Fans developing worldwide RoxAttaq site

With Roxette's new album, "Room Service", about to be released… and the first single, "The Center of the Heart", out even sooner… some fans think the time has come to plan for whats come to be known as a "RoxAttaq" – and they want to do it on a global scale.

 Frederico Leonardo and Judith Seuma have launched Roxattaq.org with the goal of gathering links to the worldwide media (Radio, TV, newspapers) including addresses, phone numbers… all the information possible.

 "We can't do it all ourselves," they say. "We need fans from all over the world to step forward and take responsibility for each country's 'Attaq' organization." They'll set up a "yourcountry.roxattaq.org" domain where each volunteer – or group of volunteers – can put all the information they gather.

 "Sure, a lot of the promotion is up to the record labels," they told The Daily Roxette, "but we fans want to be involved, and the previous RoxAttaqs – for the most part – have proved helpful."

 Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Brasil, the United States and Spain are some of the countries already represented.

 For more information about how to start working, go to Roxattaq.org or e-mail Judith and Frederico at [email protected] if you (as an individual or as a group) think you can lead a Roxattaq in your country.

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January 22nd, 2001

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