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Good news! The first batch of books will be shipped today! Due to overwhelming demand the production took a bit longer than expected. Don't forget that the book is cheaper before May 1, and it's well worth owning. Maybe it contains an Easter egg?? Get it while you can: Happy Easter!

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Here's something you don't see everyday - a piece from Lars-Erik! :) Njoy.

"It Must Have Been Love" featured heavily in new major motion picture!

NEW YORK – In "Long Shot," a major motion picture scheduled to be released internationally during the first week of May, Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love" will play a major role in the soundtrack. Not since "Pretty Woman" in 1990 has a Roxette song been featured as prominently as it is in this mo...

"Have A Nice Day" makes a comeback, so does our Aussie, and he has a lot to say. We apologize.

Have a Nice Day celebrates 20 years with a vinyl release

The dawn of a new era! The first Roxette "comeback" album and, for the fans, THE first Roxette album of the "Internet age" and didn't it raise some heated discussions.

Yesterday we celebrated The Look and it's 30 years. Today we focus on Crash!Boom!Bang! and it's birth 25 years ago! A fresh album still, with an album sleeve idea from Per and Marie. What could go wrong?

Gyllene Tider's Stockholm concert has been moved to the stadium, as predicted.

Today in 1989 The Look invaded the #1 on the Billboard charts! Feels like two days ago doesn't it? We all know the story behind the song and Roxette. The exchange student yada yada, the song spreading on DAT cassettes and people calling in demanding to hear it over and over again, EMI USA importing 7" singles from Sweden etc. Lovely story, great song with a great lick from Jonas Isacsson! Happy XXX!

Almost there... Watch this space!

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Play with the band on your console (or PC): Roxette Song Book is released for the guitar learning game Rocksmith (PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360/One, PC, Mac).

Swedish pop rock duo Roxette come to Rocksmith | TheXboxHub

They may no longer be dressed for success, and it's been a while since they've been on a joyride, but that's not to say Roxette don't have huge appeal - and so the arrival of a triple pack of their tunes to the Rocksmith library is certainly something to consider.

Our token German forgot to add the link, here's the refreshing news he was refering to... Which flavor is which character, do you think?

The Per Gessle Selection is back with a surprise

It has been rather silent around Per's wine business but just in time for this summer's Gyllene Tider tour, he's back with something sparkling new.

Really refreshing news are coming your way. We are looking forward to the summer, do you, too?

Yay! There will be a new version of Mono Mind's album Mind Control out. This time with the two vinyl bonus tracks added.

Don't ya be fergettin' to order our book! Around €56.90 before May 1 and €79 after. Get it and get it now! It's well worth it. And of course, our PDF is still for free.

"Can't wait to put my hands on it", for real: TDR's Tour Book can be ordered now!

Good things come to those who wait, and the waiting is over now. The Daily Roxette is proudly presenting "Per Gessle's Roxette - The Unofficial Tour Book 2018" as a real, physical, touchable hardcover book. Here are the details.

"Soon" is over. You can buy our book now!!!!

"Can't wait to put my hands on it", for real: TDR's Tour Book can be ordered now!

Good things come to those who wait, and the waiting is over now. The Daily Roxette is proudly presenting "Per Gessle's Roxette - The Unofficial Tour Book 2018" as a real, physical, touchable hardcover book. Here are the details.

There's a remarkable surprise in this clip at 1:20, says Shane from Canada. Wondering what your favourite song might be...

Long Shot Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

Check out the official Long Shot trailer starring Charlize Theron! Let us know what you think in the comments below. ► Buy Tickets to Long Shot: https://www....

RSD, get yours now.

Per Gessle

Per Gessle will release a limited vinyl tribute to The Ramones entitled "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" 12th of April! 🎶 Follow the link to pre-order NOW: - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend TRIBUTE TO THE RAMONES (12" VINYL)! Release: 12/4 - CLEAR RED LTD VINYL (500 COPIES) - CLEAR LTD VINYL (500 COPIES) - BUNDLE WITH BOTH COLOURS "Ramones was a huge inspiration when we started our first band “Grape Rock” in 1977. The unbelievable energy, the amazing guitar sound, the cool lyrics and the added touch of surf music floored us totally. Impossible not to fall in love with. In 2002 White Jazz Records was about to make a Ramones tribute album and I was invited to participate. My choice of song was the brilliant “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”. I couldn’t stop there so I decided to do two more killer tracks outside the album at the same time. Just for fun. Hey Ho!". -Per Gessle Tracklisting: Side A 1. I wanna be your boyfriende 2. Gimme gimme shock treatment 3. Sheena is a punk rocker Side B B side is with engraving "Per Gessle" sign. Follow the link to pre-order NOW:

HAND 20 to be released April 12th.

