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The musical "Halland Love Stories" will be performed at Teater Halland with music written by Per! Will be played during March 2 - May 15, 2018! / Team PG

Halland Love Stories – TEATER HALLAND

Om den där pirrande känslan som tar över allt. Värmen. Blickarna. Väntan vid telefonen och lusten som svämmar över. Känslan av att vara utvald, älskad och oövervinnerlig. När filmen plötsligt övergår i färg och soundtracket börjar. – Och om den stora förkrossande sorgen när allt ...

Don't miss out on ours truly's tweets! Some pics you might find only on Per Gessle's official Twitter account. ☝😉 /PP The REAL Per Gessle on Twitter:

HK Drott Halmstad

Per Gessle engagerar sig i HK Drott Det är med stolthet som vi berättar att Halmstadssonen Per Gessle har bestämt sig för att engagera sig i Drotts överlevnad. Per har skänkt lite Per Gessle-prylar som kommer att bli priser i vårt lotteri. Lotterna köper ni i Halmstad Arena eller via Swish: 1230310078 (märk inbetalningen ”GESSLE”). En lott kostar 20 SEK. Ni kör vi! Ps. Den digitala lotten som du köper via swish kommer att få samma lottnummer som ditt telefonnummer, även om du köper flera lotter.

HK Drott Halmstad is in economic crisis and they got help from Per Gessle who offered some stuff for HK Drott's lottery. One can buy a 20 SEK lottery ticket in Halmstad Arena or via Swish and win the following items: 1. Hotel Tylösand gift card 2. Signed book ”Texter, klotter & funderingar” 3. Signed book ”Songs, sketches & reflektions” 4. Signed CD ”En vacker natt” 5. Signed CD ”En vacker kväll” 6. Signed CD ”Roxette - Good Karma” 7. Signed CD ”Roxette - The 30 Biggest Hits” 8. Signed vinyl single ”Roxette - The Look (2015 Remake)” 9. Signed book ”Roxette - Den osannolika resan tur och retur” 10. Signed bok ”En vacker bok - Live sommaren 2017” The more lottery tickets you buy, the more money is raised for HK Drott's survival and the higher the chance is to win the above mentioned items. /PP Details about the lottery:

Read the English summary of the latest Per Gessle podcast interview in Framgångspodden! /PP

Practice your Swedish and listen to Per Gessle in a podcast interview, "Framgångspodden" by Alexander Pärleros! English summary comes later on RoxBlog. ;) /PP Listen to or download the podcast from here: (click on AVSNITT in the menu and you'll get the list with the podcast episode in it) Or listen here:

Med Johnte! Grymt. /P.

Per Gessle

Here's the full version of DET ÄR VI TILLSAMMANS from Hellenius Hörna. It was cut short during the broadcast due to COMMERCIALS. Cruel world. /P.

The power pop days. MP and me on guitars, MP on bass and the might Mike South on drums. Not bad. /P.


One of the best Gessle's vocal performances !!! A killer power pop song !!

Det var sommar nyss. /P.

Per Gessle interview Lokala Nyheter Halland 11-08-2017

Facebook Instragram Twitter

Fint. /P.


Having some fun w/ John Holm + the neighbourhood. En vacker kväll. Filmed by Awesome.

🎶 It's made out of steel if a heart is starting to rust 🎶💖 Check out the lyric video to Charla K's contest song co-written with Alex Shield & Per Gessle, "Stop The Music"! Which is your fave part of the lyrics? /PP More about the song here:

Fun to watch the video together with today's single release. Per Gessle & Lars Winnerbäck in Halmstad, 11 August 2017. Here you can see them performing not only "Honung och guld", but also "Småstadsprat". Svårt at toppa, as Per says at the end. What a wonderful night it was! 💞 /PP

Missed hearing Per Gessle live? No, no concert dates yet, but a new live release! Per singing Honung och guld with Lars Winnerbäck in Halmstad last year! B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.! We love such new music Fridays, don’t we? /PP Listen to the song here:

In a recent interview done by Songwriter Universe with Per Gessle, Mr. G tells: "In May this year I will release an English version of my Nashville recordings. It’s a very special album for me, including duets with some wonderful Nashville singers as well as Nick Lowe. He’s one of my big heroes." "...Yep, the Nashville album will pop up. And yes, there will most likely be an international tour to promote it. The road goes on forever." Woohoo!!!! So, album in May. Cool! Duet with Nick Lowe? Oh w.o.w.! International tour??? An even bigger oh w.o.w.! Who's in??? ✌ /PP Read the interview here:

Per Gessle performed at Globen last night... You guessed it... it was a corporate gig. /PP

WOW! /P.

Guy Clark with Karen Matheson - Dublin Blues

From Transatlantic Sessions series 1 (1995/6) guitar: Russ Barenberg dobro: Jerry Douglas bass: Travis Clark fiddle: Jay Ungar percussion: Jim Sutherland

Lots of luck, CK! Great song, great voice! /P.

Charla K to compete with a song co-written with Per Gessle

Charla K’s name probably sounds familiar to Per Gessle’s fans, because she was signed by Per’s record label, Space Station 12 and together with Alex Shield she also performed as support act to Per …

Have u heard the remix???


Thanx for all the BeeDay greetings! Appreciate you're thinking of me. Love, P.

Nice. Thanx. /P.


Don't worry....just dance!. 😊

The pointer! 👆😎 Are you following Per Gessle (@pergessle) on Instagram yet? ;) /PP

Holidays do you good. ;) Per Gessle's recent song comments are added to the set, in case you are into reading Mr. G's thoughts on songs, demos and other fun stuff. ✌ /PP

Truly amazing music! /P.

Sandy Mouche - Spiderweb Suit

Don't forget to vote for Per Gessle until 15th January! ;) /PP

Sunshine. /P.

Gold record. Thanx everyone for buying and/or listening! /P.

A nice memory from the mighty Seventeen! /P.


Having some fun w/ John Holm + the neighbourhood. En vacker kväll. Filmed by Awesome.

Have you sent us your answers yet? You still have time until 23:59 CET, 30th December 2017! ;) Details at the link below! /PP Contest details:

Small Town Talk. /P.

Per Gessle & Lars Winnerbäck - Småstadsprat (Official Video)

Official video for the single Småstadsprat (duet with Lars Winnerbäck) by Per Gessle. Download or stream: Order CD or vi...

Have you sent us your answers yet? You still have time until 23:59 CET, 30th December 2017! ;) Details at the link below! /PP Contest details:

Out of the blue, after 4 months break, a new episode of "Gessles nio i topp" podcast is made available on Swedish Radio! 9 songs no one believes Per Gessle likes! /PP Listen to or download it from here: