Good Karma coming your way June 3

June 3 (worldwide?) Roxette’s tenth studio album will hit the stores.

What’s there to add? The album will contain 11 songs, among them the first single “It Just Happens”, the song “Some Other Summer” previously released by French DJ Sebastien Drums. If Roxette follows track there will likely be a song named “Good Karma” on the album. The sleeve design is most likely by Pär Wickholm who has done all of Per and Marie’s work lately.

And doesn’t the butterfly almost look like an X? X is Roman for 10…

1 Why Don’tcha? – 2:45
2 It Just Happens – 3:46
3 Good Karma – 3:19
4 This One – 3:11
5 You Make it Sound So Simple – 3:42
6 From A Distance – 3:30
7 Some Other Summer – 3:08
8 Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? – 3:32
9 You Can’t Do This to Me Anymore – 3:50
10 20 BPM – 3:48
11 April Clouds – 3:29

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Thomas Evensson

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April 4th, 2016

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  • Skyrider

    I like the title. I think the cover looks better than the cover for It Just Happens. Works somehow better with this coulours.

  • Nuno Simões

    The art design here with all the butterflies kinda reminded me of when Ace Of Base almost released all their singles from the 1998 album “Flowers” with the same type of art design … a different flower on each single cover … except the album cover and the AHAW single where all 4 members were featured instead.

    • Tridy

      Then this album should be called “Butterflies” 😉
      Anyway, the truth is, this is the first Roxette album cover without any humans/faces on it.


    Love the artwork and the title “GOOD KARMA”….looking forward to the release!!

  • Krischan76

    I’ll just follow the usual pattern – complain bitterly and then buy the sh*t out of every store, online or not.

    The artwork is really… aaw, shucks.

    • Tridy

      Can you really complain after “It’s possible” artwork?

  • manuli79

    At first I was shocked by the single cover but together with this album cover I understand the concept and must say I kinda like it! The combination of colours is much better here.

  • Ettexor

    i like title of the new album. for the first time per and marie aren’t on the cover

  • Moritz Walkner

    Just when I though “things can only get better” Roxette proves me wrong.

  • Rixsob

    Both the cover and the title are quite good. Good Karma sounds positive, very promising.

  • URCogProf

    I’m ready for some Good Karma! And I LOVE this sleeve – a butterfly-shaped window on the world. Beautiful. Hurry up, June!!!

  • Eduardo Fernandes

    Cannot wait!!!!!
    I’m really freaking out…
    And this cover is fantastic! Brilliant concept!

    • TheFanOf26Years

      If you are freaking out, perhaps you need to see a doctor.

  • Tridy

    Exciting and Interesting. My first reaction was “good w h a t?” Then it should be a Lotus flower, not a butterfly, if it’s Karma, to be literal 🙂
    I like the cover but the name is not my cup of tea. They could have summed up the album with a different name but it is what it is. I get the point, coming to the store and saying, “I would like to buy good karma,” or “Do you have good karma?” but no further than that. It is probably another bubblegum name, and something that rhymed well with another word. I actually like when an album name does not match any of the songs on the album (only CBB and Joyride did that (Pearls almost did that) on Roxette side). At the same time, I think it’s nice when in the lyrics of one of the songs you hear the title of the album, “where everyone tells you to Have a Nice Day,” or “Look Sharp!”
    And I hope there will be songs that are going to tell some sort of stories. I don’t mind catchy bubble gum songs without direct meanings. For example I would call “It Just Happens” a bubble gum ballad, in a good way, of course. Compare that to “In the coldest time of year …” or “Lay a whisper …” or ”
    I know there’s something in the wake of your smile
    I know there’s something in the wake of your smile
    I know there’s something in the wake of your smileI know there’s something in the wake of your smile …” or “My papa told me to stay out of trouble … .” Even “I pick up the phone” is very good. Of course they are harder to write and compose but I like singing along to the stories.

  • dav

    the song would sound better only with the voice of marie, there is too many noise in the song.

  • Erik

    I have a hard time decyphering the mind of fans. They rant about a single for they think it won’t live up to their expectations, forgetting that, essentially, their own band is typical for making songs that grow on you as you listen.
    And also, for their unique style, that was somehow in tune with the day and age they were born, so to speak, which is, by coincidence, the music trend of this day and age, 2016 – turn your radio on ans you’ll feel it for yourself with Echosmith, Walk the Moon, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes and the countless DJs that brough the 80’s/90’s keyboards and beats back to the chart toppers.

    As for the single, which is what really matters:
    It’s pure Roxette. It’s simple, straight, but full of the layers put there by Marie, Per, Clarence and crew. It’s their trademark. Been listening since yesterday and yes, guess what: the more I listen, the more I like it.

    We must learn here how to separate things. There’s music and there’s Roxette music. If it wasn’t so, EMI should have intervened, in the distant past, in the way they made their albums, but they never did it. It was always a home made work, P&M&C. Period. And this is what this song is about. Their trademark, their work, somehow adapted to the other current trends, which means you won’t get epic, heart-wrecking vocals and bridges connecting the “acts” within the song. It’s way to the point and it’s expositive, too: if you don’t remember/know who Roxette is, “this is them” and the reaction might be ‘wow, I listened to these guys once’, and ‘oh, my dad got them in his iPod’ or ‘is this song released now, 2016, or in the 90’s’?

    Songs with a meaning and a spirit. That’s Roxette and this one got it. No, they didn’t make it in the two previous album releases. This one starts with a screamer, a 3-point basket, which may not be the match-decision point, but it’s a play to remember, just like everything they’ve done in their golden days. And here’s a guy who’s been expecting this for quite some time, and got disappointed at this aspect, although always thoroughly enjoyed every second they sang and played in the past 15 years.


    • Eduardo Fernandes

      Can’t agree more!
      Excellent text!

  • BVerfG

    The cover is unusual, but I’m okay with it. Beats the Have a nice day cover (high bar), but we never had a cover without Marie and Per on it. I kinda prefer the “classy” covers of LS, PoP, Tourism and Room Service over the goofy ones. This one is completely different from any cover (except for Pop Hits and Ballads), but I think it’s decent. But yeah, the title is weird. More Roxette music is always appreciated, so I’m looking forward to it.


    Spoke today to a rep from OFFICIAL CHART in UK…to make sure to get an article from ROXETTE soon….reg their new single and album coming up on the 3rd june…I am a foreigner but even though I spelt it slowly ROXETTE, she awful and ignorant lady has no idea which band I was talking about!! Go figure…she could be 20 years old…mentioned hello….IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE from PRETTY WOMAN…she had no idea about that movie…had nothing against retarded people but come on!!
    but still checked myself their website and guess what!!!??? on their listing regarding new release for SINGLE : they mentioned ROXETTE: ITJUST HAPPENS!!!
    Amazing news!!! I am so happy even though I dealt with a mentally challenged person over the phone…
    please call them to promote ROXETTE new single on 0207 620 7450 FROM uk …ta ta!!

    • TheFanOf26Years

      I won’t bother thanks, since it has no chance of charting in the UK!

  • TheFanOf26Years

    Those song titles don’t sound all that exciting!

  • Adam

    It Just Happens feels a lot like Listen to Your Heart 2016.

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