German “Ballad Hits” will differ from others; bonus tracks to appear on same CD

STOCKHOLM – Previous reports about the tracklisting for the upcoming collection of slower-tempo songs, “Roxette: The Ballad Hits,” have created a certain amount of confusion, especially when EMI Germany published a tracklisting on their site (now determined to be partially inaccurate) indicating they would be releasing the “limited edition” as a single CD, and TDR used that as the basis for an article.

  Seeking to clarify the facts, The Daily Roxette has learned that in order to keep the retail cost down in an increasingly price sensitive market, EMI Germany has indeed decided to put the “limited edition” version of the album out on a single CD.

  The “Ballad Hits” album itself, to be released November 4th, will contain the following songs:

1. A Thing About You (2002)
2. It Must Have Been Love (1987)
3. Listen To Your Heart (1988)
4. Fading Like A Flower (1991)
5. Spending My Time (1991)
6. Queen Of Rain (1992)
7. Almost Unreal (1993)
8. Crash! Boom! Bang! (1994)
9. Vulnerable (1994)
10. You Don´t Understand Me (1995)
11. Wish I Could Fly (1999)
12. Anyone (1999)
13. Salvation (1999)
14. Milk And Toast And Honey (2001)
15. Breathe (2002)

Bonus EP

  It’s the bonus tracks that have created confusion. On the EP, which will be bundled with the “Ballad Hits” CD everywhere but Germany, these four tracks will appear:

1. The Weight Of The World – Bonus Track (previously unreleased)

2. It Hurts – Bonus Track (previously unreleased)

3. See Me – Bonus Track (B-side)

4. Every Day – Bonus Track (previously unreleased).

   In Germany, EMI will be releasing a limited edition album that has 17 tracks on the same CD. This German release will include the 15 tracks listed above and two bonus tracks: “The Weight Of The World” and “It Hurts.”

  After the limited edition/first pressing albums are gone (limited edition, in this case, will equate to the first pressing of the CDs made in EMI’s various manufacturing plants), the second pressing of the album will contain the core 15 tracks (in Germany and everywhere else).

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October 1st, 2002

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