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Another Per concert has changed. Karlstad, Sweden has been changed from standing to "unnumbered sitting" and on a first come first serve basis. Bought tickets are still valid. "Hej! Vi kontaktar dig angående dina ståplats-biljetter till Per Gessle's Roxette på Löfbergs Arena i Karlstad 9/11. Arrangören har bestämt att göra om ståplatsen till onumrerade sittplatser. Precis som vid ett stående golv så kommer de som kommer först in i arenan att få ta stolarna längst fram. Dina biljetter gäller fortfarande, du behöver inte byta ut dem."

The third review in the UK. They are all very very similar.

IT'S FRIDAY MUSIC: Paul McCartney gets back to doing what he does best

Egypt Station arrives five years after his last studio effort, the uneven New. That was made with a disparate crew of hip young gunslingers, including Mark Ronson.

Martin Stjernhufvud's new single. (The other Ma in MaMa's barn, remember?). The song is produced and almost entirely performed by MP Persson.

Martin Sternhufvud - Livet rullar på

En ny låt från Martins kommande album. Video: Tobias Nilsson

Stevo analyzes Small Town Talk, or rather the nexus of the three albums.

"It Came Too Fast"... but perhaps not soon enough?

It's taken a long, very long time, but finally, we have been exposed to a different side of Per Gessle.

A new video is out...

Per Gessle - Being With You (Official Video)

Per Gessle "Being With You" (Official Video) (C) Elevator Entertainment AB under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management GmbH Follow Per Gessle: Website h...

Another Per album is out! Read about it here!

Small Town Talk - the review

Well, what can be said about this album. The sleeve is nice with a shot of Per, in a Stetson in front of a DeSoto, taken by Anton Corbijn in Nashville last year.

Review coming up at midnight! Be there!

Here it is again.

Per Gessle

ROXETTE CELEBRATES CHART-TOPPING HEYDAY WITH TWO NEW BOX SETS 5th OCTOBER 2018 With more than 80 millions records sold, four US number 1 singles and numerous Top 40 hits, Roxette are Sweden’s biggest music export after Abba. Hitting the big time with US #1 single “The Look”, taken from their second album “Look Sharp!”, singer Marie Fredriksson and songwriter Per Gessle found themselves rapidly going from local Swedish heroes to global chart-toppers in the spring of 1989. “It was a mind-blowing sound—exactly the kind of updated turbo-pop I had been looking for. The future looked so bright we had to wear shades.” Per Gessle Two new box sets document this unique Scandinavian success story. “Boxette” brings Roxette’s stage dynamic back. “Boxette” is a four DVD collection of five live shows, spanning from 1988 to 2001. It covers concert footage from the two tours following the release of “Look Sharp!” in 1988 and 1989, as well as material from later world tours – “Live-Ism” from Sydney 1991 and “Crash! Boom! Live!” from Johannesburg in 1995. Finally there is a live concert recorded on the final leg of the bands “Room Service” tour in November 2001, which was streamed back in the days — but has now been remastered and released for the first time on DVD. “Boxette” will also features a booklet with unique pictures and interviews with former band members. Look Sharp! The 30th anniversary edition celebrates a milestone album. “Look Sharp!” contained two US number 1 singles “The Look” and “Listen To Your Heart”, along with the high-charting singles “Dangerous” (#2) and “Dressed For Success” (#14). Lavishly packaged in a classic LP sized box with the original album on 180g vinyl, a 21-track CD with Per Gessle’s demos and rarities, as well as Per’s 45 minute long “home movie” DVD, taking fans behind the scenes and into the studio work. A richly illustrated booklet, featuring track by track interviews with Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson, Clarence Ofwerman, Anders Herrlin, Mats “MP” Persson and Alar Suurna, which offers insight and memories from the recordings is the icing on the sharp looking cake. ”Boxette” and ”Look Sharp! 30th Anniversary Edition” will be released in a limited edition 5th October. There will also be two related ”Look Sharp!” products released simultaneously with the box set; the original LP in limited edition red vinyl and a 2-CD package in digisleeve with the original album and the ”Look Sharp!” demos. / Team PG

Expressen: Did you feel that Roxette died when Marie quit? Per: I can't say that Roxette died, because the classic Roxette with Marie lives on because you hear the songs all the time, but that was an end because it was a heavy mark she made not to tour anymore. That she said it will not work to record more songs. And I also felt that during the last album, "Good Karma", that there was a limit to what she could sing. It was a choice she made. The voice didn'It carry anymore, it could not express the songs the way she wanted. Of course it was sad. What the hell...

Maries Fredrikssons ord bakom Per Gessles comeback med Roxette

Maries Fredrikssons ord bakom Per Gessles comeback med Roxette

The date and the venue of Per's Finland concert are changing. The new venue is Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki, and the concert date is pushed back until November 12. The new location is significantly smaller than the originally booked Metro Areena.

Hmm or hmmmmmmm? We say mesmerizing and what say you?

Asha Ali - Sleeping in My Car

While waiting for the new video.

Per Gessle feat Helena Josefsson - The Finest Prize

Have you heard the new Per Gessle single 'Being With You' yet? If not, why not? #PerGessle #BeingWithYou #SmallTownTalk

Being with You

Being with You, a song by Per Gessle on Spotify

A new one from Clair too!

