Good Karma: the TDR track-by-track album review

Roxette make a triumphant return of epic proportions – their brand new album Good Karma has just been released and it’s time for the traditional Daily Roxette album review.

safe_image.jpgListening to Good Karma is like a cataclysmic, out of control freight train hurtling at break neck speeds smashing you in the throat and pulverizing your brain into a thousand technicolor pieces. It’s an album that spits in your face and doesn’t even ask your name – it pushes you to the floor, kicks you in the nuts, smashes a bottle of wine across your head, rips your clothes off, makes crazy love to you, spins you around the room by the hair til the sun comes up before one final sleazy hug, a cheap cigarette and the promise that it’ll do it to you all over again the next time you press play. That my friends, is Roxette’s Good Karma. Now go take a cold shower.

This album is not just “good” – it’s jaw-droppingly good, if Look Sharp! had a baby, it would be this record born in June 2016 – this is easily Roxette’s best album since Have A Nice Day and holistically, it could even be argued that it’s stronger than Crash! Boom! Bang! from start to finishIt’s short, it’s tight, it’s meticulously produced and the sound is simply dynamic.

The first and most important thing to note is that the “Spring of 65” is definitely over! The Jew harp of “Way Out”, the Beatles-ish “After All” and the Traveling Wilburys-esque “Lover Lover Lover” has finally been put to rest! We all know that Roxette are products of their record collection but as they say, the only thing you get from looking back is a sore neck. And finally, Good Karma is a confident and aggressive attack towards the future!

The other major talking point is that we have new blood on this record too. The producing duo of “Addeboy vs Cliff” join the long standing production team of Clarence Öfwerman and Christoffer Lundquist and by the sound of the end result – this has given Team Rox a much needed energy kick!

Good Karma is Roxette completely re-constructed and it’s what their sound has needed for a long time. This is Roxette going back to the drawing board, starting from scratch, with a blank piece of paper, a pen in hand and from the sounds of it, a helluva lot of alcohol. And this is exactly what we all needed – both Terry and Julie can take a long vacation if you ask me – we got our beloved “produced pop” back on this record and it’s an aural delight! This nonsense argument that “pop music doesn’t need to be perfect” is pure garbage. John Mayer doesn’t need to be perfect, Tom Petty doesn’t need to be perfect, John Mellencamp doesn’t need to be perfect, but Roxette needs to be. “Classic Roxette” is military precision production, meticulous European efficiency, detailed layering all wrapped up to sound so deceptively simple – yet with enough heart from Marie’s vocals and a touch of the cheeky Gessle charm to stand out from the generic, heartless, over-produced filler crowd! And Good Karma is Roxette at their “perfectly produced” best!

Good Karma raises the standards of what a new Roxette studio album actually means – this record takes you to places, places you never thought possible; this is Roxette re-invented, congratulations to all involved. Per has written his ass off, Marie has blown our minds and made us cry with her phenomenal vocals and as for the production team? Hats off! Good Karma is the record we should’ve received back in 2011. This is a triumph of majestic proportions, an innovative and dramatic step forward – an impressive artistic achievement. We knew you had it in you. Bravo!

Now. Let’s get the TDR guys in on the action and let’s go track by track and review Roxette’s tenth studio album Good Karma.

GOOD KARMA – Roxette (2016)

Thomas: Well, what can I add after that eloquent (albeit longwinded) intro from Sir Stevo? I agree with it all really. And while I happen to like “Lover Lover Lover” this is truly the best album we’ve gotten since 1994. How do you reinvent the wheel again? I sure don’t know, but apparently Per et. al do. Marie is the best she’s been in ages, Per as well. Overall I think Per’s lyrics are tighter than ever, as a whole I mean. And I’m still not a lyrics person. The sleeve says “All instruments performed by C&C&P” and “Produced by C&C&P” except for a few (four?) backing tracks produced by AvsC. It’s not Joyride but honestly, what is? It took us more than two years to get this album, and I’m bound to think that it was time well spent. To conclude: 5/5. Easy.
Colin: This album really is something different, it manages to draw you in and create a special kind of feeling, it almost feels like a concept album. The opener sets the pace and in my opinion, the first three tracks are the strongest ones. After “20 BPM”’s climax the album comes to a beautiful, sad close. A fresh, innovative album for Roxette, beautifully made. Well done and most of all: thank you for making this.
Kai: To be honest, after Charm School and Travelling I didn’t expect much. Yes, these were good albums but I really never listened to them too often. Maybe I should have, who knows. Maybe that’s what makes Good Karma a real zinger? It is still Roxette but suddenly totally different. It’s like the whole team decided to try something new and it totally worked. Why is this new album so short? I could really use some more songs like these. Once you started, it’s already over. It’s fresh, finally crisp and still you get all the goodies that usually come along with Per and Marie: fine melodies and voices that take you along. More, please. 5/5
Paul: This is a band that have been together for 30 years. After all that has happened, they have come up with something so fresh, modern, different and at the same time so Roxette. Working with new producers has breathed life into the duo. This album is just fantastic. Certainly kicks Charm School and Travelling into the ground! If there is more to come in the future, then work with these guys again! Although I have a bittersweet feeling when listening to the album – this could very possibly be the last ever Roxette album and that makes me sad. If this is the end, then what a way to say goodbye! Per & Marie – you’ve made one of your best albums ever, certainly up there with Look Sharp! and Joyride. Congratulations! 5/5

  1. #01. Why Dontcha?

Thomas: They keep using that old proven formula with a fast opening track sung by Per (yes I know it’s not 100 % all you nitpicks out there). I love this! Cute, airy, fast, fun. Great intro track. And how about that sax solo?!
Colin: Fresh! And yeah, I agree with you on that intro. Well, it’s a formula that kinda works! I like the track. It keeps you waiting for a climax that never comes but maybe that’s the point? Just as with the previous album openers sung by Per I think it should be a single but probably won’t be one.
Thomas: Oh for sure, I want the albums to start with a fast Per-track.
Stevo: OK Thomas, I admit it, I underestimated this song the first time I heard it. I wasn’t convinced at first – but after a few spins, yes, I got it wrong. I wrote it off as a standard “Real Sugar” we’ve heard before – but I’m an idiot. The nuances in the crisp production, the subtlety of the groove, the scrupulous detail, awesome! Super cool song but… the album opener? Hmm, more about that topic from me once we get to track #03.
Thomas: But of course you did. And how about that McCartney-esque bass??
Paul: Not an obvious opener for me, I would have preferred a more “Crush On You”/”Real Sugar” type of opener with both Per & Marie on lead vocals.  Took a few listens for me to get it, but I’ve got it now.
Kai: Au contraire, Paul. Great opener for me. On the same level as “How Do You Do!”. Catchy, fresh, unusual, airy. Meant to tune you into the right mood for the other songs to come. After that you can be sure you won’t be bored. Also, it has similar vibes as “CBB”. Which is good! And (if I’m allowed to bring even more comparisons) I hear something I last heard on SOAP: This background voice accompanied by a stumping drum line. Yes, I’m in if you need my vote to make this a single. But as we all know, the experts at Warner will choose just another ballad that will be forgotten sooooon.

  1. #02. It Just Happens

Kai: This heavily produced piece of power pop comes a little surprisingly after the rather down to earth opener. When I heard it for the first few times, I was a little disappointed. Great melody and all but I thought it really deserved more power, more guitar riffs, a more present drum line, maybe even some strings. To me it was a wasted opportunity to surprise the radio audience with a fresh sound. With an arrangement á la Coldplay, it could go right up to the top of the charts. Now in the context of the album it suddenly makes sense. It fits in and it is a great song. Love that bassy “Zoom” thump. Got to hear it loud. Whoever came up with this, I thank thee!
: Yes, when I first heard this I also thought “oh no…” but then I played it again, and again and it grew on me. I can’t say this is the best song Roxette ever put out and definitely not the best single, but it’s a good song and with the superb, feel good video I really like it.
Colin: That video is the best they’ve ever done, hands down. Classic Roxette power ballad, up there with “Listen To Your Heart” and “It Must Have Been Love.” Marie still has it!
Stevo: Big call about the video Colin – it’s very good but their best? Regardless, when you listen to the whole album, it’s almost like this is the most traditional sounding Roxette song, which is why I question it being the “lead” single. It’s nice but is it reflective of just how innovative this record is? That pre-chorus is heartwarming and classic Roxette though; nicely done.
Paul: Yes that is very high praise for the video Colin!  When I first heard this song, I thought it was a brilliant first single. On hearing the full album, “Good Karma” would have been a better choice.  I do still love “It Just Happens” though – Marie sounds amazing on this!

  1. #03. Good Karma

Stevo: This is the best hit song recorded since “Joyride”. This is phenomenal super league stuff. “The Look”? “Joyride”? “It Must Have Been Love”? And now we have “Good Karma”. This song belongs in that small elite class and it should be their 5th US #1. Without doubt, “Good Karma” should have opened the album and should have been the first single! This song is a perfect ten out of ten – a fist pumping stadium rocker with Marie making you feel like a giddy twelve-year-old fan again. Tibetan incense candles meets ’80s anthemic pop/rock song – gob smacked, speechless, humbled.
Paul: ’80s?  Sounding more ’90s to me! But, WOW! The production of this song is so strong, there is so much going on in the background that you notice on repeat listens. Love the piano start and middle section. Per’s middle 8 really compliments the song, and I gotta mention Marie’s vocals again – that voice is sounding so good.
Thomas: Now we’re talking! Marie is stepping up! What a spit-in-your-face-kick-in-your-crotch song. I would also have loved seeing this one live at some point. This song also has a special meaning to me that I can’t talk about at this point, no jinxing. I enjoy Per’s smart lyrics here. (Yes, it’s “sense”…)
Kai: Hey what’s this?? It’s Roxette and then again it’s so much not. And I like that. Would also have loved to see it being performed live. Forget about the “no click tracks” and “all live” rules for a couple of minutes… just imagine this one with a proper stage production and a good long sing-along part for the audience! Too bad we will never see this. Or will we?
Colin: This is the first time on the album Rox goes dance, it takes about five seconds of getting used to and it’ll blow you away – this might be one of the best songs Roxette has put out in a decade!! C’mon guys, we need remixes of this, take the bpm up a bit and it’s disco ready.
Stevo: The ball was dropped in 1999 when “Crush On You” wasn’t released as a single, do NOT make the same mistake twice – get the storyboards out now and start working on a high end, big budget video right now – this is your album’s centerpiece.
Thomas: The ball was indeed dropped in 1999. DO NOT let that happen again, please.

  1. #04. This One

Thomas: EDM to the max. Normally not my cuppa, but I do like these keyboards and Per’s verses. Not too keen on the chorus. This is actually not one of the Avicii tracks… I mean Addeboy vs. Cliff, but it feels like it! I definitely don’t hate it. The bass is phat, even my measly car stereo system bounces pretty hard. I miss my Dodge…
Colin: Earworm! One play and the chorus will be stuck in your head forever…
Stevo: Not your cuppa, Thomas? You old fart; go back to your rocking chair, Grandpa! This would blow the roof off any nightclub with it’s bass and soaring chorus – get in the spirit! I reckon if Look Sharp! was recorded in 2016, songs like “Chances” would have sound something like this – good fun, pump it up and drown out Thomas’ whining!
Thomas: Pffft, I like it fine, it’s just not at the top of my top 11!
Paul: Bass? Check! Synth? Check! Top production (again!)? Check! What a stomper! The electronica sound is so in right now. I think this album would surprise a lot of people, if only they would hear it! I’ve mentioned Marie’s vocals a lot, but got to say that Per is also sounding so good. The vocals filters all over this album do not bother me, I can see why it would for some people, but this is a different Roxette now and these filters really do work with this style of production.
Kai: Party Pleaser part II, anyone? Once you hear the chorus, you can’t get it out of your head anymore. Which is a bit stupid because hearing “This one’s for you” in a loop even when the speakers are off is really annoying. Great fun song! Have to agree with Paul this time, the filters support the song, nothing wrong about it.

