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Oy vey, seems got a complete oil change!


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Marie celebrates her birthday with the release of a new Jazz-infused single!

Marie Fredriksson releases Jazz-infused single Alone Again!

Marie returns to the very beginning for her new single - read the official press release (translated into English) here!

And don't miss this:

DIRTY DOZEN: Marie best Swedish songs

Marie Fredriksson, who turns 59 today, has had a long and successful career in Sweden. She started with her own band MaMas Barn and moved on as a background singer on EMI.

Happy B-day Marie!

Happy Birthday Marie!

From all the staff and all the fans.

Mazarin will be released July 7 according to Bengans.

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Marie Fredriksson's page is alive, it's changed its photos. Tomorrow is the big day, twice.

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I say, what's this? A new Marie Fredriksson song? Out on May 30 apparently. That's been kept quiet...

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Record store promo poster from 1985!

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This week starts well: "Dear customer, We have now been told that the Per Gessle red vinyl is on its way to us from the factory. We will ship it to our customers on Monday-Tuesday next week. We apologize for this delay! Regards Bengans Webbshop"

Per cut his signing tour short due to wine business in France. That doesn't stop him from posting pics of the new picks though. What do you think?

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New music from Jonas Isacsson

New music from the guitar master himself.

Per Gessle regarding Savannah Church at Folk & rock in Malmö the other day: "When I asked her if she ever sang out of tune she didn't understand my question..."

A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Per Gessle! En vacker natt enters the Swedish album chart at NUMBER ONE!

The next single off En vacker natt is Tittar på dej när du dansar, says Per in an interview with SVT.

End of May for the red vinyl now....

Suprise? Hej, Skivbolaget BMG har meddelat oss att den röda vinylen av Per Gessle En Vacker Natt är ytterligare försenad från fabrik. Ny planerad leveransdatum är i slutet av maj. Så fort vi får den levererad skickas din beställning. Vi ber verkligen om ursäkt för denna försening! Vänligen återkom om du vill ändra något i din beställning. Mvh Bengans Skivbutik ------------------------- Dear customer, The record company BMG has informed us that the red vinyl by Per Gessle En Vacker Natt is further delayed from the factory. New streetdate is planned at the end of May. As soon as we get it delivered, your order will be sent. If you have more items in the same order , they will be shipped separately. We apologize for this delay! Regards Bengans Webbshop

Last night, with Linnea.

Linnea Henriksson och Per Gessle framför Småstadsprat

Linnea Henriksson och Per Gessle framförde tillsammans låten Småstadsprat under galan Världens kväll för alla barn.

Oh yes, Per will be on Swedish TV4's Children's gala between 8-10 CET tonight.

Sooo, Per signed his new album, En vacker natt, at Bengans record store in Stockholm yesterday. There was quite a turn-up. Per signed from 1 to almost 3 when the line vanished. Per was in great spirits and joked away, signing the records in the wrong language, fought with spellings from hell etc. Bengans maybe could have arranged it nicer and the staff could have been less whiny, but apart from that and the cold from hell, it was a nice day!

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Billie och jag... voted together!

Top 21

This week the top 21 finalists are fighting for their spot in the competition and to get one step closer to a record label deal and 25.000 dollars.

Congratulations to Per Gessle - Number 1 on the Swedish iTunes Charts with En vacker natt!

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There are a few reviews of Per Gessle's new album - En vacker natt - appearing from various Swedish media outlets. You can read them on the links below: Expressen/Anders Nunstedt: Svenska Dagbladet: GöteborgPosten: DN.SE: And one from Norway! Dagsavisen

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There will be a 4 x 57 minutes radio show about Per Gessle's career on Radio Yle Vega in Finland "after midsummer". No exact dates or times known yet. The show will be in Swedish.

Here's the official press release about the brand new album (Out today in case you didn't know!) It includes a download link for the album cover, booklet and lyrics as well! Practice your Swedish! #EnVackerNatt Per Gessle

Två nya svenska soloalbum med Per Gessle: Personligt, poetiskt, eget

Länk till albumet En Vacker Natt som släpps idag:änk till pressbild, skivomslag och booklet: ...

Great! Per Gessle's new album - En vacker natt - is already number 3 on the Swedish iTunes chart! Get your copy here: You can also listen on Spotify:

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The brand new Per Gessle album - En vacker natt - is now out! We hope you love it as much as we do. Spotify below, or iTunes here: The review, again:

En vacker natt

En vacker natt, an album by Per Gessle on Spotify

Received a message from Bengans webshop, filed it under "soon": The red limited vinyl with Per Gessle is delayed from the factory and according to the label - we will receive it next week. As soon as we got it we will ship it to you. If you have more Per Gessle items in the same order , the whole order will be shipped together. I'm sorry for this delay. Kind regards Bengans Webshop

Listen up! Per Gessle was on #P4 earlier today, you can listen below! Per starts around 28:30... Enjoy!

Gessle tar inte livet för givet - P4 Extra

Per Gessle - artisten som har sålt 80 miljoner skivor med Gyllene Tider, Roxette och också som soloartist. Efter flera dödsfall i familjen ser han på livet ...

Please enjoy our review of En vacker natt. The first one in the world! :)

The Daily Roxette reviews En vacker natt

Tis time for another TDR round table review of a Roxette related release. This time it's the brand new Per Gessle album En vacker natt which will be released Friday April 28.

TDR reviews Per's new album En vacker natt tomorrow! Don't be late!

It's time to practice your Swedish again as Dagens Nyheter have published a fantastically-super incredibly-long interview with Per Gessle today!

Per Gessle har inget kvar att bevisa – mer än att han aldrig varit bättre - DN.SE

Vad gör man när man sålt 80 miljoner skivor och en del av karriären plötsligt tar tvärstopp, med inställd världsturné? Vad gör man när man blir ensam kvar


Per Gessle & Lars Winnerbäck - Småstadsprat (Official Video)

Official video for the single Småstadsprat (duet with Lars Winnerbäck) by Per Gessle. Download or stream: Order CD or vi...