Gessle at Melodifestivalen?

STOCKHOLM – According to an interview with Aftonbladet, Per Gessle might be interested in writing a song for next year’s Swedish leg of the Eurovision Song Contest. “Have them [SVT] call me and we’ll work something out,” Per grins. Per has changed his mind about the Song Contest as it’s more pop now, before it was just strange, Per thinks.

  Also, Per is currently working on not one, but two Gyllene Tider DVDs! The first DVD is a live recording from this year’s summer tour and it will be released in the beginning of December. The second DVD is a documentary about Gyllene Tider’s tours and it will be released in January, 2005.

  Aftonbladet meets Per at his studio/office in Stockholm. They notice that the door to Per’s apartment is barred by a locked gate. “We had to do that because German Roxette fans slept here,” Per says. He mentions that he’s writing new material, in English, and that Roxette may well use these songs if possible. “It’s all up to Marie, I don’t know if she has what it takes anymore, or if she wants to. It’s a big machine releasing an album abroad. We haven’t discussed it.”

  Per tells Aftonbladet that he sees Marie now and then, that they eat together. He also mentions that he loves her new album. “It’s really great. Some of the songs are amazing! Her vocals are terrific! It’s unbelievable that she’s made the album,” Per says.

  So Per may be off, but he’ll be back, maybe even in a few months…

Robert Thorselius, andersb, m-cvk and frodi contributed to this article.

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October 5th, 2004

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