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Per Gessle om förlusten och att låta musiken ta tid när nya skivan skulle göras - Kulturnytt i P4

I år ger Sveriges popnestor Per Gessle ut inte mindre än två skivor och har bjudit in flera artister att sjunga duetter. Men förutom samarbetena har hans ...

#PerGessle's 2nd Nashville-album, "En vacker dag" is out this Friday, 22 September! Listen to him in this short talk on Swedish Radio at the link below! You can even hear a little teaser from his duet with John Holm. /PP Listen here:

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Per and the Car. Photo by Anton Corbijn from the new album. Can anyone tell us what kind of car it is? It's NOT a VW.

Några trevliga timmar med Nicholas Strömstedt i gamla EMI Studios, Sthlm. /P.

On Friday (Sep 22) PART TWO of my Nashville adventure will be released. /P.

Per Gessle & Lars Winnerbäck - Småstadsprat (Live Skavlan)

Artist: Per Gessle & Lars Winnerbäck Title: Småstadsprat Written by: Per Gessle Lyrics: Jag trodde inte att det var sant Att du kommit tillbaks med samma nam...

Ringo, 77, alltid kul. Ny intervju! /P.

Ringo Starr on New LP, Future Deluxe Beatles Albums, McCartney

The Beatles drummer explains why he'll never retire and why 'Eight Days a Week' made him emotional

Psychedelic ending of "The Look" at #PerGessle's last "En vacker kväll" gig in Borgå, Finland! 🎸🤘🎸🤘🥁🤘🎹 Check it in the video at the link below! /PP Stills are from the video:

Lyssna o tyck! /P.

De nio bästa new wave låtarna från USA - Gessles nio i topp

En lista med låtar som kan dateras från sena sjuttiotalet i USA med uppkäftig, explosiv musik. Helt enkelt oförglömliga popklassiker som inspirerat många ...

Sanningen! /P.

Signing session EN VACKER DAG

At The BMG Office, Sthlm Sep 5, 2017

Remember this one? /P.

Per Gessle - Silly Really

Music video by Per Gessle performing Silly Really.

Great stuff, folks! /P.

Alex Shield / Charla K / I Love Sweden

Découvrez Alex Shield et Charla K dans cette double session tournée cet été à Stockholm

New CD + LP + eveything else out September 22. D-Day! /P.

Over 4.000.000 streams on Spotify. Thanx for listening! /P.

Per Gessle & Lars Winnerbäck - Småstadsprat (Official Video)

Official video for the single Småstadsprat (duet with Lars Winnerbäck) by Per Gessle. Download or stream: Order CD or vi...

The guy saved the best for last. #PerGessle in the last 8 seconds of this video recorded at this year's Autoropa Racing Days! /PP Stills are from the video (PG appears at 09:47):

I thought I would share the base video I shot & used for the thank you to #PerGessle & Co vid. Would be lovely to see some Uppsala short vids shot by Awesome on GessleHomeVids. Especially that of the "doobie doobie dum dah" part (bottom left corner). ;) /PP Stills are from the video: Thank you video:

Had some amazing months recording this. /P.

2005 - Per Gessle - Son Of A Plumber (No Logo)

Per Gessle Son Of A Plumber (Medley) 2005

Wow. Amazing music once again from Good Harvest. Check out this video. Time to breathe out a bit. /P.


En vacker dag. Releasedate Sep 22, 2017. Have fun!

Hold your horses! Watch this #PerGessle video recorded on his signing day at BMG! Isn't that green vinyl too hot??? 🔥💚 /PP Stills are from the VIDEO: Thanx so much Liza for filming & sharing!

The Daily Roxette

Speakin' of The Beacon... NYC 2012.

Are you following Space Station 12 on Instagram yet? Maybe you should? ;) Pics from #PerGessle's signing day today! /PP @spacestation12 on insta:

Another Sunday, another Gessles nio i topp! 📻 This time #PerGessle and Sven Lindström are talking about the 9 best new wave songs from the US. /PP Listen to the podcast or download it from here:

Photo of #PerGessle and one of his idols, John Holm by Jeanette Andersson. Per and John sing a duet on Mr. G's upcoming album, En vacker dag. Title of the song is Det är vi tillsammans. /PP

Short name. Thank God!

Signing EN VACKER DAG at the BMG Office, Sthlm Sep 5 2017. Filmed by Liza B.

Oh no not him agen! /P.

Signing session EN VACKER DAG

At The BMG Office, Sthlm Sep 5, 2017

Signed 3000 En vacker dag CD's + LP's today. Phew!!! Release Sep 22. Hope you'll like it! /P.

My Gosh, I've been in the studio w/ MP + Helena. Didn't see this until now. I am, as always, honoured by your endless love and affection. You're truly amazing all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my drawer full of vinyl singles!!! Luv, P.

En vacker sommar – thank you to Per Gessle & Co from the international friends!

21+1 concerts all around Sweden, taking a turn to Norway and Finland as well, 27 Per-penned songs played live in this or that form, 8 most talented musicians giving at least 120% energy each night …

Now's the time! /P.

Pre-order #PerGessle's upcoming album, "En vacker dag" at Bengans! /PP Here is the link to pre-order: Stills are from this video:

Per Gessle – En vacker kväll in Borgå, Finland – 26th August 2017 – #21

When the tour started 2 months ago, I knew that time would fly fast, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be flying THIS fast. The last ”En vacker kväll” concert was a festival show in Finland, at Popka…

Have fun! /P.

De nio bästa trummisarna i pophistorien - Gessles nio i topp

Per listar popvärldens nio bästa trummisar. Ett öronbedövande bra avsnitt i serien nio i topp

TOUR FINALE BORGÅ. Thanx everyone for coming to these 21 fab gigs. Some of the best months in my life! Had so much fun. Love this tour. Love this band. Love these crowds. Love these songs. See you soon again! /P. PS. More livevids @


Live Popkalaset, Borgå, Finland 26 aug 2017 Filmed by Awesome

TOUR FINALE! With love from us to you! Cheers, P & Co.