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Ghost Tracks: I REMEMBER YOU

FEATURE – Ghost Tracks is a new 10-part series of articles where we take a fun look back at some of the forgotten and rarely ever mentioned Roxette songs from their incredible 30 year history.

So what is Ghost Tracks really all about? Well, anyone who ever clicks on Roxette’s Facebook Page will see that Per is always re-posting songs and videos from the Roxette vaults. But aside from the big hit singles, it’s become obvious that Per is fond of certain Roxette tracks more than others. Tracks like “Milk & Toast & Honey,” “Paint” and “Sleeping Single” pop up routinely. But why is it we that don’t see “Dance Away,” “From One Heart to Another,” “Keep Me Waiting” or “Place Your Love” posted or shared on Facebook?

Well Ghost Tracks is our chance to go back and explore some of our favorite and not-so-favorite forgotten Roxette songs.

Remember, this is not intended as a critical review but more of a fun trip down memory lane where we uncover some of the more obscure, overlooked Roxette songs that were never released as a single or played live and we take the chance to shine a light on these hidden tracks.

As always, we welcome your opinion on these songs too! Do you agree with the author? Disagree? Should these songs get more attention? Are they forgotten for a reason? Do you agree that they qualify as a “Ghost Track”? Join in on the debate and the fun and let’s re-visit some old Roxette tracks.

Let’s kick things off with a forgotten song from 1991!


irememberyou_2Song: I Remember You
Album: Joyride
Year: 1991
Track: #6 

A Ghost Track if there ever was one! As Per Gessle has explained several times, back in the early ’90s, there were only so many songs you could fit on an LP hence the Joyride vinyl version was missing some key songs (including the single “Church Of Your Heart”) – but what’s really surprising is that “I Remember You” was not only omitted from the vinyl version but it was also left off the North American CD release – why? It can’t be because compact discs couldn’t hold 15 tracks, because the Australian and European market got the full version including the forgotten “I Remember You.” In fact, unless an American fan bought the “Fading Like a Flower” single, then they would never have heard this track! Ever! Kind of scary!

Per sort of explained the mystery on Facebook with this post: “…This one was called “Boom Boom (And Boom Boom Again)” when I wrote it. We recorded it but never really liked it so it was left off the Joyride-LP. Wound up on the CD because EMI wanted three additional songs on the digital release…”

Such a shame the song isn’t featured as part of the “Per Gessle Archives” because how the heck do you get I Remember You from a title like Boom Boom?

Now back to the song – what’s not to love about this track? Fans lately have grumbled about the lack of the more “fast paced” Marie numbers a la “Sleeping in My Car” or “Hotblooded” – well here it is! An up-tempo rocking number, sultry Marie vocals, bluesy rocking guitars, fun riffs that only Jonas Isacsson can bring and a cool Jew-harp setting up the intro long before “Way Out” was ever born and of course, there’s the obligatory Roxette “na na na na nas” which every good song needs!

Could this song have been a hit single? No, probably not – but if there was ever a solid “album track”, then this is it! And it was a perfect fit for the Joyride album showing that Roxette were moving to a more organic guitar “rock” sound that wasn’t as prevalent on the previous Look Sharp! album.

Roxette didn’t include this song on their “1991/92 Join The Joyride Tour”, imagine how cool this track performed live could have sounded!

Never played live. Never featured on the Rox Box. Barely ever gets a mention. Missing from certain versions of the Joyride album. A definite Ghost Track.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? Stay tuned for more forgotten gems soon!

“…Down to the bone, go little darling!”

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January 2nd, 2015

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  • It was removed from the US CD because US CDs were cheaper so to stop imports to Europe EMI removed a track. That is also the reason Japanese CDs usually have bonus tracks, since they are even more expensive.

    • David Jakubowski

      Adding insult to injury, we didn’t get CD singles in the U.S. until “How Do You Do!” so the ONLY way to get “I Remember You” in the States was on the cassette single for “Fading Like A Flower”—until many years later when the internet made it possible to import CDs.

  • cylon8

    I always thought th song was a stronger single contender than flaf and definately more so than the big l.

  • roxulikeababy

    Excellent topic! I love this track. Can’t say it’s one of my favorites, but it’s a solid song from the Joyride days that I wish had gotten a little more attention. Like I Cpuld Never Give You Up on Look Sharp!, which a lot of people didn’t know about here in the US because it was only on the CD, not the cassette.

