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Only two weeks are left until "Good Karma" will be released. Below you can find a teaser about the forthcoming album: "On July 8 1986 a newly formed pop duo called Roxette released their debut single ”Neverending Love”, kicking off a pop circus rarely to be repeated. 30 years later the band can look back on a career that has resulted in four US #1 singles, more Top 10 hits than we can mention here, a staggering 75 million records sold and numerous world tours that has given them diehard fans all over the globe. But despite having earned the right to look back on three decades of success, Roxette still looks straight into the future - for example by joining forces with innovative Swedish producer duo Addeboy vs Cliff. ”Good Karma”- Roxette’s tenth studio album since their debut ”Pearls Of Passion” in 1986 - is their third album since they came back on the scene in 2009, following seven long years of inactivity while Marie Fredriksson successfully defeated an almost fatal brain tumour. And once again she gets the chance to show why “Roxers” all over the world gets misty-eyed whenever she sings. Comparing with its immediate predecessors ”Charm School” (2011) and ”Travelling” (2012), ”Good Karma” is a more coherent album with all the songs being written specifically for this album. - ”Charm School” was a way for us to see what we could do after the long break. And “Travelling” was a tour album of sorts, where we wanted to capture the feeling of a band on the road. In both cases the result was a mix of new material and stuff I dug up from the vault, Roxette’s chief songwriter Per Gessle says. - But ”Good Karma” was a different project from the start, with the goal being to make an updated album while at the same time leaning against a classic Roxette tradition. That’s why all the songs were written especially for this album. And listening to it, it’s pretty obvious that it’s is a more coherent production. Which means that ”Good Karma” sounds like a solid Roxette album with a mix of ballads giving Marie the opportunity to shine, while Gessle lets his raspberry flavoured bubblegum hits pop up when given the chance. But this time a large portion of the material is also treated to a slight electronic chock in the process. Unexpected cooperations - This is mostly due to the new constellation of producers. Ever since Roxette started, Clarence Öfwerman has been the group’s keyboardist and main producer, adding his flavour with the kind of melodic piano figures that gives many of the group’s biggest hits their special character. Together with the multitalented Christoffer Lundqvist (who besides programming and mixing also plays numerous instruments), Öfwerman forms Roxette’s core producing team since the late 90’s. Now add Swedish producer duo Addeboy vs Cliff, who has coproduced four songs and co-written three, and you’ve got an interesting setup of different musical backgrounds and methods. - The interesting thing in the cooperation with producers and songwriters that are much younger than us is that we complement each other by thinking quite different, Per Gessle says. - In Roxette we’ve always been very keen on fine-tuning a lot of details in the music; small things that could be added in the second verse only, a flow of details to spice up the overall sound and make a song more interesting to listen to as you discover new things. - But that’s not the way you produce contemporary electronic pop and dance music, so there was an interesting mix of cultures to start with. And together we created a nice hybrid that has made quite an impact on our sound. The recharged atmosphere is notable already in the album’s opening track ”Why Dontcha?”, a fast-talking power popster driven by Per’s acoustic guitar, a primitive drum machine and Christoffer Lundqvist’s debut as a honking saxophone player. The first single ”It Just Happens” follows, a melodic ballad with Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle trading vocals in classic Roxette manner. The band keeps digging in its musical past with the album’s title track, a restrained power rocker with Marie on lead vocals while frail piano figures meets the most out-and-out rock guitar sound since 1989. - Nobody does things like that anymore, smiles Per Gessle. That’s why you can’t resist doing it. The playfulness continues one ”This One”, equipped with a chorus that sticks in your memory in a way that explains why Roxette are still on radio playlists all over the world. Pop sensibility might be the word. And it feels as present now as on ”Pearls Of Passion” 30 years ago. Roxette’s tenth album offers eleven varied songs, where you never really can guess what’s up next. For example, the two Addeboy vs Cliff-cooperations ”You Make It Sound So Simple” and ”From A Distance” wraps up Per’s and Marie’s voices in an atmospheric electronic universe that feels new and familiar at the same time. And while ”Some Other Summer” is elbowing it’s way ahead with all the self confidence of a natural summer pop hit, ”Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?” peels off almost every musical layer until only Marie’s melancholic voice and yet another one of these haunting Roxette melodies remains. Addeboy vs Cliff returns in the album’s possibly most extreme experiment, the pattering electronic popster ”20 BPM”, before the closing ”April Clouds” looks inwards again. With the final lyric line ”I wish you the best” Marie Fredriksson wraps up a comeback album that definitely is here and now. And if Marie Fredriksson is to be believed, “Good Karma” is the best album Roxette has made. So far."

