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FEATURE – Ghost Tracks is BACK! Series 2 of our 10-part special returns where we take a fun look back at some of the forgotten and rarely ever mentioned Roxette songs from their incredible 30 year history.


Song: It Will Take A Long Long Time
Album: Have A Nice Day
Year: 1999
Track: #6

Is Per channeling a bit of “Sunny Came Home” by American folk singer Shawn Colvin? Always felt that when I heard this song. Regardless. What a glorious ray of sunshine this gentle, exquisite pop song is!

Clarence never liked it apparently. He rarely likes the songs I do. How can you not fall in love with this gorgeous song? I always wanted this to be a single off the album. Then again, “Crush On You” would’ve been a leading single for me… and of course “7Twenty7” should’ve been thrown in the mix too. Anyway. Back on topic.

In 1999,  the recipe was there for this song to make an impact. Two words: Runaway Bride. Pretty Woman director Gary Marshall reunited the classic pairing of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in a rom-com and the movie even featured a Roxette ballad. Sound familiar? Yes, nine years after “It Must Have Been Love” dominated the charts, the chance to put the old team back together was there. “It Will Take a Long Long Time” briefly features in the movie but for whatever reason, does not feature on the Soundtrack.  Sure the movie wasn’t a mega smash hit like it’s predecessor was but still, it did OK and it would’ve been a perfect tie in but alas, it wasn’t to be for the heartbreaking Have A Nice Day era where so many things went awry – I could write a book about that era, eats at my soul to this very day. Such astonishingly good material and so many things that didn’t go to plan – and yet people bought Cher’s auto tuned come back? Go figure! Anyway, back to the lush ballad.

During the Room Service Tour,  the band pulled out a few songs from the Have A Nice Day album but unfortunately, this one didn’t make the cut. They even did their usual acoustic segment of the night but the nod went to “Fading Like a Flower” and “Spending My Time” – this track performed live would’ve been really cool.

What do we think about the “Inganakee leo yo – Inganakee leo” mantra in the middle? Does it confuse the song to the point where it’s a bit distracting or is it a lovely break and a chance to reset before the gentle guitar solo? Share your thoughts below.

Regardless, this song deserves so much more attention. It’s not a “lead” single song but that’s what makes Roxette albums so amazing, each song has their own place and serves a greater narrative and helps reinforce the tone of the album. Extremely underrated song, relaxed, chilled out and of course, Marie’s amazing vocals, so controlled yet so capturing.

Here’s what Per had to say about “It Will Take A Long Long Time” in his book Songs, Sketches and Reflections: “Written for Marie and Roxette’s Have A Nice Day album. Recorded in Marbella, Spain, we did a couple of different versions between the bottles of Rioja and the mighty paella

“…an angel smiled across the room all in all it was a lazy afternoon

Thoughts from The Daily Roxette crew:

Paul: Runaway Bride was not a good movie. This song was so hidden in the movie as well, there was no way it was going to repeat the success of IMHBL. The song itself is nice enough, although the line “oh what a jar!” makes me cringe still.

Thomas: “Not a good movie”… “Not a good movie”?! Well let me put it like this, it’s probably the second worst movie of all time! Only “Bridesmaids” beats it, and beats it good. About the song though, cute, I like it. Isn’t there another version of it somewhere? Modern Rock version? I don’t seem to recall if it’s any different. I may be wrong though. So many songs, so little time.

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October 9th, 2015

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  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    I prefer the Modern Rock Version.
    Loving the Ghost Tracks… Wish you were doing mock up single covers too as loved that bit!

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Thanks Thomas! Appreciate the feedback! 🙂

    • Stevo wouldn’t let me… 🙁

    • Chris

      Yepp, I prefer the modern rock version too. Don’t know why they didn’t put this version on the records.

    • Bellenger1981 .