Summer Waltz

Summer Waltz, an album by Clarence Öfwerman on Spotify

Being With You is out in Australia. It's 3.36 long and it's the fast version. Helena sings the bridge. Unfortunately FB doesn't allow uploads of snippets. More later!

Happy Anniversary, Per and Åsa! 25 years as married is such a feat! All the best on your Silver Anniversary!

Another metal cover. Jonas approves. :)

Roxette - The Look (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

You can buy my albums or singles here: DIRECT FROM ME (LOSSLESS) ► ITUNES ► AMAZON ► GOO...

Coming up "soon" - #per60... What are your expectations?

Roxette's sole entry of the 600 All-time Top Singles on Billboard. Could be worse! Chubby Checker steals the #1 with The Twist.

There's "Cookie"...

"LaLaLove" por Mono Mind | Video de música | MTV España

Mira "LaLaLove" y más vídeos de música de Mono Mind en MTV España 

Ahhh - the good old days of MTV Weekends! Who else recorded the whole thing on VHS? Only 24 years ago... #TBT Roxette

Roxette - MTV interview with Steve Blame -

MTV 1994.

Sjöhistoriska today in 2015. Photos: Thomas Evensson.

Photos from The Daily Roxette's post

Today in 2015 Roxette played Stockholm in 13° C and pouring rain. One of the last Swedish concerts ever.

Yes this is real. Basically the LaserDiscs transformed. Unsure about the Look Sharp '89, if it's the VHS or not. The Room Service concert is from the webcast. Hopefully they've found a master at the phone company.

Roxette Cafe

Roxette - Boxette (DVD box) DVD1 SWEDEN LIVE ’88 & LOOK SHARP ’89 DVD2 LIVE-ISM ’91 DVD3 CRASH!BOOM!BANG!LIVE! ’95 DVD4 ROOM SERVICE TOUR ’01 Warner Music Sweden are proud to announce the release of ROXETTE - Boxette a 4 DVD compilation set of live concerts from the Swedish pop duo from 1988 to 2001. Never before released on DVD the set contains a previously unreleased concert from the Globen Arena, Stockholm in 2001. The 4 DVD collection will be housed in a hardcover book with a 24 page booklet with new Interviews including one with founder member Per Gessle: 1. Sweden Live ‘88 / Look Sharp Live ‘89 2. Live-Ism ‘91 3. Crash!Boom!Bang!Live! ‘95 4. Room Service Tour! ‘01 Sweden Live ‘88 filmed at Himmelstalundshallen in Norrköping, Sweden on 16 December 1988. Look Sharp Live ‘89 filmed at two concerts at Borgholm Castle on the Swedish Baltic Sea island of Öland on 25/26 July 1989. Live-Ism ‘91 from the ‘Join the Joyride! Tour’ performance at Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia on 13 December 1991. Crash!Boom!Bang!Live! ‘95 from the tour of the same name recorded on 14 January 1995 at Ellis Park Johannesburg, South Africa. Room Service Tour! previously unreleased concert recording from the Globen Arena Stockholm on 16 November 2001. Link:

FYI: it's NOT our Stevo's 36th b-day today! So don't you dare congratulate him! Just a friendly warning...

Just too great to not share.

Roxette - Things Will Never be the Same (live 1992) -

Specially recorded for MTV at Cirkus in Stockholm, Sweden June 1992.

For you afficionados out there.

She greeted the morning sun All the seagulls were flying low and she She started her daily routine Without thinking without knowing She smiled when she thought of Jim All the satellites were standing by and she She hoped she could tune him in When she closed her eyes Oh her life was good

“...he nursed the lilies and violets, treating them like friends...” - The Finest Prize has been released! Lyric video is available on YouTube.

Per Gessle - The Finest Prize (feat Helena Josefsson) (Lyric Video)

Per Gessle - The Finest Prize (feat Helena Josefsson) Listen here: (c) & (p) Elevator Entertainment AB under exclusive license ...

32 years ago (really!) this little gem came out. You all know the story by now. It was recorded in Swedish under the name Svarta glas, but Per wanted to do something with Marie, so they recorded this. The record sleeve is a cartoon because they wanted to be anonymous...

Roxette - Neverending Love

Music video by Roxette performing Neverending Love (Video).

Sweden-England at 4. #bästnärdetgäller När vi träffades i vimlet Det var ett hat trick att minnas jag kom från farmarlaget Du var populär Du sa du älskade fotboll Jag såg en sol igenom fönstret hur kan man låtsas att det regnar när du ser ut så där? Vi är bäst när det gäller Vi är bäst när det gäller Vi är bäst då när allt står på spel vi är bäst då när allt kan gå fel Liksom dårar på nätet Gillar vi ringarna på vattnet Vi vill att världen ska få veta Vår karaktär (eller vad säger du, Per?) Att aldrig tappa kontrollen Att aldrig ta nåt med en klackspark är aldrig tvåa på bollen När du ser på mej så där Vi är bäst när det gäller Vi är bäst när det gäller Vi är bäst då när allt står på spel vi är bäst då när allt kan gå fel

Gyllene Tider

Elektroniska Tider

Wow. 5 years ago already. It was a splendid afternoon/night! Were you there? Which are your three favorite members of Gyllene Tider?? ;)