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Ghost Tracks: TRY

FEATURE – Ghost Tracks is a new 10-part series of articles where we take a fun look back at some of the forgotten and rarely ever mentioned Roxette songs from their incredible 30 year history.

try2Song: Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)  
Album: Room Service 
Year: 2001
Track: #9

Hmm. “Each to their own”  as they say. Not a huge lover of this one but this is clearly a Ghost Track, therefore let’s give it a re-visit.

This is an interesting song because around this time it seemed like Roxette were re-thinking their ballads. “Milk & Toast & Honey” and “Bringing Me Down To My Knees” sound nothing like the loud, bombastic power ballads from the early/mid 90s. By 2001, Roxette avoided their trademark “bigger is better” approach that worked on classics such as “Listen To Your Heart” and “Spending My Time” – by the time Room Service was delivered, the ballads were starting to simmer down a bit.

Perhaps “Anyone” and “Salvation” were the last of the “big ballads” for a while… that is until “Speak To Me” arrived and Marie kicked the chorus into a different stratosphere but that’s another story for another time!

Back to “Try”it’s got that laid-back electro “smaller ballad” vibe but when you compare it to future similar songs such as “Reveal” or “Breathe,” it doesn’t really cut it. Or does it? Too harsh? It feels that by the time “Reveal” and “Breathe” were released, Roxette really got their head around how to master those poppy, but smaller ballads – much like they did with the wonderful “Sitting On Top of The World” from Charm School.

The interesting thing with Room Service is that at the time, Per mentioned Madonna producer William Orbit as a reference for the type of sound the album would feel like. Bearing that in mind, it makes you wonder why a track like “Entering Your Heart” didn’t make the cut but “Try” did. “Entering Your Heart” could have easily taken the place of “Try”, though some might disagree, but “Entering Your Heart” feels stronger and much more in line with that “electric airy” sound of William Orbit more so than “Try”.  But of course, these are just opinions. What are your thoughts?

You rarely ever see this song get a mention these days, it was overlooked as part of the 2001 Room Service Tour but to be fair only four Room Service tracks made the set list back then – this one  definitely qualifies as part of the Ghost Track series.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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January 5th, 2015

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  • Daniela

    I really love and prefer the big ballads such as Listen to your heart, Fading like a flower, Spending my time, Anyone etc., but the beautiful lyrics from Try also mean a lot to me: “If someone wants you to bleed and it feels like you’re dying, don’t make the moves you don’t need, oh don’t cry, just say bye-bye and try, try just a little bit harder. Oh you’ll survive…”

  • Josep Suárez Martínez

    If there is an album to be the king of the ghost tracks, this is room service. Entirely ignored by P&M except for real sugar and the center of the heart. I agree with the review. I would have swapped try for entering your heart and my favourite of this album and of course a ghost track too is my world my love my life.

    • Alejandro

      A few years ago, Marie said in an interview that if she had to pick her favourite Rox-album, she would choose Room Service because ‘everybody liked that one’.

      • west

        Great. Mine is C!B!B! Great sound… Roxette at his best!

  • Flávio Nascimento

    certanly favorite song, for me.

  • David Jakubowski

    “Try” might be the poster child of Room Service – it’s a perfectly good song with soulful Marie vocals, a distinct groove, and as mentioned above, a modern take on the trademark Rox sound. Still, like the rest of Room Service, it just doesn’t wow me and to this day I still can’t quite figure out why.

  • Chris

    To me its more a b-side song. Nothing special except for the middle8 which sounds lovely.

  • Skyrider

    I like the song, but I’m fine with it beeing not so popular. There are better songs on Room Service.

  • Sandra Knospe

    Seems we have a totally different taste when it comes to ballads. I consider “Try” as better as “Reveal”, “Breath” and esp. “SOTOTW” which I always skip since it has nothing for me. “Try” has something that I like. I think it’s different and I wouldn’t want Roxette to mainly sound like this but there it feels right.
    But there is one thing I agree on. “Entering your heart” should have been on the album. I just don’t think it should have replaced “Try”.

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Sandra, as always, thanks for your comment! But I’ve drawn a blank! What is “SOTOTW”? Help me out here 🙂

      EDIT – Wait. I got it! Sitting On Top Of The World – it’s too early here in Sydney, figured it out 🙂

    • Josep Suárez Martínez

      I think there’s a huge difference between those 3 songs and Breathe, Marie does an excellent performance with vocals on Breathe. I agree that the other songs are quite low demanding as far as vocals are concerned, but Breathe. …. For me that song is on a much higher level. I love it.

    • RobS

      I’m the same with SOTOTW, it’s a song that gets played when I can’t be stuffed skipping it. I like Marie’s vocal, but I think for me some of the lyrics is just off, and there just isn’t much going on with the production. Then again, I was never a fan of Go To Sleep and then one day I started really liking it… weird..

      • Antonio Epifania

        I agree Rob. I love Marie’s vocals on SOTOTW but the lyrics are painful and too many cheesy rhymes for my liking could have been A LOT better IMO. What does “night shopping for a soul to go” even mean????? The title has/had potential especially with Marie singing it and what she has overcome. Pity really.