    • Christian Lerbakk

      Was thinking about I Could Never Give You Up too, when I went into this article. Not a well known songs to most people who doesn’t know a lot about Roxette. Yuu could say I was VERY surprised when a music friend of mine knew the whole song on guitar, INCLUDING the guitar solo! 😛 Love that song!

  • Bonta-kun

    “…how the heck do you get I Remember You from a title like Boom Boom?”

    Right up there in the great pantheon of Roxette ponderables with “Was It Really Necessary To Whistle?”

    • David Jakubowski

      I don’t think the quote “Was It Really Necessary To Whistle?” is a mystery at all. My question is, which stuffed-shirt at EMI said it and did he ever feel like a clown after “Joyride” went #1?

      • I think it was one of the guys who made the vinyl single who said it.

      • Bonta-kun

        Probably Martin Nutley. He did more than anyone I can think of to just plain obstruct Per & Marie in the UK – especially around Have A Nice Day and Room Service.

  • Sandra Knospe

    Totally agree on this one. When I first heard the original titel I had to laugh. But still it would be fun to see the procedure this song went through from demo to the final. Could have been a powerful live track, yes. But we will never find out. Time to listen to it again. Thx for the reminder!

  • Borys Rodriguez

    An excellent track! And Marie’s voice in an uptempo song is epic

  • Josep Suárez Martínez

    Totally agree. For me. Small talk is another underrated gem!! Hope to hear it live someday.

    • TheRoxettishFan

      I agree!

  • David Jakubowski

    I do love “I Remember You” but think it’s better as a great b-side rather than a mediocre album track. Might be my bias from listening to Joyride without it for 18 years—here in the U.S., the 2009 reissues were the first time I ever owned Joyride in its intended 15-track form and running order—but I just think “I Remember You” is so raw it disrupts the flow of slick production on the album whereas it’s a beautiful antithesis to “Fading Like A Flower” on its b-side.

    GREAT topic—I look forward to the other nine parts!

  • Daniela

    I Remember You would be a perfect opening track, waking up everybody in the audience immediately! In Germany the song was already included in the original Joyride cassette which contained 15 songs. I have always loved this album because it contained a lot of variety and of course a lot of absolutely great songs! It’s hard to say which song is the best! In my opinion, the only weak songs from Joyride are Soul Deep, Small Talk and Physical Fascination and The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye would have been a much better choice as an album track. I loved this song already being sung by Thomas Anders and at that time didn’t even know that is was written by Per.

  • Valter

    I’ve always loved “I Remember You”, it’s a track quite different on the Joyride album and one of the few ones that features Marie on an up-tempo track as the first voice. Maybe it’s not that great, but it’s hard to compete with golden gems like Church Of Your Heart, Joyride, Spending My Time, Fading Like a Flower and others…

    Looking forward to read the next articles! Cinnamon Street for me is another blast that deserved a second chance. It all depends on Mr. G.

  • Adam Pálka

    It’s not the best song on Joyride, but it’s far better than The Big L, Soul Deep or Small Talk. The guitar solo is one of my favoruites… Looking forward to other Ghost Tracks (a fitting title, I would say…)

  • I remember Roxette

    I remember waiting to hear the live version of this song back then in ’91…..didn’t hear it but was very satisfied with the repertoire though!

  • shadowjack

    Great tune. I didn’t even realize that it was on the re-issued “Joyride” disc.

  • RoXoR

    Gorgeous song. If it was my choice I would have skiped Physical Fasination from Joyride… (:

  • David

    I love this song, starts with that great Australian-style dingo sound and the lyrics are great, they could work in a ballad, just like She Doesnt Live Here Anymore a few years later. And I beleive its the first song heard on the ‘making of Joyride’ documentary. Theres a little Italian man waving when it first comes on!!

  • bastiano

    What? One of my favourite songs of the album, actually! Great article, keep ’em coming!

  • Tridy

    I remember the first time I got Joyride was on a bootleg cassette. The only one I could found in town was (similar to this one but with “Perfect Day”) with both “Physical Fascination” and “I Remember You” missing on it. Then I got a bootleg US version of CD without I Remember You, and then, (after like 3 years, after realizing the difference, which I could not believe and blames on a CD being a bootleg) finally, the European one with “all” the songs. What a journey!

  • TheRoxettishFan

    One of the best rock tracks of Roxette! I love Marie’s voice in this song! Another great underrated gem is Small Talk!

  • Kathie Winn

    I remember this…..great driving song!! and as David mentioned, great Australian kind of sound at the beginning.
    This is going to be a fun topic to discuss.

