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Per Gessle – En vacker natt signing session tour

The release date of Per Gessle’s new album, En vacker natt is getting closer (28 April). Space Station 12 shared the complete list of the signing session tour stops. There are 14 places where you c…

The interview with #PerGessle is out! Check it at the link below! English summary comes later on RoxBlog. It’s a long long long long long interview. ;) Until then, practice your Swedish, look at those fab beach boogaloo pics and listen to the 20 country songs Per put on a playlist for :) /PP article: 20 country songs chosen by Per:

Dagens Nyheter-intervju. Publiceras imorgon. Och hallå, här kommer nya Småstadsprat-videon med av bara farten! Enjoy. /P.

Per Gessle har inget kvar att bevisa – mer än att han aldrig varit bättre - DN.SE

Space Station 12

Per Gessle åker på signgeringsturné! Missa inte när han kommer till din stad!

Read the English summary of Svenska Dagbladet's very personal interview with #PerGessle! /PP

Dagens Nyheter imorgon (tomorrow Friday April 21). Don't miss! /P.

So this is what #PerGessle's Tylösand Beach boogaloo was about a few weeks ago. Wacth the video at the link below! We can read more on on Friday! Can't wait! /PP Still is from this video:

Yet another #PerGessle signing session including some chitchat! Are you ready, Malmö? Per will sign his new album, "En vacker natt" at Folk å Rock on May 6. He will be there from 16:00 to 17:15 and Olle Berggren will do a little interview with him. Too cool! /PP Will you be there?

Yep, heading for great numbers. Thanx for listening! /P.

Space Station 12

Hope you all had a great easter holiday! We sure had one with Per's single Småstadsprat reaching 1 million streams on Spotify!

The Per Gessle Selection

Not really part of the Per Gessle Selection but..... this is ROCKET FUEL, a superb lager specially made for my record label SPACE STATION 12 by Krönleins Brewery in Halmstad. 1200 bottles, most of them are empty after the anniversary party last week.... /P.

Och..... ännu fler EN VACKER NATT-plattor behövde signeras. Tur man har kort namn! /P.

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Promodag i ett vintrigt Stockholm. Hann bl a med storstadskaffe, ostmacka och trevligt samtal med Jan Gradvall uppe på Sveriges Radio. Kommer strax i Gradvalls grymma POD! Enjoy. /P.

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#PerGessle will sign his new album, En vacker natt 1 day before its release at Bengans in Göteborg (Stigbergstorget 1)! Signing session starts at 19:00 on April 27. The album is out in 10 days btw, woohoo! /PP

#PerGessle is very much into surprise appearances lately. Now he sent a message to Jesper Blomqvist on the TV show Let’s Dance (TV4) where Jesper was dancing Jive with his partner last night to a Nirvana song, dressed up as Kurt Cobain. Per says in the message that he heard Jesper was listening more to Roxette than Nirvana when he grew up, but Per thinks he will do a fab dance as Kurt Cobain, because he’s got the look. Haha. Too cute! :) Jesper reacted on the surprise video on Aftonbladet. He said it was magical to get this message, because Per really was his idol and he greets Per in the video and says he hopes one day they will meet in person. Good luck, Jesper! ✌ /PP Stills are from Per’s greeting video (thanx Gaby for recording it!): Jesper’s reaction and greetings back: Jesper’s Jive as Kurt Cobain:

Congrats to #PerGessle for reaching 8k instafollowers! Who else is in love with the Anton Corbijn Nashville shots? When will the Tylösand beach boogaloo pics be out? And is it April 28 yet??? /PP Follow Per on Instagram (@pergessle) for more:

Have you heard? /P.

Per Gessle & Lars Winnerbäck ”Småstadsprat” Skavlan talk show 17-3-2017 Liric in swedish "Småstadsprat" Jag trodde inte att det var sant Att du kommit tillbaks med samma namn De...

Remember this one, folks? /P.

Per Gessle - Hey Mr. DJ (Won't You Play Another Love Song)

The official music video for "Hey Mr. DJ (Won't You Play Another Love Song)" by Per Gessle. Taken from the album Son Of A Plumber, released in 2005. Follow P...

En synnerligen trevlig kväl! /P.

Musikindustrin – MUSIKBOLAG Space Station 12 – mer än ett skäl att fira

Ett ettårsjubileum som firas med ett rejält kalas. Det tillhör numera inte vanligheterna. Men när Per Gessle dessutom strax är aktuell med eget nytt album valde han att fira även egna etiketten Space Station 12 med viss pompa då den jubilerade för första gången.

Meanwhile in Halmstad! Do you have your #PerGessle tickets yet? It's summer 🔜! ✌ /PP Get your tix here: Pic by Annie Heart.

A catchy one from the Son of a Plumber-days! Enjoy. /P.

Per Gessle - Jo-Anna Says

Music video by Son Of A Plumber performing Jo-Anna Says.

Yepp. Småstadsprat-video klar. Grymt cool. Kommer strax. /P. Translation: Voila. Småstadsprat-video clip signed, sealed and delivered. Very nice indeed. Out before you know it. /P.

Vad sägs om det här? How about this, folks? /P.

OHNONOTHIMAGEN! Blooper warning on this one.... /P.


Signing session Day Two. More vids to follow. Stay tuned. Have to charge the computer battery! /P.

Signing session - blooper #1.....

Hallelujah!! A new baby is born!!! /P.

4000 CDs have to be signed, folks! Wish me luck! /P.

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Are forks up the nose still fun? Could be! /P.

Per Gessle - Do You Wanna Be My Baby?

The official music video for "Do You Wanna Be My Baby?" by Per Gessle. Taken from the album The World According to Gessle, released in 1997. Follow Per Gessl...

Another Anton-pic from Nashville. Hey, I love that car!!!! /P.

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Anton Corbijn pic, shot in Nashville Oct 31, 2016. /P.

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Live Nation has published these three promo pictures of Per - check them out, they are great. The pictures are taken by Anton Corbijn.