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DK EXPRESSIONS® on Instagram: “ROXETTE Live in SA. #raw #unedited #DKEXPphotography #dkexp...

“ROXETTE Live in SA. #raw #unedited #DKEXPphotography #dkexp #nikon #media #music #BigConcerts #instadaily #instapic #photography #picoftheday #vscosa…”

Inside today's venue in Johannesburg.

SEVVEN on Instagram: “Cool vibes at the #Roxette setup at the Dome.”

“Cool vibes at the #Roxette setup at the Dome.”

Recording the 'How Do You Do' music video - a short clip from 'Roxette Diaries'. (Audience recording from the premiere screening of the movie at the Way Out West festival on 14 August 2015.)

How do you do! ROXETTE DIARIES snippet video

The queue at Marie's signing session at NK Stockholm.

NKBokMusik on Instagram: “First in line all the way from Australia! Marie Fredriksson och Helena...

“First in line all the way from Australia! Marie Fredriksson och Helena von Zweigbergk kommer kl 13. Välkommen! #mariefredriksson #helenavonzweigbergk”

French DJ and producer Sebastien Drums seems to co-produce one of the songs from the forthcoming Roxette album.

Sebastien Drums on Instagram: “Finishing my new track with the sweedish famous group ROXETTE !...

“Finishing my new track with the sweedish famous group ROXETTE ! Some other summer ⚡️. #uad #studera800 #shadows hills .”

Some photos from the concert in Vaasa (15 August).

De lockade över 10000

Fredagens hav av skrikande tonårstjejer böts ut mot en lite mer mogen åldersgrupp. Slutsålt blev det inte, men succékonceptet fortsätter troligen ändå.

Marie in Vaasa this evening. Photo © Teresa Nurmioja

In today's P4 Extra there was a 5 minutes long telephone interview with Per about the Roxette Diaries movie. You can listen it on the link below.

180 timmar Roxette - P4 Halland

I helgen är det världspremiär för filmen Roxette Diaries, regisserad av Jonas Åkerlund, på Way Out West.

The four new South African dates are added to our tour plan page. We hope to add more dates for 2016 very soon! In the meantime, Vaasa is getting ready for the Roxette concert this Saturday. According to the organizers over 10000 tickets are sold for this day of the Wasa Open Air festival. The opening acts will be Frida Andersson and Alphaville. Photo © Sara Bergström


På fredag kommer Per Gessle till Way Out West för att närvara vid världspremiären av nya filmen Roxette Diaries, och han kommer svara på frågor från publike...

Some photos from the concert in Klaksvík yesterday.

Roxett á palli í Klaksvík í kvøld - her nakrar myndir - Norðlýsið

Loading out the equipment in Klaksvík.

Summar festivalurin

Nú bakkar trailarin við útgerðini hjá Roxette til stóra pallin. :)

Roxette will play in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands at the annual Summarfestivalur festival this Saturday. "The Greatest Name Ever" - article in the festival's newspaper.

Saturday Offtopic: a hard-to-beat fan project.

Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters Rockin1000 Official Video

1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy 1000 musicisti suonano Learn to Fly dei Foo Fighters per...

Did you wonder how the vocals of 'The Look (2015 Remake)' would sound combined with the original version?

'The Look' (88/15 demo mix - sample)

Demo mix of the 1988 instrument tracks with 2015 vocals.

Photos from Gothenburg (24 July) by Mikael Thor.

Roxette | Elegant Exposures

Images from Roxette's concert at Slottsskogsvallen in Gothenburg on July 24, 2015.

Two reviews of the concert in Rättvik the day before.

Roxette - starkt och skört på samma gång

Det är inte dunderhitsen Spending My Time eller Sleeping In My Car som påverkar mig mest under kvällen, utan duon som står på scenen i Dalhalla. De två...

Gaffa has some nice photos from Stockholm, as well. You can check them out on the link below.

