Gessle goes on the road?

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) – A pop single of 2 minutes and 39 seconds has turned Per Gessle’s life upside down. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and the tabloid Expressen report today about Per Gessle’s plans for a possible solo-tour. “I would love to go on tour,” he says in Aftonbladet.

  Per hadn’t thought of a tour, but after the positive reactions to his single “Här kommer alla känslorna”, he is now re-thinking it. “On Friday everything was like normal, but today all the radio stations are pulling me, the newspapers have given me good reviews, the reporters want me to go on a solo tour… and actually I do feel like going on tour,” he comments to Aftonbladet.

  Today his mind is full of thoughts on the subject. “If I go on a tour, and play a 2-hour long set, I have to play some Gyllene Tider too, but that would take the edge off Gyllene Tider’s 25th anniversary, next year; on the other hand, I have done three Swedish solo albums and one in English, so I should have enough material to go on tour, and just nibble around a bit with Gyllene Tider’s, I am really up for it”.

  “I love to be on stage, so we will see if this works out,” he tells Expressen, who has also revealed that Per has another concert booked besides the one on July 14 for the Swedish Crown Princess; he will finally play live on the much loved TV-show “Allsång på Skansen” (Sing-along at Skansen) on June 24, where Buddaboys, a band formed by Eva Dahlgren, Mija Folkesson and Greta Folkesson, will perform as well.

  But this doesn’t mean the end of Roxette, does it? “No no no, this was already planned, but when Marie got ill, I started to work on this album more. But she is doing really fine and is already working on her own new solo album,” he tells Expressen. Per will go on writing Roxette songs if he has nothing else to do, “Writing songs is probably what I like best.”

  According to Aftonbladet, who has been able to listen to the seven song sampler of the album, all of them are “potential hits”. “This album is one of those which don’t have any single or just singles. When I played it for ten people, they have proposed me at least seven singles. I mean, ‘Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)’ is track number eleven on the album, and that says a lot,” says Per to Aftonbladet.

  It takes a great deal to rattle his world. And now it has happened, “…it’s not many times that I have found myself with such a reaction. Even if it has been great years, the past 25,” he says to Aftonbladet and laughs.

  Per thanks Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) and George Harrison on his album, “this is the sound we have tried to get, the ideal sound is from 1971-72. It goes through the entire album, it sounds airy, playful, the music breathes,” he concludes in Aftonbladet.

Judith Seuma and Kajsa Evensson contributed to this article.

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May 21st, 2003

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