  1. #05. You Make It Sound So Simple

Kai: What an intro! Have we had one like this before? Don’t think so. Then the SOAP style of song in combination with Marie’s voice, Per’s lines, the heavy bass, all this electronic … something. It’s great! I like how they developed the song idea into this symphony of sounds and vibes. To be played loud, for sure!
Thomas: Same here, EDM. This is a weird song, every other listen I really like it and every other I don’t. And yet again, I love Per’s verses and the very nice, fat keyboard bass. I have to say this one drills itself into your brain. Love it love it love it.
Colin: It’s weird alright, it doesn’t sound like ‘now’, it doesn’t sound like the ’90s, but it does draw you into something, it feels like movie soundtrack material and really fits into the feeling of the album.
Stevo: They’re breaking convention and really pushing the envelope with this one as they enter uncharted territory – they should be very proud. That’s what I love about this album – it’s unapologetic and it’s not derivative. This song might not be a choice for a single and not my overall favorite – but that’s not a bad thing, kudos to Team Rox – they’ve got some balls for going down this path. Bravo!
Paul: The intro is a mixture of electronica and piano, which seem to work so well together. Kudos to Per here: love his vocals.  I can’t think of another two voices that just work so well together. The song itself is a grower, wasn’t keen at first, but I’ve warmed to it.

  1. #06. From a Distance

Stevo: OK. Everyone shut up now. Here we go. This is it! “From a Distance” is the single greatest listening experience of my entire life – the single most incredible thing I have heard in over 30 years. Not since the first time I heard the words “…hello, you fool, I love you…” have I felt something this powerful. This is the best thing Roxette have done since forever! The first time I heard this I was hysterical, delirious, screaming, no… literally screaming and clapping my hands like a maniac who belonged in a straight jacket, surprised the neighbors didn’t call the police – it was a reaction like I’d won the lottery! If Roxette don’t record any more songs ever again, then “From a Distance” is enough to suffice for the next 100 years – this song is undeniable proof that heaven exists and Marie and Addeboy vs Cliff have given you a three and a half minute version of it. To try and use words to analyze this song would be a crime – because no words can encapsulate the magic that Roxette have created here… but of course, I’ll try – modern, fresh, timeless, perfection, indescribable beauty – Marie Fredriksson – I don’t know how the hell you do it, but you are from another planet! Best.Song.Ever!
Thomas: Umm, OK, can we speak now? Has that lunatic stopped his rant yet? Anyway, I can’t put my finger on it, but this may be The. Best. Roxette song. I’ve heard in… 20 years? The haunting keyboards, the melody, the lyrics… yikes! And yes, it’s true that Stevo squealed like a little girl. He videoed it and I have the proof right here. It’s all about the money, people!
Colin: Where I associate “You Make It Sound So Simple” with a dark place, this one really opens up the sky and Marie’s voice is like the break of day. Beautifully produced.
Paul: Are we listening to Pearls of Passion? The intro is so ’80s!  I feel kinda the opposite to Stevo really – the song is nice, but probably the one I listen to the least on this album.  Marie sounds heavenly though.
Thomas: You’re on very thin ice now Paul…
Stevo: Can we arrange to have Paul fired now? Or his legs broken? Either/or.
Thomas: Consider it done.
Paul: Each to their own!
Kai: Ey, leave Paul alone. He’s good at Twitter. Stevo isn’t. So guess who I’m going to support now. Ha! … Oh ja, this is basically the one song on this album that could have been on almost any other Roxette album. It shows what we like about their music. It’s a great typical production with Marie on the lead vocals and such but that’s it for me. Afraid it will be picked as a single again by someone who thinks that it was a good choice because “it sounds so Roxettish” (is that even a word?). When I want “Roxettish sound” I listen to “It Must Have Been Love”, which I never do. I prefer these little surprises we get to hear once in a while from Per and Marie. But what I really enjoyed is the outro, it’s one of these surprises I’m talking about. Okay guys, move along, nothing to see here anymore. What’s the next song?
Thomas: So we’re firing Kai as well then?
Stevo: Whatever, he’s dead to me.

#07. Some Other Summer
: Sounds a lot like the old Pet Shop Boys to me. I really like this. It could have used some dry Jonas-guitars in the background, but apart from that – great song! I hear rumors that this might be single #2. My vote is on “Good Karma” though. On a side note: that French DJ totally killed this song. Massacre. Dead. My Google Play says “117 plays”?!
Colin: Pet Shop Boys? Ah, now you mention it. Please do some proper remixes of this (think “Dangerous” Waste of Vinyl remix) and release it on vinyl for the dance floor. Really radio-friendly, and hey, ‘summer’ is in the chorus and title, guaranteed summer hit single?
Stevo: Yes, the Pet Shop Boys go to Ibiza. This song totally deserves to be on the next Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions – could do with more Marie on the chorus but this a neat and finely crafted piece of chillaxed Summer pop.
Kai: Whoa! A summer song that actually sounds like summer? Now that’s nice! Can we have this as the next single, please? It’s radio friendly, it brings up great feelings and (have I said it already) it’s a summer song! Although… somehow… don’t ask me why… but well… this song could have been even bigger back then in the ’80s or ’90s. Imagine Modern Talking performing this one. On the other hand, better don’t. Am I fired now?
Thomas: Not for this, but yes, for your other comments…
Paul: Picking up the tempo again – so pleased this isn’t like the Sebestian Drums version. Possibly the most Roxette-ish (for me) on this album. Another example of how well Per & Marie’s voices work so well together. I love this one!

  1. #08. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?

Thomas: I thought this was MP’s song, and was quite surprised when I realized I had misread it and that it wasn’t. This is also one of my absolute favorites. It is an amazing track, so melancholy and sad. Talk about feeling lonely and lost… I know what she means. The a-a-a-a-aaa gives me goose bumps.
Colin: The intro is a bit too slow for me, the album slows down to a halt and could’ve been a nice closer. Is that Helena on backing vocals in the chorus?
Thomas: It is. Good ear!
Kai: Back in the good old days (say Joyride, Tourism etc.) I always wondered who that SNYKO dude in the song credits was who played all these strings so wonderfully. Found out later that those are members of the “Stockholm Nya Kammarorkester”. Anyway, strings always meant great outros and here we are again! What a wonderful string composition finishing an otherwise marvelously simple song among all these electronic music pieces. Wonder who arranged this? Thank you for bringing this into this song. I could listen to this forever. Loud. Strings. Strings listened loud? Oh yeah!
Paul: The first time I heard this I loved it straight away. That intro! The melody is so beautiful. Only Per can write melodies like this. I would love to hear an instrumental of this… (Per – you’re reading this aren’t you?!). Can’t not mention vocals again – Marie’s delivery is excellent. Just love her voice on this. I remember Marie once said you have to mix computers and real instruments to make the sound warm: a fine example here – the strings at the end just add something so special to this gorgeous song
Stevo: This song has got my favorite lyric of the whole album “I’ll buy you a sweater for the fall” – don’t ask me why, but the way Marie delivers that line, it’s so cute. What an adorable, little thought, it’s just lovely. Makes me gooey – Thomas, where are my flowers by the way?
Thomas: Ask the postman. And about that sweater – “really soft“… melts my heart.

  1. #09. You Can’t Do This to Me Anymore

Stevo: So this is what happens when you leave Per and MP alone in a room with some illegal substances.
Kai: Nice easy-listening song. A bit psychedelic and that’s why I like it. The rap á la “The Look” along with Marie’s singing. Hm yes. You don’t need to say more. Good song that stands for itself. Just enjoy it.
Thomas: Probably the least excellent track on the album. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, not at all. But I feel it’s very similar to “This One” in how it’s built up and performed. A bit redundant and repetitive, then again, very catchy.
Colin: Flashback to “How Do You Do!” Per’s voice sounds exactly the same and it reminds of Madonna’s Vogue, as well. Yes, too much repetition but the next song makes up for it!
Thomas: I like that Pet Shop Boys “rap” in this though, in fact after another 15 spins this is just as good as the rest. Dammit Per!
Stevo: Silver van and rainbow man – this song is mega weird so why do I smile when I hear it? Especially at those silly verses about Mary Anne? I love all the effects over Per’s vocals. Definite earworm – takes a while to work it all out, but when you do, it’s bloody good. Obviously not going to be a single, but in the context of the album, it makes a lot of sense. Awesome production. That haunting but catchy chorus from Marie stays with me for days – can’t get it out of my head.
Paul: The verses remind me of “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys – not a bad thing at all! I definitely think that Per has been listening to some PSB recently! Some unfiltered Marie vocals can be heard in this – sounds raw and I love it. A decent song, not a favorite, I think it needs something towards the end of the song to build it up a bit for the final chorus.

  1. #10. 20 BPM

Paul: ONE OF MY FAVORITE EVER PER SONGS! This doesn’t sound anything like Roxette have ever recorded and I think that’s why I love it! Again, top TOP production on this.  So much going on that it demands repeat listens. Per sounding great as well! Turn it up LOUD! In you car! With your windows down!
Thomas: When the snippets leaked I thought “whoa, I like this!!” but then when I heard the full track I wasn’t as convinced. After playing it a few hundred times (yes so?? Paul – only a few hundred times?!) I realize that my initial love was the way to go. The fastest track of the album I think? Maybe “Whydontcha?” is faster, but this is beefier. Chunkier!
: Oh yeah! Don’t let the title fool you, it’s fast. Crunchy. Cow bell. “Baby don’t you know, oh-woh-oh-oh-oh-ow”.
Thomas: More cowbell!
Stevo: Did someone order a Pole Dancer? Isn’t this just a nasty little number, with its horny pulsating rhythm and beat? Just when you think the night is over, the DJ whacks this song on – you down a shot of tequila and then hit the dance floor for one last head thumping dance and then you flash your naughty bits to some stranger! This song is pure sex – it could’ve easily have been recorded by the late Prince himself! And I love the “bossa nova” part – yes that distorted vocal effect has been used a thousand times by nearly everyone but it really works on Per’s quirky vocals.
Thomas: Tequila? My favorite poison. Not sure I want to do it with you though.
Kai: Oh this is one of these precious unusual gems we’re getting when we expect them the least. “Kix Cha Cha”, “Ghost in the House”. Songs like these. Per, with “that” voice! Play it loud in the car? Does the Pope wear a funny hat?!

  1. #11. April Clouds

Thomas: A rehash of Per’s old “Wish You the Best” from The World According to Gessle you may think? Well you’d be wrong; this was written before “Wish”. It uses basically the same lyrics with a few more lines in this. I think it’s a nice album closer, but it doesn’t do that much for me. Like “Wish You the Best” this song makes me sad though.
Colin: It’s a sad song, alright. Hearing this album end with Marie singing “I wish you the best” just after canceling the tour makes me feel like this is Marie’s goodbye song. However sad that might be, it’s a beautiful goodbye.
Paul: Is this Marie’s swan song? Certainly can be interpreted like that. The most ‘band-like’ song on the album, you can hear real drums and a tambourine for example.  Lovely strings as well.  Sounds like the vocals are unfiltered on this as well! Marie, everyone wishes you the best as well!
Kai: No album closer without a ballad sung by Marie. As you all said it already, it sounds like a farewell song with a meaning deeper than we want it to be. Is it? Only time will tell. Until then let us enjoy this brillant rendition of an old song, sung with power and emotion.
Stevo: A lovely and gentle way to wind down after what has been an intense album.

And that’s it folks, that wraps up TDR’s Good Karma review. The one final and most sincere thought that is imperative to convey is that after 30 years of making music and for a band that is now trading off their greatest hits, Roxette really did not need to put out a new album and they certainly did not have to go to such extraordinary lengths as they did with Good Karma. But they did – for us – the fans. This is a gift that we are all so eternally grateful for. And despite Marie’s current situation, Roxette still chose to dig deep, they did not rest on their laurels, they did not deliver a “paint by numbers” record. The whole team worked painstakingly hard for us – so that we could enjoy such immaculate work – it is humbling.

It is a privilege to have Good Karma in our collection and if this is to be their swansong album, then what a way to bow out – and to paraphrase Marie as she sums it up at the end, “we wish you the best!”

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  • disqus_ggvdslgvY6

    It’s not horrid, but it’s not the Roxette I grew up on, the Roxette that made me a fan.
    I miss the days of Look Sharp! and Joyride; best albums they ever made.
    Good Karma is…something else entirely. It’s not a genre of music I listen to willingly; if this weren’t Roxette, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second listen.


      You are not the 1st fan to make a comment like that….So many fans seem disappointed with their 10th album….Can’t get my copy before Friday the 3rd….Hope I will like it…

    • Jonas Pieniniemi

      Same here! And for me it doesnt sound fresh.. It sounds like a band trying to sound like everything else played on the radio ~2011-2016

      Nice that they tried but this is i 2/5 from me.

      Stronger guitars and less fooling around with autotunes.
      Also alot of “cutted” real instruments which lowers the points alot.

      • Stevo Petkovic

        That’s a shame. Those were my thoughts re Room Service. But Good Karma grabbed me by the balls


          obviously stevo cannot write English properly!! you cannot say “grabbed me by the balls”!! how mentally retarded are you??!!

    • Thomas

      Exactly and the disappointment is even worse because of all the hype and delays.. It has the name Roxette on the cover, but the music is so different from the previous albums that made me a fan. I’m not the sheep type of a fan that will automatically like everything they do and this time will be the first time I will not buy Roxette album, because it’s not Roxette.. And the fact that people say it’s the best album makes me laugh and angry at the same time, just put this album out without the name Roxette and let’s see if it’s gonna make people crazy like Look Sharp and Joyride did. If this album was made by an unknown artist nobody would care about it..


        Thomas…you might give the album another go by listening to it a couple more times!! since when ROXETTE ever made a bad album.?!.at first I didn’t like TRAVELLING…but it did grow on me….

      • Stevo Petkovic

        You can always blow the dust of the silver bus record… Travelling I think it’s called and enjoy that if you like…?

      • RobS

        I strongly disagree with that last sentence. Part of Roxette’s problem is their image as an 80’s band that’s still around. The same album done by some little hottie in a tight dress and a ripped guy would probably go #1 in every country around the world. There’s no denying PG can create some catchy tunes, adding Marie to that just makes it perfect – and that is what the Roxette fans like and what sells to them.

      • Erik Cutter

        oh finally, I was starting to feel like I was the only one who didn’t understand everyone reacting as if they just drank 10 can’s of Red Bull. It is an ok album, but not even close to HAND, and that wasn’t even their best album (which to me were Joyride and CBB and in all honesty, ‘You don’t understand me’ is in a league of it’s own.)


    Hope the daily ROXETTE will as well put an article today about that special occasion?

    • No we celebrate her on FB.


        What a shame…

        • What more to write than “Happy B-day”?

          • THIERRY HENON

            DAH!! Her amazing journey coming from a tiny town in Sweden to her raise to stardom as a solo artist but as well as being part of ROXETTE!!!

          • Uh?

          • THIERRY HENON


  • Sarah Weinbaur

    Great article. I do like the album a lot and I am with you: Roxette’s music has to be perfect produced and Good Karma is. I love the song Good Karma the best and they should release it as soon as possible as radio single. BTW: Why does Some other somme has a cover design? Please don’t say it is the 2nd single!? Good Karma must be the new single!

    • No it’s not, it’s a bonus for the fans if you preorder the album.

      • Some Other Summer has been released as a new single today in Spotify.


          Thanks Andalbor…really much appreciate the update….Thomas….get your fact real!! useless you are for God sake!!

        • Tridy

          Amazon has “Some Other Summer” available as well, not sure if they see it as a single.

  • Moritz

    Lovely to read! Thanks for that! Always love your song reviews. Very good album indeed. I do love “This One”, “You Make It Sound So Simple” and of course “Good Karma”; but I have 2 questions: Why did they release “a medium good song” like It Just Happens as first single and why is it ignored by radios (even from radios which play Roxette songs a couple of times a week)? Is this song that weak? Really strange. And strange they did put extra money in a video. Time for the song GOOD KARMA – the sooner the better. Together with the album on June 3rd maybe? Hope this one will get played and the album won’t flop – because it is their best album since Room Service but without a strong single and promotion I’m afraid this album will get played (and be bought) only by well informed fans.

    • We don’t know. All we heard is that it has a “special meaning” to Roxette…

  • James Crompton

    Here, here! Looking forward to listening to it properly. Although I have to day After All and Way Out, Dream On and Lover Lover Lover, those Beatlesque tracks were probably my most favourite on Charm School, and Travelling. haha. But its funny on my first listen to leaked tracks I liked This One the best from memory. Each to their own I guess. But I like old school music. Still looking forward to listening to this properly.

  • Kashee

    I have been following the band since I heard “The Look”. I loved “Look Sharp!” and “Joyride” whose global success heights Roxette did not reach again. However one thing has remained consistent: brilliant hook based pop and beautiful ballads. How consistent or inconsistently this happened, we can all argue.

    Personally I loved “Have a Nice Day” and “Room Service”. It was a return to joyful melody. Unfortunately Marie then had her unfortunate battle with cancer.

    To return back in any shape was an amazing achievement. Charm School/Travelling not bad…but Good Karma? It’s one of their best albums.

    Updated arrangements, the Roxette sound and Marie sounds fab on those ballads.

    Sorry but “It just Happens” is not the best track on the album. It’s got this great bassy rhythm, big Marie vocals, off key un-Roxette like composition and big production.

    The title track should have been the opening single. No doubt one of their best tracks and should be in their greatest hits type material.

    The piano intro reminded me of “Fading Like a Flower” has a cool guitar kick and Marie sounds brilliant.

    I wont bore you with a track by track comment but my other 2 favourite tracks are “From a Distance” (what a gorgeous song) and “April Clouds” (sad goodbye ballad, 70-ish production and love it).

    • Gryzor

      All in your opinion of course…

  • Tridy

    Thanks for the review. It is nice to read opinions and compare them to your own. Sometimes you bring out the things that were missed in the songs after the first listening and sometimes you confirm things one wants to hear.

    “From a Distance” had goosebuumped me in a similar way as “Sing Along” did from the first listening, So I share some of almost destructive feelings about this song. It is really good! Sadly, at “that” time “Sing Along” did not end up anywhere (well it was released as a single in 2 colors, of course, but other than that), so I hope this one will succeed. In an interesting way “From a Distance” reminds me of “Entering Your Heart.” Anyways, this is my best track on the album.

    As about the album, I was wishing for more keyboards, beats, bass, synths and not so much of crashing guitars. Now I have got it! I love “Some Other Summer” and 20 bpm.

    I am glad I was not the only one to hear the Pet Shop Boys style there.

    “Wish You The Best” is boldly imprinted in my memory, and April Clouds cannot override it. It sounds like a demo to me somehow.

    6 tracks from the album go into my playlist without much of a thinking. Charm and Travelling cold not do it together.

    Big Congratulations to the Rox Team and once again, thanks for the review!

  • Ally

    Paul and I have something in common… 20 BPM has to be played whilst driving with the windows down, got to crank that song up! Great review guys, first listen of the album I was not overly keen, but 2nd, 3rd and so on and this album really does grow on you, it’s certainly for me one of the best made, although nothing beats Joyride!

    • Stevo Petkovic

      NOTHING will ever beat Joyride, but this is their best since HAND!


        Joyride isn’t their best album!!! HAND is!! you can’t beat 3 amazing singles released in 1 album: WISH I COULD FLY, SALVATION and their ever best single STARS (their best video along with YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!!)…

        • Stevo Petkovic

          Thanks for reading!

  • Barry Mieny

    I’ll be the odd one out again… “From a Distance” could have been a good (or even great) track if it weren’t for those terribly irritating “ah-aah” sounds. They totally ruin the song for me. Apart from that little snafu, I’ll give the album a 9.5/11. 20bpm should also definitely be considered for a single release.

    • Tridy

      I have to say I love those “ah-aah”s 🙂 . I think these are the small elements that make it click for me. Something almost trancy. Can’t really explain how, but it works perfectly fine from my distance :).

      • Stevo Petkovic

        Of course it works, it’s pure perfection! thanks for reading the article 🙂


          stevo…just read properly and accept any negative comment…positive 1 at the same time….not by just replying by “thanks for reading this article”!!! only replied to the positive comments…reply to the negative 1 too…!!! the same to Thomas!!

          • Stevo Petkovic

            Thanks Thierry. Maybe up the dosage of your sense of humour pills this morning and you’ll be just fine 🙂 Any other suggestions, please email Thomas, I’m busy dancing to Good Karma. Thanks for reading! :p

          • THIERRY HENON

            oh so Thomas and stevo can’t get any criticism….oh…dear…please stop doing interviews then….

          • So you call this criticism? Ha ha!

          • THIERRY HENON

            oh…I am gonna cry now Thomas…so sad…snif, snif….so sad…

          • Again, what can I add to the negative comments? I can’t (normally) sway their minds.

          • Stevo Petkovic

            Thanks for reading… oh wait, it’s you. Yuck! Go away. Get me some flowers you promised me.

          • Told ya, the postman took ’em.

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Fine line Barry :p From a Distance is pure perfection! Thanks for reading!

    • I like your scale! 🙂

  • RobS

    Wow, what a review. Was almost thinking about not reading it before listening to the album… but curiosity got the better of me. Overall it sounds like a cracker of an album, although i’m a little concerned(?) about all the 80’s references. But then I read about the production and the glorious vocals etc… and i stop worrying.

    If it’s at least half as good as you guys described I think i’m going to love it. While it’s not something to be concerned about, i really hope that this album does get some recognition in the media, especially in Aus where they did so well during the past 2 tours – if only to show just what they’re still able to do, and that they’re much more than their 4 US #1’s.

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Fingers crossed OZ gives the album a push, it deserves it… but let’s not hold our breath on that hope 🙂

      • RobS

        Hehe, yeah. Well I did see Dick on Today mention the single, so maybe something about the album this week…

        • Stevo Petkovic

          please refrain from such profanity on this site :p

          • THIERRY HENON

            RobS didn’t provide any profanity on the site!!! if stevo could understand English properly,,, you could understand the meaning of the sentence!!

          • How were those humor pills? Did you forget to take them?

          • Stevo Petkovic

            Oh dear… Thierry, maybe take a break from this site and allow myself and RobS to enjoy our inside joke.

          • RobS

            Bahahahah :p

  • Emilio Gimenez Bahl

    It feels that we have a fantastic album around the corner. I actually love it and believe is definitely one of the greatest the have done and i rescue this words from the article that are so meaningful: “after 30 years of making music and for a band that is now trading off their greatest hits, Roxette really did not need to put out a new album and they certainly did not have to go to such extraordinary lengths as they did with Good Karma. But they did – for us – the fans.”
    Thanks for the review.

  • Chelo

    I don’t know how… Call it faith, but I don’t think this is the last album. Marie may no be able to gig anymore, but I’m sure she’ll be OK recording new songs. She´s a fighter.
    The album is new, is great… I’m longing to have it on physical.

  • TheOne

    I really dislike all reviews on this site. Arrogant and keeping your noses too high. This “we heard it before you” attitude makes me dislike the content of this site even more than this horribly bad programmed and designed website. Fans treat each other with equal respect and not we are better than the rest of you wisdom.

    Loce this album from start to finish.

    • What a silly comment. Isn’t part of a review to get the album before everyone else? Don’t read it then. In fact, get off the site altogether with your shitty attitude.

  • Roxinger

    I see (wanna see) THIS ONE or YOU MAKE IT SOUND SO SIMPLE in a new commercial for e.g. Apple or Vodafone. Love those songs. I like the harder songs the best, love deep bass and groove. For my taste, the album gets 8/10 – I would have loved more Marie vocals like on GOOD KARMA (what a great song!!).

  • Tridy

    Isn’t it a good time to introduce some official GK merchandise? Hopefully there is some coming soon.

  • Michal MrMichael

    I totally agree with this review! I love the comment that this album will spit it to ur face with no excuse bcs that says it all. With first listening of each song one by one I was only thinking omg they can’t be serious 🙂 bcs I’d never expect them to come up with such album after 30 years of their music they were not shy to attack us with such energetic album and they didn’t repeat themselves all over again. The album is simply GENIAL!!!!

  • Dan J Kroll

    OMG! This review is going to have be AGONIZING for the remainder of the week until this is released to us regular folks.

  • Sebastian Hohenstein

    Really like the sound of the new songs. One of their best records, I guess. Could be a bit harder here and there and some acoustic guitars wouldn’t hurt but all in all I like it a lot (esp. Marie in the uptempo songs)

    I didn’t like the cover artwork form the beginning and now I have to add, it is a big pity that such good songs come with such a bad visual. I am a very visual type and I really cant understand why Per (and Marie?) lost their taste in good looking album covers. Room Service and TBH/TPH where the last albums with good designs.

    This album would have needed great photos by Akerlund and a edgy nordic graphic design and not something which looks like music for children. Now you have the feeling the music is cheesy when you see the cover. Lost chance. LIke so often in Roxette’s case.

  • Hanro Manefeldt

    Am I the only fan who hasn’t listened to the album yet?

    • Ha ha, obviously!

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Not at all Hanro. You’re not alone mate. Many many many fans are holding out til the official release date. I resisted as long as I could, but thomas forced me to go back to work and write something, he pays me very little too

      • Bah!

        • Hanro Manefeldt

          That’s horrible, Mr T, you’re a slave driver! LOL

          Yea, I’m waiting for my physical copy. I’ll pop it into the car stereo, turn up the volume and go for a “mini road trip” driving along the beach. Still no winter in sight here! As I’m typing this it’s not even 9am, but 24 degrees outside and not a cloud in sight 🙂

          • 26 here today. Much needed. And yes, Stevo is a slacker, needs to be punished. Come to think of it, he seems to enjoy being punished…?

          • Hanro Manefeldt

            You evil evil man! MUWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!

  • Syl

    THIS ONE hast to be a single with a cool video with a flashmob with hundrets of good lookin people doing robotic movements and a mood/look like in “The only thing that looks good on me is you” by Bryan Adams. … just dreaming 😉 Love this song. Love the groove and the sound. I always have my right hand as a fist in the air :-)) while this song is played loud on my Bose 😉 My poor neighbors.

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Haha it’s great when a song can evoke that kind of reaction and imagery in your mind. Yes, if This One is ever released, it would need a big budget video!

  • Rodger

    “From a Distance” sounds like its name is “Good Carma” 🙂

  • Zargo

    On first listen through the only song that I have completely forgotten afterwards is “From a distance!” Judging from the enthusiasm here perhaps that should be first for a re-listen. “You make it so simple” is my favourite after first listen. Agreed that “Good Karma” is the logical second single, “Some other summer” doesn’t have the fresh progressive sound representative of the album.

  • Gargarr

    Some Other Summer GOTTA be a single. It’s so radio friendly and generally a fantastic and modern song.

    • Stevo Petkovic

      It’s definitely a fun upbeat track. Slick production! 🙂

  • Mishka

    I’ve read only Thomas’s comments. Surprised.

  • manuli79

    Just listened two times through the whole thing: TDR, your are so right with your review! It’s FANTASTIC. They have now found their sound for the 21st century. I love it from the first to the last second.

    • Stevo Petkovic

      It’s an awesome album! 🙂

  • RobS

    After finally getting to listen to it (twice in a row!)…I think i’m really going like it. I can’t say i’m jumping up and down like Stevo was, but I feel this is going to be a grower. In fact, I don’t think i’ve loved any album on the first listen, HAND being the most notable, but it’s now one of my faves.

    While I wish there was more crunchy guitars (even acoustic ones), the ones there sound great, and it’s actually nice to get something that skews away from the two previous albums. And damn if Marie doesn’t sound awesome! I think after a few plays, that’s when it hits you … “wow this is so different, but so Roxette at the same time”.

    Goosebump song was “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?”. Not sure if it’s the music/lyrics/vocals, but something about just makes me tingly – always a good sign.
    Other standouts are Good Karma, From a Distance, and You Can’t Do This To Me Anymore, It Just Happens and a special mention to Why Dontcha?

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Haha RobS I agree. It doesn’t feel like a collection of singles, more like a flowing sophisticated album experience. It will ALL grow on you 😉

  • RoXoR

    It’s finally out and it is gorgeous!!!

    It sounds modern and productionwise somehow a bit mysterious and dark, less like bubble gum pop. Really don’t find the right way to describe it. If it was a sort of a sauce it wouldn’t be plain ketchup but a husky barbecue sauce with a hint of honey and whiskey 😉

    I love it and in my opinion it’s playing in the same league like Look Sharp and Joyride.

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Haha, great way to sum it up 🙂

  • Ettexor

    I ordered the new album online, and should reach me Monday; until then I do not want to hear the new songs. Will I be able to resist? ;);) It is that I want to enjoy the first listen directly from the physical cd like old times!

  • Skyrider

    Took me 3 listens until I started to really like the album. I wasn’t hooked by the album opener which happens the first time on a Roxette album and “You make it sound so simple” could be a skip track. But there are some brilliant songs, from the ass-kicking This One to the mindblowing Marie ballads. It’s so different one has to get used to it, a bit like HAND back then.
    My favourites so far:
    This One, Good Karma, From A Distance, Why don’t you bring me flowers, It Just Happens, You Can’t Do This To Me Anymore.

  • DavidRox

    Usually when I listen to a new Roxette CD there is always a handful of songs I love, a few that don’t grab me at first but later grow on my and become favorites. Then there’s the few that I simply think, “meh”, could have done without that one. I’ll still listen to it because it’s Roxette but not until I’ve listened to all my favorites. Upon listing to Good Karma however, I have to say. There were no, “meh” songs at all and in fact, there were no songs I needed to have grow on me. I loved all of them. This is definitely their best one since Crash Boom Bang. The only disappointment is that it isn’t more than 11 songs. I hope this isn’t the last one we get from them but if it is then it’s an amazing CD to go out with. Congratulations on a job well done Per and Marie.

  • Erik Cutter

    So the wait is over. A year later than planned ‘Good Karma’ has been released and, as a fan from day ‘The Look’ on, my heart jumped of joy. Ok, music preference changes and for years Roxette has not been my only favorite, but more a guilty pleasure. That doesn’t mean I don’t know the band by heart. Personally I loved Have A Nice Day and appreciated Room Service. Both Joyride and Crash! Boom! Bang! were, in my eyes, so well balanced, with so many classic Roxette-songs that it would be hard to follow in their footsteps. But honestly, Wish I Could Fly is in my eyes a brilliant song, especially with the video, and I never understood why Entering your heart didn’t make it to their album, because that was one of the best songs of it’s period. Traveling and Charm School totally missed the mark for me. I liked Speak To Me, but the rest was pretty meh in my ears. And now Good Karma. Fair enough, it’s way better than the previous two, but that’s close to the only thing I agree with in this review. In all fairness, über fans who don’t say ‘I think’ or ‘in my eyes’ but write it like ‘it is’ as if it’s a given fact that everyone has to agree with, are always to be taken lightly, by the lack of objectivity.I won’t do a song to song review, but when I listen to the album I think it’s well produced. Overproduced even and that’s a love or hate situation. In my eyes it’s too much. The voices aren’t ‘real’ and ‘raw’ enough for Roxette and even though I like the song, I think ‘This one’ is a bit like ‘Stars’ on steroids.
    I wasn’t a great fan of ‘It just happens’ and noticed with myself that it had also to do with the title. ‘it just happens’ is kinda like… meh, I took a dump and it was green instead of brown…. It just happens. It fits the album, but is a bad first single if you want to introduce a new sound to the world, because it’s also the most ‘Roxette-like’ song of the album.
    ‘Some Other Summer’ is the new single, and I think it’s a good one. Oh and yes, I agree, the remix on YouTube by that French DJ is probably the worst remix I ever heard of a song. They are supposed to add something to it, not kill it and leave it by the side of the road. It’s a song that easily ends up in my playlist this summer.
    But the rest of the album, I have to say, to me is mediocre. It’s what we know from Roxette, and expecially Per, who’s sometimes a bit ‘lazy’ in writing and easy satisfied. This is why I don’t understand why ‘Good Karma’ is viewed so fantastic in this review. To me it’s the worst song on the entire album. The chorus annoys me to death, it’s not new or fresh, seems kinda ‘stolen’ and that’s one song the album could have done without.
    I think ‘From A Distance’ is another track that will become a Rox-classic, but ‘Why don’t you bring me flowers’ and ‘you can’t do this to me anymore’ aren’t really new and fresh. It’s Roxette but without the guitars and harmonica, or other strings, but it all seems to rely on the title-driven chorus and it seems like we’re in a car, just outside of a village so we can speed up, but we’re not allowed to really speed up yet. And then finally, where Roxette in my eyes was the band that delivered powerballads like ‘Listen to your heart’, ‘It must have been love’, ‘Things will never be the same’, ‘CBB’, ‘Beautiful Things’, ‘Milk & Toast & Honey’ and ‘My World, My Love, My Life’, this album lacks that. Instead it has ‘April Clouds’ which, to me, sounds like it belongs on Marie’s solo-album ‘2nd Chance’. It’s beautiful, but misplaced in all this violence of Roxette trying too hard to be hip, instead of really doing what they are good at.
    I’d give the album 2.5 stars, but make it 3 for the effort. They try and, finally, dare to be different. They are entitled to it. But where Marie said it’s ‘The best album they’ve ever made’ and Per said ‘It’s Look Sharp! But in a new sound’ I unfortunately have to disagree. None of the songs come close to the best work they’ve ever done. We’ve just had to wait so long we don’t recognize that, but I recommend making a playlist of all the songs, old and new, and putting it on shuffle. Believe me, you will still long back to the days when the masterpieces were written in hotelrooms and the sound was ‘real’ and not ‘facelifted’ by a computer.

    • Erik Cutter

      Just read a lot of other reviews and many people call this the best album. Then I thought… what place would I give it? … Guess I’d say from best to worst: 1 Joyride, 2 Crash! Boom! Bang!, 3 Look Sharp!, 4 Tourism!, 5 Have A Nice Day, 6 Room Service, 7 Pearls of Passion, 8 Good Karma, 9 Charm School, 10 Traveling….. so no matter how much respect I have for everyone’s oppinion, I do think it’s good to reflect on what Roxette has released previously, because saying this is the best album kinda smacks all the brilliance that has been released in the past right in the face. Just sayin’

      • RobS

        Most reviews i’ve read say the best “since…”. Not best ever. And most seem to put LS/J/T/CBB in the top 4. And any that do, are doing it simply because it’s new. Give it a month/year, people will have a better idea where it should stand in the back catalogue.

  • Least

    I agree woth Stevo and Thomas:
    “From a distance” is the best song of this album, maybe Roxette’s best song ever!

  • `