      Likewise, I prefer the “Modern Rock Version”, too. Simply put, “It Will Take A Long Long Time” is one of my all-time favorites from Roxette. Then again, “Have A Nice Day” is still my favorite Roxette album. There’s just so much incredible material on that album. With “It Will Take A Long Long Time”, the lyrics are a bit silly in some parts, but the song has such a refreshing, relaxing, sunny, inspirational feel to it. It really takes me back to 2000 when I first discovered the “Have A Nice Day” album. I’m from the U.S., so I had lost track of Roxette after “Crash! Boom! Bang!”. Imagine my surprise at the quality of material on the album. Such a great song. Single material? Maybe. Maybe not. At least it made it as a b-side to the “Real Sugar” single.

  • Hugo M

    I’m so glad you wrote about both Beautiful things and this one, I love both! Not single material, I guess (too relaxed and soft), but this is one of those album tracks that I specifically want to listen to from time to time. It’s a great Sunday morning song 🙂

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Nice way of putting it. “sunday morning song” – good idea for the weekend 😉

  • Krischan76

    Maybe even my favourite from the in general not very much appreciated album.

    Perfect middle-8.

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Agreed. HAND never got the love it deserved

      • RobS

        There was a review i read at the time that said the album had more potential singles than some Madonna album. I still agree with that. It was a good album, lots of catchy songs, felt current but still Roxette. Just needed the right push behind it and single selection. I’d read that book if you write it 😉

        • ChrisGa

          Not a popular opinion but HAND is still my second favorite Rox album behind Joyride and, yes, it had a ton of potential singles.

  • James Crompton

    Not one of my faves really off Have A Nice Day. I like the beginning, and the chorus. Not so keen on the lyrics. The Swedish bit is a bit strange in there, doesn’t quite belong, and when per echoes bits about a jar, it just seems a weird bit to have an echo on, and a bit of a corny lyric like you say. One thing I do like though is the melody and and the instrumental part.

  • Coolbluez

    It’s ok song…seems too much similar to Run to you. I love Runaway Bride movie, regardless of what people may say. It just shows how judgmental people can be but reality is much different. Julia Roberts does a great job. Coming back to the song, I love the mantra and always imagined walking in a garden with flowers over shadowing my head and sun rays coming through making everything shine as if made of gold and in the background this song is playing.

  • BVerfG

    Sorta okay song from the worst Roxette album. Well it beats “Wish I could fly”, but other than that…

    • s1974x

      I agree. I like Dance Passion and maybe even Ballads En Espanol better than HAND. Everything was so synthesized in it and even drums sounded like a 1980s Casio keyboard simulation. I wonder what it would be like if the album was redone Travelling style.

  • URCogProf

    Hmm… can’t say I love this one. It’s not bad, not great… nothing special. With knock-outs like “Wish I Could Fly” (one of the most played songs in Europe in ’99, by the way) and “Anyone” songs like this just don’t stand out enough. You’re not kidding the song is buried in the movie – I watched the whole damned thing and somehow missed it! It showed up “on demand” on TV last year so I was able to google where it was supposed to be, fast forward to that scene, and crank the volume and even THEN I could barely tell it was there! I guess that unlike IMHBL, there just wasn’t a great fit for a HaND song in this movie (like, maybe if Julia Roberts had been walking alone in afternoon traffic or something… nah!).

  • RobS

    Like this song. Very laid back, easy listening song. The lyrics are good, but as others have said the “oh what a jar” part does seems a little out of place. Middle-8 is great – like a little dream scene – and then into the guitar, just beautiful. Modern rock version should have been the album version though, just adds that little bit more edginess to the song.

  • Robert Quinteros

    really nice song! i didnt get the inganakee leo yo… i thought it has nothing to do. What I rememeber doing with this is to play the final chorus in backwards. it sounds amazing!! That was when i got my new computer and start messing around with a sound program..try it!

  • s1974x

    That part about the Cher song brought back some memories. I remember being unfamiliar with it and was warned about it. Then I started a new job where the guy in the next cube played the radio and I heard that awful song every hour all day long. I will always remember it from the 4th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer because she had an awful roommate who would listen to this song.

  • Daniela

    This is a pretty positive ballad. I like it. I remember that I have once been caught singing this song when I thought to be alone. This other person told me I should continue, it would sound so great! So I really had to laugh when I read the interview with someone of the Roxette crew – was it Christoffer, was it Pelle, was it Clarence? – that this song shouldn’t have been on Have a nice day as it had never sounded well.

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