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FEATURE – Ghost Tracks is a new 10-part series of articles where we take a fun look back at some of the forgotten and rarely ever mentioned Roxette songs from their incredible 30 year history.

do_you_wannaSong: Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way? 
Album: Crash! Boom! Bang! 
Year: 1994 
Track: #11

Remember this one?

This one definitely qualifies as a Ghost Track. Rarely ever mentioned. No live performances that we know of and when you read the comments from the fans about what to play live, rarely do we see this one requested.

To be entirely upfront, this has never been a personal favorite – but the whole purpose of Ghost Tracks is not only to encourage debate but also to shine a light on a wide range of hidden songs, not necessarily indulge in the personal favorites. Having said that, it’s easy to see why some folks would love this song. Let’s take a closer look at it.

It’s got Marie doing her standard thing of singing to perfection. Per pops in for a bit. It’s got a very identifiable riff. And how about that grand string section? It’s got all the elements and definitely serves as an obvious “album” track.

The fierce intensity between that heavily pulsating electric guitar riff and the soaring, swirling string section give this song a powerful trademark, very intense… too intense? Too much happening in this one? This song doesn’t necessarily sound like a traditional Roxette power-ballad… perhaps because the preceding song on the album, “What’s She Like?,” makes much more sense… but perhaps that’s just me?

It would be interesting to hear Per do an acoustic re-visit of the song one day to re-discover the “nucleus” of the song, as Sven Lindström would put it.

It’s clear that the Crash! Boom! Bang! album had a very distinct sound; a more mature, rock orientated vibe which is why I’m guessing that an incredible track like “Crazy About You probably never made the album but “Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way?” did, which is real shame for “Crazy About You.”

Here’s what Per Gessle had to say about “Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way?”  in his book Songs, Sketches and Reflections – “…We had started the recordings for the Crash! Boom! Bang! album at Mayfair Studios in London in the spring of 1993 and I wrote this on the studio piano. Custom made for Marie…”

But then again, was this track really that forgotten? After all, it did feature on the ill-fated Favorites from Crash! Boom! Bang! release… but the less said about that project the better.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

“…Kick it in, kick it in slowly…”

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January 4th, 2015

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  • Krischan76

    Always hated it and still don’t like it too much. The arrangement, maybe? One of those artsy songs I expected to grow on me once I got older and really understanding, being able to appreciate. Here I am, an old fart, and still… It’s the bubblegum that lured me here and this is most likely never gonna change.

  • RS

    One of my truly favourites!
    Extremely sexy.
    Cannot imagine it played live somewhere in China, if even Sleeping in my car must have been approved for the Beijing gig during CBB tour.
    Groovy baby, yeaaah!

    • Yep, sexy, that’s the word. With a dangerous twist. For some reason I’ve always pictured this song as a perfect soundtrack for Ray Bradbury’s short story “A careful man dies”.

  • Sandra

    Not my cup of tea. Don’t know why, but I don’t like the song. Always skipped it..

  • Lomo

    One of my favorite songs by Roxette ever, and personally that part of CBB, starting from “What’s she like”, “Do you wanna go the whole way”, “Lies” and ending with “I’m sorry” it’ is sheer perfection. How I hoped this is how a more mature Roxette would sound like: Catchy, superb vocals with a clear edge and a very haunting beat & guitar sound.

    But so I was very pleased when Per told on his “archive interviews”, that this song is maybe a pearl which was just overseen…

  • cylon8

    Favorites sold over two million copiez and for a very good charity why regret that? The lyrics are what kill th song kinda childish woulda fit better on twatg or left off the album for a track like always breaking my heart.

    • David Jakubowski

      The regret is allowing EMI to release 2/3 of the Crash! album as part of a promotion which didn’t count the sales toward the actual album sales. It ruined Roxette in the States because their new music didn’t chart thanks to this stupid idea. Nobody who bought 2/3 of Crash! at McDonalds went to buy the full album at retail.

      The other artists involved (Elton John, Tina Turner, Garth Brooks) all released compilations of hits, remixes and rare tracks. Roxette SHOULD have done this instead, much like what the Rarities album was for the Asian market. THAT would have incentivized people to explore more Roxette titles—oh hey! for instance, their brand new album!—and wouldn’t have robbed the sales and chart position of their new record.

    • URCogProf

      So many reasons to regret this release! I think if it had had at most five songs on it – rather than 2/3 of the album! – it might have served as a nice teaser for C!B!B! in the US, but instead it just permanently associated Roxette with the cheapest brand on the planet. And it pissed off retailers, too! Roxette suddenly found their albums boycotted by record stores – a death knell for their US career when combined with minimal label interest. Bad all around! Well, I guess good for the charity. But not so much for Roxette.

  • Bastiano

    My personal favourite from CBB! I can only imagine a powerful live version of it. Thrilling lyrics, perfect vocals, strings blending nicely with the electric guitar. Wish I had a band to play it!

  • Chris

    This is a grower song. After all this years since C!B!B! came out the song became better and better. I won’t miss it on the record.

  • Daniela

    This song never meant anything to me! From the always forgotten songs from the Crash! Boom! Bang! album I’d still love to hear What’s She Like live one day. I was really disappointed that it was not performed during the Crash! Boom! Bang! tour in 1994!

  • The Favorites project, good as it was for charity, was a definite end point for Roxette in the US. They removed the potential singles off that album (so people would buy the album again, WITH the singles on it…) and released the rest, hence Do You Wanna… is on that dud.

  • Negro Martain

    In my opinion, there is no Roxette bad songs, i like the guitar riff and mainly the middle part in down-tempo.
    The strings and the Hammond are perfect.

