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Here are 54340 happy people at Ullevi. Biggest concert of this tour! /K

There will be more photos of Per and MP later but I like this one somehow. Hope you agree. /K

Per and his ukulele in Ronneby /K

Tomorrow. Halmstad. Brottet. Your last chance to dance! /K

This is one of the shots you never manage to get cos there is always someone in the way. Most of the time Per. 😉 Would you say this one is okay? /K

MP showing emotions. Look! /K

Anders in his own world. Pic from Ronneby /K

Good morning! The Daily Roxette had this idea: We'll keep posting GT tour photos until Saturday night, when the very last concert in Halmstad begins. Most will be new to you, some you may know but they will be refurbished. This photo is from Ronneby! /K

Who's louder? Pic from Ronneby /K

And last but no way least, Mr. South - the hardest hitting drummer in the world. He wanted to play the bass but Anders had bigger fingers...

"50 spänn, du vet vad det gäller!"

Fritz - the undisputed Farfisa Master. /T

Mr. Bassman - Anders Herrlin, Sweden's most handsome man in 1982... /T

When all the friends have gone home, or really just a few minutes before... /T

Sundsvall press junket after the re-launch of Roxette 9 years ago. Attending were Expressen, Aftonbladet and TDR...

För hela året har jag väntat på Juni, juli, augusti För vindarna är varma då Juni, juli, augusti...

The Andy Rooz taking secret pics of the audience at Stockholm Stadium. /T

Might not work in all countries, but it is what it is. Enjoy if you can!

Gyllene Tider, a playlist by tevensso on Spotify

A playlist featuring Gyllene Tider

Gyllene was there!

Gyllene Tider rocking Ronneby

Gyllene Tider visited Ronneby and is getting better and better

Ojojoj Ronneby! What a show! Per and the girls and boys on stage in top shape and very very talkative and entertaining this time. Thanks for a splendid evening. /K

På svenska! Läs om jordbävningen som drabbade Ullevi.

Gyllene Tider skakade om Göteborg

Tänk dig att du ser tre småstadskonserter på en och samma gång, och att hela publiken är proffs.

What happened in Kalmar won't stay in Kalmar.

Gyllene Tider back in a small town - The concert after Ullevi

What happened in Kalmar won't stay in Kalmar

Photo from Kalmar last night /K

Here is an advice from TDR's travelling department. While you're in Kalmar today, head over to the island of Öland where you'll find Borgholm castle which is (among others) famous for being the backdrop to Roxette's video to Listen To Your Heart. Yes, you're welcome. /K

Kalmar tonight. Are you in this line, maybe?

If you were with Gyllene Tider in Göteborg last night, you're in our photo /K

Here's what happened in Göteborg last night

Gyllene Tider shook Göteborg

Imagine you're seeing three small town concerts at once and the audience all are pros

Ullevi underway! Lots of good feelings here!

Yet another... this is massive...

What.A.Show!!! To understand how amazingly big Gyllene really is, you have to experience the band at Ullevi. Great GREAT show and a superloud audience created an unforgettable night... We are humbled, hats off!

Ullevi tonight. Looks like you are all here already!