Roxette - Sjöhistoriska, Stockholm, 150725 - Galleri

Jimmy Björkman -

Some photos from Stockholm (25 July) by Anna-Lena Ramsten.

Photo by Anna-Lena Ramsten

Roxette at Sjöhistoriska in Stockholm. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. <3

According to the figures published in newspapers, Roxette played in front of 57041 people in Sweden over the past four concerts. Kalmar, Fredriksskans - 14612 Halmstad, Örjans vall - 14697 Gothenburg, Slottsskogen - 15080 Stockholm, Sjöhistoriska museet - 13012

The fifty-eighth concert of the tour will take place in Rättvik at the Dalhalla tomorrow evening. Tickets:

Roxette in Stockholm (25 July). Photos © Viktor Wallström Find more great photos at:

Rainy day in Stockholm.

Daniel Helldén on Instagram: “Snart drar det igång.. O regnet ser ut att fortsätta....

“Snart drar det igång.. O regnet ser ut att fortsätta. #sjöhistoriska #konsert #roxette @jennyhellden”

''Popparty of the year'' - the cover of today's Göteborgs-Posten.

A concert review in Göteborgs-Posten. 3 out of 5 because of "the laid-back drummer" and "some unknown songs" played.

Roxette | Slottsskogsvallen, fredag

Strax efter nio kommer en krasch boom bang och vi kickar igång med Sleeping in my car. En halv sekund in i den står det klart vilken kategorisering ja

Some photos from the concert in Gothenburg tonight.

2015-07-24 - Roxette at Slottskogsvallen

Rockfotos bilder från Roxette, Slottskogsvallen (Göteborg). Se bilder, beställ hem printar och diskutera spelningen.

'The Big L.' in Gothenburg.

Lena Landberg on Instagram: “Roxette levererar #roxette#sweden#gotenborg#party”

“Roxette levererar #roxette#sweden#gotenborg#party”

The 'Roxette Diaries' movie is hitting the news worldwide. ''Sweden’s Way Out West Festival (Aug 13-15) will include the world premiere of Jonas Akerlund’s Roxette Diaries, about one of Sweden’s most popular bands. “They are one of the biggest bands to come out of Sweden, and this film shows them in a new light. It was filmed during their tours from 1988 to 1995, and of course with Jonas Akerlund directing, it has a real art feel to it, he’s very brave with this material,” Svante Tidholm, Way Out West’s Head of Film Programming told Screen.'' - Screen Daily

Way Out West to host Jonas Akerlund world premiere

Festival’s world premieres include Roxette Diaries, Taikon, Odidliga and Drottinglandet.

World premier of the 'Roxette Diaries' at the Way Out West 2015 festival! “Everything (and more) happened to Roxette between 1986 and 1995. This was the era where a videocamera wasn’t something you saw every day. The technical quality you would get was so-so but today I’m really happy we covered hundreds of hours of film from there magic years. The ambition was to shoot everything. Studio-sessions, back-stage-parties, rehearsals. My wife, Åsa, was the commander-in-chief when it came to capture promo- and TV-shows as well as the extensive touring all over the world. All in all I gave about 180 Hi-8/VHS-tapes to director Jonas Åkerlund and asked him if he and his team could do something special with it. Maybe create a movie that captured the spirit of Roxette in the early days as well as being honest, silly and fun to watch. Hey, I think they succeeded. Enjoy the Roxette Diaries.” – Per Gessle Directed by: Jonas Åkerlund Runtime: 90 minutes Language: Swedish/English with English subtitles

'Everyone Loves Roxxxette' - fan interviews in Hallandsposten.

Alla älskar Roxxxette

Spänningen är stor när Roxette åter ska upp på scen i Halmstad.

The supporting acts tonight are Mariette Hansson (from Harplinge) and Eskobar.

@frederikz on Instagram: “Special guest tonight! #eskobar #mariette #roxette #roxettexxx”

“Special guest tonight! #eskobar #mariette #roxette #roxettexxx”