The music video of "It Just Happens"!

Roxette – It Just Happens (Official Music Video)

“It Just Happens” is the first single from the brand new Roxette album “Good Karma” out June 3rd 2016. Listen to “It Just Happens”:

Full page advertisement of 'Good Karma' on the back cover of the music magazine Classic Pop.

Instagram photo by Sophie Seymour • May 16, 2016 at 1:58pm UTC

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The rear cover of "Good Karma" - with correct aspect ratio.

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There will be a limited edition vinyl version of "Good Karma" released besides the CD and standard vinyl versions. It will have an orange-coloured disc and will include a poster, as well. Source:§ion=vinyl

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Taken on 23 March 2016.

Roxette Cafe's cover photo

The forthcoming album "Good Karma" will be 38 minutes long. 1 Why Dontcha? - 2:45 2 It Just Happens - 3:46 3 Good Karma - 3:19 4 This One - 3:11 5 You Make It Sound So Simple - 3:42 6 From A Distance - 3:30 7 Some Other Summer - 3:08 8 Why Don't You Bring Me Flowers? - 3:32 9 You Can't Do This To Me Anymore - 3:50 10 20 BPM - 3:48 11 April Clouds - 3:29

"It Just Happens" got 3 pluses from Aftonbladet.

Roxette överraskande starka - Nöjesbladets Musikblogg

Roxette. Skivrecension. It just happens.

The tracklist of "Good Karma": 1. Why Don’tcha? 2. It Just Happens 3. Good Karma 4. This One 5. You Make It Sound So Simple 6. From a Distance 7. Some Other Summer 8. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? 9. You Can’t Do This to Me Anymore 10. 20 bpm 11. April Clouds

News about the forthcoming single and album on the website of the Warner Music Group: New Single and Album from Swedish Icons Roxette Roxette are back with a new power ballad “It Just Happens,” the lead single from their forthcoming tenth studio album Good Karma. “It Just Happens” will be released worldwide on Friday, 8th April and Good Karma will be released worldwide on Friday, 3rd June. The single and album are the first to be released under a new global deal between the band and Warner Music Group. “It Just Happens” revisits that mighty and classic Roxette sound with an updated twist in a melodically strong and musically interesting ballad with Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle seamlessly taking turns as lead singers. Per Gessle says: “For the new record, we wanted to combine our classic Roxette sound with a modern and slightly unpredictable production to create a soundscape where you would both recognise our sound and find something new.” The band was formed in 1986 and first shot to international success with their single “The Look,” which topped the Billboard charts in the US in 1989. The band went on to top the US charts three more times with “Listen To Your Heart,” “It Must Have Been Love” and “Joyride.” They also had a string of top ten hits including “Dressed For Success,” “Dangerous,” “How Do You Do!,” “Fading Like A Flower” and “Sleeping In My Car.” Roxette continued to enjoy commercial success and during a hiatus in the 2000s both Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson released solo material. The band’s last album, Travelling, was a top 10 hit in several European markets including Germany and Sweden in 2012. Jonas Siljemark, President, Warner Music Nordics, says: “Roxette are one of the most high-profile Swedish artists of all time. The band has even been decorated by the King of Sweden for their national and international achievements. They have continued to develop and grow as artists and are now back with an incredible feel good song and forthcoming album that we are proud to back all the way.”

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Press release about "It Just Happens" in Swedish. ''Roxette is back with new single "It Just Happens" released tomorrow, April 8, a powerful and haunting ballad that paves the way for the band's tenth album "Good Karma".''

Roxette tillbaka med ny superballad imorgon: "It Just Happens"

Roxette är tillbaka med nya singeln ”It Just Happens”, en mäktig och efterhängsen ballad som banar vägen för bandets tionde album ”Good Karma”.

