Fan report from Lithuania: A dream come true!

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for this concert to happen, but to be honest, some of us, Lithuanians, have already traveled and saw Roxette live in other countries. Still, after last night’s performance I gotta say I’m very happy my dream came true, they were here, live, strong and most important in my homeland!

Fully packed Siemens arena has proven Roxette are very welcomed here, even the opening act Amberlife understood that and gave a warm acoustic performance. At one point of time it was very fun to make a top 5 of favorite Roxette songs from people surrounding me while waiting. Guess what, “Sleeping In My Car” was #1 and “Salvation” was #2.

Then with no special intro or light effects Roxette came on stage, just said hi and started the show. “Dressed For Success” and my neighbors’ favorite “Sleeping In My Car” was a powerful start. “Wish I Could Fly” with Christoffer’s such a nice solo made a song even more lovable. Then was the time for new stuff like “Only When I Dream” and “She Got Nothing On” which was a surprise for most of the crowd, but everyone seemed to dig it.

If somebody had some doubts about Marie, I think “Perfect Day” and “Things Will Never Be The Same” just blew all negativity away – new “Perfect Day” live version was just perfect! My less favorite tracks like “Opportunity Nox” and “7twenty7” were like party bangers for everyone and they were jumping and jumping and jumping. And after that, loudly singing and singing with “How Do You Do?” and “Dangerous”.

Christoffer did it again, his guitar solo was on top, so was a music quiz for everyone to guess Lithuanian patriotic folk song “Balnokim broliai žirgus” (“Brothers, it’s time to saddle horses”). Perfect intro to “Joyride” with everybody singing along by the end of the show.

And then: 2 encores, both with 3 songs each, containing “Spending My Time”, “The Look” and one of my favorites “Church Of Your Heart” was probably just what we all needed. There was one more effort to get some more, but the band was already gone. Smiles on everyone’s faces, guitar pick in my pocket and happy drive home thinking it sure was a perfect day!

Playlist Vilnius, Lithuania (March 12, 2011):

1. Dressed For Success
2. Sleeping In My Car
3. The Big L.
4. Wish I Could Fly
5. Only When I Dream
6. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
7. Perfect Day
8. Things Will Never Be the Same
9. It Must Have Been Love
10. Opportunity Nox
11. 7Twenty7
12. Fading Like A Flower
13. How Do You Do!
14. Dangerous
15. Joyride

First Encore

16. Watercolours in the Rain
17. Spending My Time
18. The Look

Second Encore

19. Way Out
20. Listen To Your Heart
21. Church Of Your Heart

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