  • jesicadp

    I think that this one is OK, but the songs I would like you include as ghost tracks are Sor Far Away; (I Could Never) Give You Up; Keeping Waiting; Cinnemoon Street (by Marie or Per); I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt; Pay The Price; Beautiful Things; Fool; My World, My Love, My Life; Only When I Dream; Big Black Cadillac; In My Own Way; Touched By The Hand Of God; Perfect Excuse. I know these are many songs, but ROXETTE is my favourite band and I adore almost all their songs!

  • Flávio Nascimento

    I love CBB album, but idont like this song. 🙁

  • sleepingsingle

    Love all the “ghost songs”

  • David Jakubowski

    I know Per has said he writes all Rox songs to be singles, but “Do You Wanna Bo The Whole Way” feels like one of the few “album tracks” Roxette have ever done. I actually LOVE the production – it has all the hallmarks of the C!B!B! album smashed into one song: crunchy guitar, big strings, thumping dance beats – but the lyrics are a bit obvious and uncomfortable. Great ghost track as I can’t imagine the Crash! album without it, but it would never be a single choice or live song for me.

  • URCogProf

    Love the atmosphere in this song – dark and psychedelic, I can’t think of another Rox track like it. “C!B!B!” is the perfect home for it. But yeah – I don’t think this one would have gotten anywhere near the airwaves…

  • Fmh

    This is one of my favourites!

  • Skyrider

    I think this is one of their best rocking uptempo songs. But there were many other great ones on CBB, too.
    I like how the string intro leads into this catchy guitar driven song. The song has a very cool beat and great performed vocals.
    My favourite part is when the song stops and then the drum solo kicks in. Awesome!

  • MAMB

    I have always liked this song. There’s another one that I really love from the same album and that it could be perfectly part of this ghost tracks’ char: “Keep me waiting”. Other ghost songs that I use to hear are “(I could never) Give you up”; “Watercolours in the rain”; “Hotblooded”; “So far away”; “Go to sleep”…

    • Fabio Deluca

      I wouldn’t say Hotblooded is one of these “lost and forgotten” songs. It never makes the compilations ’cause it was never a single, but has been played live in two tours at least (Join The Joyride and Room Service).

  • Probably my favourite song from CBB. There´s always been song like this on Rox albums (Surrender, Shadow Of A Doubt, Things Will Never Be The Same, Comeback…). I always thought that if Roxette do James Bond theme, it could sound like this one.

  • Fabio Deluca

    DYWGTWW had always been a big favourite of mine. It’s like the “(Do You Get) Excited?” for 1994. In all honesty, this one would have been a more solid (and serious) single than the tacky Vulnerable. Don’t hate me but I never liked Vulnerable, it seems so out of place in CBB! Those sultry strings and the sugar-coated lyrics about a girl, arghhh. And it’s 5 minutes long!

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Rest assured you’re not the only one who skips Vulnerable 🙂

      • Antonio Epifania

        Ahhhh yes Vulnerable zzzzzzzzzzzz….. Never did much for me.

    • Barry Mieny

      I’m SO GLAD to hear I’m not the only one that doesn’t like Vulnerable. Per is always gushing about it, but it’s never done anything for me. At all.

    • ajac71

      Ive never liked Vulnerable….Its just cloying.
      Happy to hear Im not alone!

  • James Crompton

    I like the riff in this one. It’s a little bit naughty too. I like the contrast between the silky verses and the rocking chorus and then the changes in tempo.

  • I love how the bass stays pumping on just the one note. The strings are luffley as well as the guitars.

  • Antonio Epifania

    CBB is my favourite Roxette album, so many gems. This one however isn’t in the top 5 for me. It certainly has its qualities. A great vocal by Marie, a nice thumping energy, a decent melody (except for the Per sung bridge… weak imo). Certainly the music fits the lyric very well, those strings are VERY close to climax especially near the end 😛 Perhaps they are a bit too excessive? Not a great song but definitely no need to skip this one! I still listen and enjoy… Vulnerable on the other hand 😉

  • Josep Suárez Martínez

    I like all the songs from Crash! Except I love the sound of Crashing guitars… this one is no exception. But I really think that What’s She like and I’m Sorry deserve to be the best ghost tracks from the album with huge potential as singles and to be played live….a Shame they’ve been so ignored.. except for the demo versions sung by Per.

  • Guest

    Can anyone tell me the name of the font used in this cover, please? thanx.

  • Coolbluez

    Love this track…love the part of the album from What’s she like- I’m sorry. The intro I don’t know why resembles to You don’t understand me, even though both songs are very different. It’s good song but definitely not as strong as Lies or What’s she like

  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    DYWGTWW, mmm. It’s definitely one of those love it or hate it tracks.
    For me I like it, but it’s certainly not a favourite from CBB. I think it’s slightly over-produced and because of that it hasn’t aged well.
    A little bit cheesy, totally pop, but not the best. A worthy album only track for sure, but nothing more.

  • west

    I think it is a great song. I love it! All the C!B!B! Albun is a great one, simply my favorite! Do you… is a great opposite to Im sorry wich is one of my favorite roxette song ever! I think that Look Sharp’s I could never five you up is the ghost of the ghost songs!

  • Alejandro

    It has always been amongst my favourites from Crash! Boom! Bang! I still remember that video where we could see the orchestra recording the strings in the studio.

  • ajac71

    This was actually my favorite track on the album, at the time I was at dance school, and this track was superb! I actually created a routine to it and presented it in a showcase. Sad to hear its not a Fave.

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