    • Funny you feel that way about SOTOTW – it’s the opposite for me, I love that song. 🙂 If I’m PMS it’s guaranteed to make me cry :p I agree that Try is better than Reveal and Breath though.

  • James Crompton

    To me I’m not a fan at all of this song but I really like the song “Little Girl” on Room Service which has a similar vibe I guess. In fact I think its probably my favourite song on Room Service and inspired me to write my own song LIttle Boy. Its just a beautiful song about loss of innocence that says a whole lot very simply.

  • DavidRox

    I think Listen To Your Heart is the best ballad they have done but one ballad that never gets mentioned that deserves praise is The Rain. This is actually my favorite Roxette song and it never seems to get any attention.

    • Josep Suárez Martínez

      The Rain was played live at the C! B! B! Tour back in 94 – 95. Not much but it’s more than nothing….

  • Fabio Deluca

    I was playing this song on Sunday evening, after I loaded the whole album onto my cellphone. I just played “Try” and “Entering Your Heart”, having this list in mind. They felt better than ever. I have always liked “Try”, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the possitive message, which is not overly “possitive”, like many other songs that sound very chessy or like a religious-anthem. The melody is full of soul and Marie delivers it very well. Not a flamboyant production, but a very relaxed and smooth arrangement. I wouldn’t take this song off Room Service, for sure. The only RS track that I’d remove (because I find it embarrasing) is “Make My Head Go Pop”. I guess Per wasn’t sober when he conceived that one…

    • west

      And i love make my head go pop… Love the sound of it! Just mu opinion!

  • Antonio Epifania

    There’s one thing that really standouts to me in this track and that’s Marie’s stunning vocals! “Don’t make the moves you don’t need…” Brilliant!! The song itself… Mmmm… Sure, It’s not their best but I don’t skip it as I can easily listen to Marie sing like this and its got an irresistible bridge!

  • Tavo

    Could you please tell me the name of the font used in this cover please? (the one that reads “try just a little bit harder). thanx in advance.

    • Stevo Petkovic

      I’m sure Thomas Evensson can help you out with that one!

      THOMAS! Assistance in aisle 7 please!

    • Why sure! It’s Trade Gothic, but 120 % horizontally scaled and 90 % vertically scaled.

      • Tavo

        thanx a lot!

  • Kathie Winn

    I certainly don’t dislike the song, I don’t ever skip it, I think it’s nice ….but to my ears it is missing a bit of, I don’t know, maybe….power. But having said that you can really hear Marie’s beautiful vocals that’s for sure… an extra dose of Gessle vocals would have been a plus in my unimportant opinion 🙂

  • Coolbluez

    Similar to Cry…The chorus ‘Just a little bit’ reminds me of Gina G song ‘Ohh Ah just a little bit’…Good bass, love listening to this song in rain and when driving on motorway.

  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    Entering Your Heart should have made it onto Room Service, and Try should have been a b-side in my opinion.

    Try and Bringing Me Down To My Knees just lacked something for me, they’re both pretty songs of course, but just not favourites.

    I personally would have loved to hear Room Service a bit more mixed with guitar led with songs like Bla Bla Bla and Little Miss Sorrow in addition to the electro sounding tracks. Just for fun here’s my ideal Room Service….

    01 Real Sugar
    02 The Centre Of The Heart
    03 Milk & Toast & Honey
    04 Jefferson
    05 Little Girl
    06 Looking For Jane
    07 Entering Your Heart
    08 Little Miss Sorrow
    09 Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart)
    10 Fool
    11 It Takes You No Time To Get Here
    12 My World, My Love, My Life

    This would then leave some good b-sides. Try, Bringing Me Down To My Knees, Make My Head Go Pop.

    • RobS

      Nice tracklist. Me and I think a lot of others would agree, just by adding in something like the guitar jangly Bla Bla Bla changes up the album enough to make it just that little more interesting.

      • Stevo Petkovic

        Interesting. Personally never liked “Bla Bla” that much. I’ll leave the Gallagher Brothers to do Oasis instead 🙂 But nice to know the song has its fans… I certainly struggled to write about “Try” … does nothing for me!

  • Mister V.

    “Try” is a nice song for me. I agree that it could be a really nice b-side track.
    Taking about ghost tracks & ballads, one that i really love is “I don’t want to get hurt”. Excellent ballad from the “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus – Greatest hits” 1995 edition. Nowadays, this is a really ghost track of Roxette. It was only released on that album (a big hit single only in Brazil) and as this 1995 Greatest Hits’ Compilation is not available in Spotify & itunes Roxette Discography; it’s almost impossible to find this gem… like a really ghost song.

  • It’s not bad but to me it’s a little repetitive. Certainly not one of my faves.

  • roxon!

    are you kidding me???? room service has some of roxette’s worst songs in it takes no time to get there, little girl and the boring milk n toast n honey…. so to diminish try that way is simply laughable…. certainly not better than entering your heart but i’ll take it over looking for jane, Jefferson and those other 3

  • marox79

    As much as I like the song, I always had the feeling they… had… tried… too hard with this. It was too perfect for me. Strange, I know.
    By the way, I’m loving so much this Ghost series that I’m leaving comments in most. LOL. Some more ghost series would hurt, right?

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