  • Hotblooded91

    Firstly great idea to do a “Ghost track” series! I never understood why I Remember You was looked down upon by the Rox crew?! It baffles me! It’s got a strong driving melody, Marie’s perfect rock chick voice and the greatest part? Jonas Isacssons BRILLIANT crunching guitars all over it (which are very sorely missed these days, but that’s a whole other topic!). Thanks for the reminder TDR I will go and drown myself in the sounds again right now 🙂

  • Fay V

    That explains why it shows up as the 6th track on the 2009 rerelease of Joyride. I’m Canadian, but collected all the Roxette cassette singles from day one so it was one of my early favourites. I’ve always enjoyed it!

  • Leonard Nel

    It could easily work live. Imagine the crowd chanting “I remember you”. The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye should also have been on Joyride from the start. Soul Deep could have been a b side to one of the singles from Joyride.

    • Bruno Peters

      Yes indeed. and we could say it is! It was on the single of one of the greatest ballad ever done! try to find out which one it was … So easy

    • Bruno Peters

      i mean for the sweet hello, the sad goodbye, of course

  • Bruno Peters

    for me the Joyride album is the best of the 90. still love songs as soul deep, hotblooded, the perfect day, I remember you, I never dropped this album

  • Bruno Peters

    feels like it was yesterday …

  • Skyrider

    One of the best album tracks on Joyride for me. I just love that intro with the mouth harp and that sharp guitar sound.
    Great that the mouth harp was used in Way Out again.

  • Bruno Peters

    really look forward to see them at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp (Belgium) … it has been a long time i have seen them on stage, the last time i saw the duo was … in 2001 in Brussels.
    and i didn’t have the opportunity to see them afterwards, what a pitty for me

  • DavidRox

    This is one of my favorite “Ghost Songs” along with The Sweet Hello…. Although I’ve always like Physical Fascination, I wouldn’t have been disappointed if they had replaced that song with I Remember You.

  • Flávio Nascimento

    this song is fantastic, the guitas solo is amazing, the marie´s voice is sexy.

  • Kate

    I think that “I remember you” isn’t a ghost track

  • Wilsieblue

    Definitely one of my favorite Roxette songs. Love the guitar riff at the start!!

  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    As with my comment for Small Talk, I cannot fault any song on the Joyride album. For me, along with Look Sharp! – the Joyride album just cannot be perfected.

    I Remember You was an instant favourite of mine – one of those songs that just clicks on first listen. It remains one of my favourite and most played songs from Joyride (along with Do You Get Excited, Physical Fascination, Things Will Never Be The Same).

    Joyride without I Remember You wouldn’t be Joyride to me. I have very fond memories travelling through the countryside in Majorca on holiday, listening to the Joyride album and this song in particular along with Small Talk – another gem that I also made this comment on.

    I Remember You brings a feeling of travelling (the activity, not the album) to me. I love everything about the song, especially Marie who just makes it into pure pop heaven. The intro is brilliant, and I always love the laugh. As with Small Talk, I would love to hear the demo. (hint hint Per!).

    I could never quite understand why Per doesn’t like this one. Yes, its a bit cheesy but it definitely deserves its firm place on the Joyride album.

    I’m playing it right now…

  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    P.S. Hoping to see some of the following appear on the remaining Ghost Tracks…

    (I Could Never) Give You Up
    The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
    Cinnamon Street
    Shadow Of A Doubt
    Place Your Love
    Staring At The Ground
    (Do You Get) Excited?
    Big Black Cadillac

    Dream On
    Half A Woman, Half A Shadow
    See Me
    Easy Way Out

  • James Miller

    This is one of their best songs and one of their best B-Sides too… It should have been a single and in the setlist in ’91-’92 Tour
    and definitly should have been on ROX-BOX.

    There should be a ROX-B-sides Compilation released…
    Silver Blue
    The Voice
    (I Could Never) Give You Up
    Surrender (Live ’88)
    Come Back (Before You Leave)
    I Remember You
    The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
    I Call Your Name
    (Do You Get) Excited?
    The Heart Shaped Sea
    Pearls Of Passion

    • Adam

      I love Surrender!

  • Hands down one of my favouyrite Roxette songs.

  • Adam

    One of the most underrated Roxette songs in my opinion. Very catchy pop/rock, memorable song.

  • marox79

    It was one the songs I liked the most from this album, catchy, rocky. Yet, strangely enough, some of our fave songs never make it to a single, video release or live. I was really happy they unvaulted ‘Silver Blue’ as that was another song I’ve always loved. The moment I heard the Leif’s Lounge live version, I knew it was back to stay.
    How I wish they did the same with other great songs like ‘From one heart to another’.

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