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#PerGessle's 2nd Nashville-album, "En vacker dag" is out this Friday, 22 September! Listen to him in this short talk on Swedish Radio at the link below! You can even hear a little teaser from his duet with John Holm. /PP Listen here:

There's a hidden meaning.... /P.

Roxette - Dance Away (Music Video)

I've always been a closet Roxette fan. This is just a little video clip I whipped up. They should have released this song as a single. PS: I do not own the c...

Psychedelic ending of "The Look" at #PerGessle's last "En vacker kväll" gig in Borgå, Finland! 🎸🤘🎸🤘🥁🤘🎹 Check it in the video at the link below! /PP Stills are from the video:

Japan 1991. /P.

Roxette - Fading Like A Flower (Everytime You Leave) (Japanese TV)

A old but very nice video from a japanese tv appearance. Live vocals!!!

The latest Rox gig! Feb 8, 2016. Beautiful South Africa! /P.


XXX GIG #68 CAPE TOWN DAY TWO. The Look Bye-Bye!!!! /P.

Having fun are we? /P.


Beunos Aires, April 24, 2012. Pretty amazing. /P.


Roxette – Why Don´t You Bring Me Flowers (Official Video)

“Why Don´t You Bring Me Flowers” is the third single from the brand new Roxette album “Good Karma” out now! The video contains Roxette fans around the world ...

Have a great weekend y'all! /P.

Roxette – It Just Happens (Official Music Video)

“It Just Happens” is the first single from the brand new Roxette album “Good Karma” out June 3rd 2016. Listen to “It Just Happens”:


Roxette - A Thing About You

Music video by Roxette performing A Thing About You.


Over 250 million views! #Roxette - It Must Have Been Love! Pure awesomeness! 💝🎥🎤 /PP Stills are from the video:

Oh yea? /P.

Roxette - Neverending Love

Music video by Roxette performing Neverending Love (Video).'s a special treat for you....

Roxette - Real Sugar (Official Video)

Music video by Roxette performing Real Sugar.

Nice one, don't you think? /P.

Roxette - You Don't Understand Me (Geld Oder Liebe, ARD 1995)

A performance on German TV Show "Geld Oder Liebe)

Badabam! /P.

Roxette - Sleeping Single -

From the Swedish TV-show Här är Lasse Dec. 23 1988.

The Daily Roxette

The Look that won't die.

Per Gessle

Had some amazing months recording this. /P.

Wow. Amazing music once again from Good Harvest. Check out this video. Time to breathe out a bit. /P.

Good Harvest - Far Beyond (Live)


En vacker dag. Releasedate Sep 22, 2017. Have fun!


Hold your horses! Watch this #PerGessle video recorded on his signing day at BMG! Isn't that green vinyl too hot??? 🔥💚 /PP Stills are from the VIDEO: Thanx so much Liza for filming & sharing!

Are you following Space Station 12 on Instagram yet? Maybe you should? ;) Pics from #PerGessle's signing day today! /PP @spacestation12 on insta:


Marie's book comes in Czech soon 🔜 😍 👍

IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE. Headin' for 250.000.000 views on YouTube. Amazing, isn't it? /P.

Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

Music video by Roxette performing It Must Have Been Love.

Short name. Thank God!

Signing EN VACKER DAG at the BMG Office, Sthlm Sep 5 2017. Filmed by Liza B.

Another Sunday, another Gessles nio i topp! 📻 This time #PerGessle and Sven Lindström are talking about the 9 best new wave songs from the US. /PP Listen to the podcast or download it from here:

Per Gessle

Signed 3000 En vacker dag CD's + LP's today. Phew!!! Release Sep 22. Hope you'll like it! /P.

The Sunday Treat. enjoy! /P.

Roxette - The Look

Music video by Roxette performing The Look.

My Gosh, I've been in the studio w/ MP + Helena. Didn't see this until now. I am, as always, honoured by your endless love and affection. You're truly amazing all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my drawer full of vinyl singles!!! Luv, P.

En vacker sommar – thank you to Per Gessle & Co from the international friends!

21+1 concerts all around Sweden, taking a turn to Norway and Finland as well, 27 Per-penned songs played live in this or that form, 8 most talented musicians giving at least 120% energy each night …

Hidden gem? /P.

Roxette - Almost Unreal (Official Video)

Music video by Roxette performing Almost Unreal.


Pre-order #PerGessle's upcoming album, "En vacker dag" at Bengans! /PP Here is the link to pre-order: Stills are from this video:

Per Gessle – En vacker kväll in Borgå, Finland – 26th August 2017 – #21

When the tour started 2 months ago, I knew that time would fly fast, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be flying THIS fast. The last ”En vacker kväll” concert was a festival show in Finland, at Popka…

Happy 25th anniversary to all #Roxette - Tourism songs from studios, stages, hotelrooms & other strange places! /PP