! She listened attentively until we finished the birthday song and she couldn’t stop smiling and waving. Before she went into the car she said: “You are the best, remember that always!” So touching and she means it truthful. 
And with her words I will close the report. Can it give a better end of a concert review?

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May 31st, 2015

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