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FEATURE – Ghost Tracks is a new 10-part series of articles where we take a fun look back at some of the forgotten and rarely ever mentioned Roxette songs from their incredible 30 year history

from_one1Song: From One Heart to Another
Album: Pearls of Passion 
Year: 1986
Track: #10

Ok, we’ve ignored it for long enough. Let’s talk 1986. Let’s talk Pearls of Passion.

You know that moment when you have just finished eating a fatty, high-calorie, sugary, unhealthy meal and then you start licking the plate? Deep down you know that logically it’s so bad for you but you still do it.

Listening to “From One Heart to Another” and secretly enjoying it, is like polishing off a chocolate ice-cream sundae after you’ve eaten a whole cheesy pizza and then licking the plate. So bad – yet so good!

This is pure cheese. Pure ’80s. Pure textbook FM ’80s ballad… and who doesn’t love a terribly cheesy, ’80s duet ballad? I always thought this song belonged on a low-budget 1986 Movie Soundtrack about teen love gone wrong, sort of like a Karate Kid sequel or something. It’s very very very ’80s with Marie and Per trading vocals. Of course this song does not hold up well by today’s standards but who cares?

The difference between this ballad and other Roxette ballads of the era is that this song is yet to get that classic Roxette treatment, that classic trademark sound we all know and love. This song is almost there but it came too early in Roxette’s career before Clarence, Anders, Alar and co had worked out the secret to their recipe that would appear on Look Sharp!  This is definitely Roxette trying to find their feet, it literally could’ve been Glenn Medeiros’ second single post “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”. Did he have more singles? Who cares. This song sounds more ’80s than it does sound Roxette. Fast forward to “Fading Like a Flower” or “It Must Have Been Love” and suddenly, it all makes sense. Sounds like Roxette. This sounds like anyone could have had made it, but to be fair, Roxette were still trying to find their own sound. Nearly got there, so let’s enjoy this for what it is! Pure indulgent fun!

Shall we send this over to Bassflow and let him have at it?

Never released as a single. Never played live on a major tour (or was it?) Never featured on any release other than Pearls of Passion. Definitely a forgotten Ghost Track from the Roxette catalogue.

Starship gave us “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”, Heart gave us “What About Love” and Roxette gave us “From One Heart to Another”.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

A hint in the night, a touch of a dream…”

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January 10th, 2015

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  • Is called Skepp utan roder (Ship Without Rudder) in Swedish. Not Per’s lyrics. It was written for the Eurovision song contest and is the only song Per doesn’t own the rights to.

  • Kathie Winn

    A definite raw sounding Roxette here. (I use the adjective raw in a positive sense…. ie not overly produced, nice clean & clear sound) I agree Stevo that it belongs in some 80’s movies. I disagree with you on one point though… I don’t like licking plates 😉

  • Krischan76

    Most of the tracks from Pearls of Passion are ghost tracks, as far as I am concerned. One of the really underrated ones besides So Far Away is Surrender. The others just dissolve into a mush of kind of the first Gessle solo album in English. Likable by all means, though.

  • I love this song, I actually like the whole LP a lot. But I’m an unrepentant 80’s pop fan, so….

  • Daniela

    The Pearls of Passion album is consisting of lots of ghost tracks as most of them are pretty much unknown. Somehow Soul Deep which I didn’t like at all managed to re-appear in the Joyride album, but the other songs didn’t get any attention outside Sweden. After the international breakthrough it was not easy to get the Pearls of Passion album, first I only received a very bad and almost unhearable copy from a friend who had her copy from her cousin. I bought the cd when it was re-released in 1997. My favourite song from this album is Goodbye to you. This song has always meant a lot to me…

  • Alexandre Costa

    It was played at the radio here in Brazil back in 1997, when the album was re-released.

  • Jhonatan Fernandes R

    a hint in the night, a touch of a dream has come to an end…. too cheesy… i mean way too romantic, Lyrics to sweet for my taste… i see this song as an early version of vulnerable… i do prefer call of the wild, Behind the door, another wall, a lonely cry… way better lyrics… way better song… So far away, for me one of the greatest songs that per have ever written… So underrated. it’s a shame how a song like that it’s practically forgotten… Secrets that she keeps, surrender, joy of a toy, turn to me, like lovers do are great songs too…

  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    One of the better songs from Pearls Of Passion (the best being Goodbye To You).
    Pretty OK ballad, nothing to the standard of their later releases however.
    You can see where their foundations started from before they found their feet.

  • Antonio Epifania

    This is definitely a guilty pleasure! So sickly sweet I can only digest it on the rare occasion. However when I do I enjoy it! The combination of Per and Marie’s voices is always magical and I love the sadness in the melody. Not a great song but one of the better ones on POP!

  • James Crompton

    Was listening to The Voice today off the Rarities album and thought about what Ghost Track that is. Another one I really like though is Voices off POP along with Surrender.

  • s1974x

    It’s an OK song: reminds me of two people on one of those swan-shaped paddle boats floating on the river. Since we’re talking Ghost Tracks, what about Ghost Albums? Whatever happened to Dance Passion?

  • marox79

    This is definitely MY Ghost Track. And so is for my Roxfan friend back home. What I love about it is Marie and Per trading lyrics, as if they were having a dialogue. I think they should release one of this once in a while.

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