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Gessle over Europe – CD 1. Dressed for success Cologne 2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her Cologne 3.

Here’s the tracklist of the double-LP: Gessle over Europe – LP 1. Dressed for success Cologne 2.

“Incomprehensible and terribly sad. A master has left us. We will never experience anyone like him again.”

SingStar for PS3 gets another song pack – Roxette Rocks. This pack includes the following tracks * Joyride * The Look * Dressed For Success * Sleeping In My Car * Wish I Could Fly This song pack is according to Sony already available in their SingStore.

Live albums: Paul McCartney – Wings over America. Per Gessle – Gessle over Europe.

Cities included on the Party Crasher live LP/CD: Cologne, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm #2, Warszaw, Halmstad und Munich.

Party crash with “Party Crasher”, out next week in the UK! Try Amazon for instance.

Roxette Reunion? On Performing With Marie

Here’s Per’s pre-show (and post-show as well) mixed tape playlists, as you can see there were different playlists during the tour.

New hot interview over at The Daily Roxette!

Gee whiz – this is a tough tour to unwind from! Talked to Christoffer and Clarence and they felt the same way.

friends! thanx for a great month, i promise to come back before long, this tour is the one that i cherish most of ’em all.

howdy – just a quick one. thanks everyone for showing up at this most rewarding tour.

Yes sir – back in Stockholm! And what a Saturday night it turned out to be.

Oy vei. It turned out to be quite a show. Playing my hometown is always a gas and we certainly kicked some serious ass last nite.

What a nite!!! The show felt fab from the start. Had a tiny technical problem with my earphones but hey… who needs ears when you got Amsterdam at your feet!

Roxette is back! On a press conference in Antwerp yesterday Per and Marie announced they will partake in the concert series called Night of the Proms!

London oh London. Such a great evening. Such a great crowd. The band is getting tighter by the minute.

Do you believe in the Saturday gigs? We do we do!!! Such a great evening here in Gent.

“Party Crasher” will be released in the UK June 15 – on Sony!

Guten abend. Hey, it’s time to say farewell to Germany for now. Munich became a most delightful stop on this, for all of us, classic tour.

Back in cookin’ Zürich. I have so many fond memories of this town including great concerts with Roxette over the years and this was no exception.

Hallelujah!! What have we done to deserve this??? What a gig! What a crowd!

Awrite! Back in Germany!!! You could tell by the amazing crowd and the turbo charged band.

More from Warsaw! Dressed for Socksess?? Pelle Alsing kills Joyride!

Yeeehaaa! What a night! What a show! The Prague-gig became a memory we will never forget!

On my way to Prague! Thanx Warsaw for a killer show last nite.

What a night! Thanks a million to all of you who showed up and joined us for this most memorable evening.

Day off in Warsaw. Great town, spring is here, everyone’s got a smile on their face….

Copenhagen was fu##ing fantastic!!! The crowd was sent from heaven and the band was kicking ass like never before.

It was a beautiful night in Oslo. Great crowd, great response and some songs felt really really awesome.

Good morning! Oslo tonight, be there for a fabulous show! Magnus interviews Lisa Expressen takes pictures Helsinki meet ‘n greet