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Memory Lane Monday: Roxette performed at the opening of Globen in Stockholm 29 years ago today! That hot outfit, that leopard guitar! 🔥😎🎸🐆✌ /PP Watch Dressed For Success & The Look here: Pic from Östra Småland:

Evgeny found this. Excellent! Have a fab weekdn y'all! /P.

Changing of the guard playing Roxette's The Look

Don't miss out on ours truly's tweets! Some pics you might find only on Per Gessle's official Twitter account. ☝😉 /PP The REAL Per Gessle on Twitter:

HK Drott Halmstad

Per Gessle engagerar sig i HK Drott Det är med stolthet som vi berättar att Halmstadssonen Per Gessle har bestämt sig för att engagera sig i Drotts överlevnad. Per har skänkt lite Per Gessle-prylar som kommer att bli priser i vårt lotteri. Lotterna köper ni i Halmstad Arena eller via Swish: 1230310078 (märk inbetalningen ”GESSLE”). En lott kostar 20 SEK. Ni kör vi! Ps. Den digitala lotten som du köper via swish kommer att få samma lottnummer som ditt telefonnummer, även om du köper flera lotter.

HK Drott Halmstad is in economic crisis and they got help from Per Gessle who offered some stuff for HK Drott's lottery. One can buy a 20 SEK lottery ticket in Halmstad Arena or via Swish and win the following items: 1. Hotel Tylösand gift card 2. Signed book ”Texter, klotter & funderingar” 3. Signed book ”Songs, sketches & reflektions” 4. Signed CD ”En vacker natt” 5. Signed CD ”En vacker kväll” 6. Signed CD ”Roxette - Good Karma” 7. Signed CD ”Roxette - The 30 Biggest Hits” 8. Signed vinyl single ”Roxette - The Look (2015 Remake)” 9. Signed book ”Roxette - Den osannolika resan tur och retur” 10. Signed bok ”En vacker bok - Live sommaren 2017” The more lottery tickets you buy, the more money is raised for HK Drott's survival and the higher the chance is to win the above mentioned items. /PP Details about the lottery:

Sydney 1991. A treat. /P.


Roxette "Joyride" Live in Sidney Australia HQ SURROUND STEREO

Today 7 years ago, after a long break, Roxette came back with a mouth harp intro to charm us all! Which is your alltime fave Charm School song? /PP Listen to the album here:

Read the English summary of the latest Per Gessle podcast interview in Framgångspodden! /PP

Meeting one of our favourite bands of all time, THE BEE GEES, in the late 90's. I had my new Gucci pants on. Where did they go? /P.

Crash! Boom! Bang! The Tuesday Tune. You know we had to re-shoot this entire video!!! The first version turned out to have technical problems with the audio synch. So we had to start all over again. Phew! Michael G (the director) + the insurance company almost had heart attacks! Took two extra days (and nites). /P.

Roxette - Crash! Boom! Bang! - YouTube

Music video by Roxette performing Crash! Boom! Bang!.


#64 JOHANNESBURG. Aaah The Look. A blast! Enjoy. /P.

The Room Service Promotion Days 2001. /P.

It Must Have Been Love w/MF soundcheck. Amsterdam 2009. Great day! /P.

Per Gessle

Old fav. Soundcheck w/ MF in A-dam. PC Tour 2009. Sounds good.

Hahaha! Nice. /P.


May I introduce you to a dolphin called Roxette. She is living in the Dolphin Academy on Curaçao and the webpage says she is the most vocal one. 😊 We got to know she is on her parental leave right now. Unfortunately I forgot to ask about the name of her baby. 😀😍 You can fly all around the world Roxette is everywhere. ❤ (And I don't believe in accidents anymore.. 😃)

Yeehaa! THE LOOK on Top Of The Pops in 1989. Swell! /P.

Roxette - The Look TOTP

Roxette performing The Look on Top of the Pops.

Recorded in Holland. 1987? 1988? /P.

Roxette - I Call Your Name

Music video by Roxette performing I Call Your Name.

1993??? Can't remember, it wasn't made for the CBB album anyway. However, I do remember bumping into Dennis Hopper at a Formula One-race somewhere discussing this beautiful Super Mario-movie, hahaha. Have a fab weeklend y'all! /P.

Roxette - Almost Unreal (Official Video)

Music video by Roxette performing Almost Unreal.

🎶 Echoes in my head 🎶 Make every whisper turn into a scream 🎶 ”Wish I Could Fly” was released today 19 years ago as the lead single from Roxette’s 6th studio album. Have A Nice Day, Roxers! 👌 /PP Stills are from the official video, directed by Jonas Åkerlund:

Pelle Sire'n on lead guitar, Mats Myrdal Persson on drums if I remember things right! /P.

Roxette - Sleeping In My Car

Music video by Roxette performing Sleeping In My Car.

Aaaah the 80's! /P.

Roxette Listen to your heart Jacobs Stege 22-10-1988

facebook Twitter @gabyroxette

Busking in London! /P.

Roxette - Fireworks

Music video by Roxette performing Fireworks.

🎶 It's made out of steel if a heart is starting to rust 🎶💖 Check out the lyric video to Charla K's contest song co-written with Alex Shield & Per Gessle, "Stop The Music"! Which is your fave part of the lyrics? /PP More about the song here:

25 years ago today, Fingertips '93 was released as the 3rd single from Roxette’s 4th studio album, Tourism! The video to it became the first ever Roxette clip directed by Jonas Åkerlund. Which is your fave lyric line in the song? /PP Stills are from the video:

Fun to watch the video together with today's single release. Per Gessle & Lars Winnerbäck in Halmstad, 11 August 2017. Here you can see them performing not only "Honung och guld", but also "Småstadsprat". Svårt at toppa, as Per says at the end. What a wonderful night it was! 💞 /PP

Missed hearing Per Gessle live? No, no concert dates yet, but a new live release! Per singing Honung och guld with Lars Winnerbäck in Halmstad last year! B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.! We love such new music Fridays, don’t we? /PP Listen to the song here:

Still got that skull tee! /P.

In a recent interview done by Songwriter Universe with Per Gessle, Mr. G tells: "In May this year I will release an English version of my Nashville recordings. It’s a very special album for me, including duets with some wonderful Nashville singers as well as Nick Lowe. He’s one of my big heroes." "...Yep, the Nashville album will pop up. And yes, there will most likely be an international tour to promote it. The road goes on forever." Woohoo!!!! So, album in May. Cool! Duet with Nick Lowe? Oh w.o.w.! International tour??? An even bigger oh w.o.w.! Who's in??? ✌ /PP Read the interview here:

🎶 It’s a madman’s situation 🎶 reminiscing in the rain 🎶 and I’ve lost your love again 🎶 I call your name 🎶 Roxette's 4th single off their debut album, "Pearls of Passion" was released today 30 years ago! Which is your fave verse? /PP Stills are from the official video to "I Call Your Name":

Per Gessle performed at Globen last night... You guessed it... it was a corporate gig. /PP

And back in 2001.... Video shot at Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo in California. Amazing place. /P.

Roxette - The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain) (Official Video)

Music video by Roxette performing The Centre Of The Heart.

Only five months left! /P.

Roxette - June Afternoon (Official Video)

Music video by Roxette performing June Afternoon.

Remember this one? /P.

Roxette - The Weight Of The World The Ballad Hits Fan Video Clip

Long Live Vacations - long live my hobby - making clips!