Gessle: “I’m not the summer type”

TYLÖSAND – Norra Västerbotten newspaper publishes today an interview lead by the journalist Mikael Forsell, where Per explains, among other things, that he is not the “summer type.”

Gessle’s music has been, during the past 25 years, a soundtrack to the Swedish summer. Everything from “Sommartider” and “Gå & fiska!” with Gyllene Tider to his new album “Mazarin”. “I don’t know what it is about. I have tried to develop my music style, but it ends up with the fact that I can’t. I sound as I sound,” he states with a smile.

 Per is a synonymous to summer and especially Tylösand and Halmstad where he co-owns a hotel with the nice Laholm bay in the background. An inspiration? “I have never been the summer type. Actually I have never bathed here at Tylösand…” he says surprising the reporter, and goes on explaining “I was over there,” he says pointing some kilometers to the right to the beach called Frösakull, “my dad and mom had a summer house there, which was sold when I was born. But my dad and grandad have laid all the plumbing there.”
  “Then when the Gyllene thing happened one couldn’t be here. It was a myth crushed,” he laughs.

  Gessle has written many of the most loved melodies about the Swedish summer. His last album “Mazarin” was released just at the right time for Midsummer and it went directly to the top of the pre-order charts. The first single “Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)” was embraced as the perfect summer of 2003-song – even though it is clearly mentioned in the lyrics that the story takes place during winter.

 Last year has meant an appearance of a new moon for Per musically. He has also become a different person in the last years, as a father to Gabriel, who will be 6 years soon. When he thinks about it spontaneously, Per thinks it would have been nice to have three more children, but “…then I would have never had the chance to do all I have done in my life…” he states. He has also changed priorities now, he is not interested in new music as he was before. “When I look at the top 20 charts in the US I realize I don’t know any of the songs. There are many black artists and rap which I don’t understand. And college rock and Linkin Park-music which I think stinks. The only one I like is Norah Jones. So I have no more interest in following these charts.”

 But Gessle and Roxette have survived, the reason is spelled rotation of crops. If Per Gessle hadn’t had his three parallel tracks (solo, Roxette and Gyllene Tider) his career had probably been over since long.

 “I don’t think people would’ve been interested. I wouldn’t have been interested! It’s wonderful and amazing to have had so many careers. And it’s Marie who sings in Roxette. My voice is not overexposed,” Per concludes.

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July 7th, 2003

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