Roxette - Have A Nice Day (2LP Gatefold 180g Yellow Vinyl)

Roxette celebrates Have A Nice Day, 20th Anniversary. Original CD now released as double vinyl album...

Happy Birthday, the Man, the Myth, the Drummer - Micke Syd!

Latest from France and Micke Syd: Two songs almost finished. One ballad and the other a "Gyllene smelling 2+ min rocker"... #gt40

Now this comes as a bit of a shocker - the version of Beating Heart released is not the version from the record! This is clearly a different mix.This mix is flatter and the lyrics are different, plus some harmonies are missing!

Beating Heart - 'Modern Times' promo single

Beating Heart - 'Modern Times' promo single, a song by Gyllene Tider on Spotify

Happy B-day. Mats MP Persson, 60 today! Here's to many more! <3

Regarding the new Gyllene releases, we've talked to Per and Cosmos and they say that Tidiga Tider and Andra Tider will be available worldwide no later than after this weekend.

Here we go!

Gyllene Tider

Två nya samlingar fyllda med godis från förr finns ute på Spotify nu. Have fun! /P.

Vol II!

Gyllene Tider

Chips och grill? Näst intill! Så här ser nya samlingen "Andra Tider" ut. Finns på Spotify nu!

Tidiga Tider Ljudet av ett annat hjärta Gyllene Tider för Rock'n'Roll Teena Marie i växeln Vill ha ett svar! Leka med elden För dina bruna ögons skull 24:e december Beating Heart* Tylö Sun Och jorden är rund... Vem tycker om dig? Åh Ziggy Stardust (Var blev du av?) Ge mig inte det där! To Play With Fire* *Never before digitally available.

Andra Tider Hej! Bara vara nära Tylö Sun* Vart tog alla vänner vägen? Marie, Marie Offside! Hi Fidelity I Go To Pieces Skäl att tvivla Threnody Ingenting av vad du behöver Kiss From A Stranger Anytime Young Girl Mr. Twilight Teaser Japanese (Oriental Version)* Rock On * Never before digitally available.

Just a prototype but it does work. Get yourselves new shelves already!

Per 60 for 60 - Encore. Regn (Rain.) Taken from the self titled album "Per Gessle" released in 1983, recorded while the rest of the band did their tour in the army. Also recorded in English, called "Run to Me" but never released by Per. Christopher Barker, a German American, released it on his 2000 album "One Moment in Time" however. The lyrics are very typical Per, about a couple in love. "Sitting by the window looking up/but all I see is rainclouds/your eyes today have the color of yesterday's sky/and tell me/what would I have had/without all the energy/that you give/and I take? #100 on our chart.


Per 60 for 60 - Encore.

Today is the day you may get to hear the bonus tracks! Read the Behind Mono Mind here.

Mono Mind

🎶 Vinyl release of Mind Control today 🎶 Do you want to spin the vinyl exclusive songs "Shelter From The Storm" and "Have Another Go"? Order your copies here: - Amazon: - Bengans: - Ginza: - CDON:

Happy Valentine's! <3

Roxette - Love is All (Live 1995) -

Live in Johannesburg, South Africa Jan. 14 1995.

Per 60 for 60 - Encore. Faller ner på knä (Falling to my Knees). The demo is recorded in April 1996, and was recorded by Gyllene Tider for the e.p. released later that year, in time for Återtåget '96. It started out as a ballad like we hear here, but while being in the studio they realized it's a power-pop song. One of Gyllene's best songs ever, and it would be a treat to hear it this summer. Some said that it sounds a lot like "Sleeping in My Car" but when Per was confronted with that he said something like "Sleeping in My Car... no... no... that song is in major, while this is in a minor key.... uh... no!" #69 on our chart.

Faller ner på knä

Per Gessle 60 for 60 ENCORE.

Instructions for possibly exchanging your tickets for Ullevi: if you want to keep your standing tickets - do nothing! If you for some weird reason want to change to seats, you have from the 8th thru the 12th to change it. A cost of 45 SEK per ticket will be added. Children's tickets cannot be changed. Contact TicketMaster's call center.