"It Just Happens" got 3 bees from Expressen's Anders Nunstedt.

Recension: Så låter Roxettes nya singelcomeback ”It just happens” | Anders Nunstedt | Expressen...

Marie på balladpallen i Borgholm i somras. (Foto: Sven Lindwall) SINGEL Roxette ”It just happens” Genre: Pop Släpps först på fredag. Men googla. Plötsligt händer det bara. Utan någon...

Update: the track is not available anymore on SoundCloud.

It Just Happens

Listen to It Just Happens by Roxette #np on #SoundCloud

According to some unofficial information, Roxette's brand new single "It Just Happens" will be released on 8 April. Below you can see the possible CD cover.

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Roxette Diaries is to hit the big screen in Estonia on 22 April.

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"A few days ago (7 March), Roxette Diaries [...] benefited from a day-and-date release via electronic sell-through, transactional VoD and DVD on demand in 72 territories in North America, Latin America, mainland Europe and Russia/CIS. The release will continue on 21 March in Asia, Australia, Brazil and South Africa."

Swedish pop duo Roxette on a digital tour around the world

10/03/2016 - LevelK is orchestrating the international day-and-date digital release of Jonas Åkerlund's music documentary Roxette Diaries, which is already available in 72 territories

'Roxette Diaries' is available (in a good number of countries) on iTunes with English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, and Norwegian subtitles.

Roxette Diaries on iTunes

Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Roxette Diaries directed by Jonas Åkerlund for £5.49.

If you happen to be in one of the Nordic countries you can rent 'Roxette Diaries' online at SF Anytime.

Roxette Diaries

En film av Jonas Åkerlund om Sveriges största musikexport på 80-90 talet - Roxette! För Roxette hände allt (och mer) mellan åren 1986 och 1995. Hundratals timmar film spelades in under de magiska åren och ambitionen var att fånga

The song 'Joyride' was released 25 years ago today.

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'Roxette Diaries' appeared as a soon-to-be-available paid content on YouTube for Australian and Canadian users.

Roxette Diaries

Everything (and more) happened to Roxette between 1986 and 1995. Hundreds of hours of film was recorded during the magic years and the ambition was to captur...

The rear cover of the 'Roxette Diaries' DVD.

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21 years ago today.

Roxette - Almost Unreal (Live in Beijing, Workers' Indoor Arena, 19 February, 1995)

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According to our database, Roxette played 206 concerts in 145 cities of 49 countries since 31 December 2010. The 'Top 5' countries by the number of concerts are: Germany - 25, Australia - 19, Russia - 17, South Africa - 15, Brazil and Norway - 10.

The cover of LevelK's magazine for the Berlin International Film Festival 2016.

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The company LevelK is at one of the most important international film festivals, the Berlinale to introduce their new line-up, with a highlight on 'Roxette Diaries'.

LevelK Film Sales on Twitter

“@LevelKfilm ready for #EFM introducing new titles as the Swedish Pop Docu 'Roxette Diaries' #Berlinale2016”

Roxette live in Cape Town (7 February). More photos can be found at: © Nardus Engelbrecht / Channel24

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View from the stage in Port Elizabeth.

Howie Combrink on Instagram: “Showtime @watershedmusicofficial #roxette #roxettexxxtour...

“Showtime @watershedmusicofficial #roxette #roxettexxxtour #roxetteontour #bigconcerts #portelozabeth”

At the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 30 minutes ago. Photo © Johann Potgieter /

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Next stop: Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium (Outer Fields), Port Elizabeth.

George Byron on Instagram: “No soccer or rugby on menu at NMB Stadium for a while. The musicians...

“No soccer or rugby on menu at NMB Stadium for a while. The musicians have taken over #roxette #nmbstadium #music #musicians”

Marie in Durban tonight.

Big Concerts

Durban! Marie Fredriksson wants to know, How Do You Do? #RoxetteDBN #30thAnniversaryTour

DK EXPRESSIONS® on Instagram: “ROXETTE Live in SA. #raw #unedited #DKEXPphotography #dkexp...

“ROXETTE Live in SA. #raw #unedited #DKEXPphotography #dkexp #nikon #media #music #BigConcerts #instadaily #instapic #photography #picoftheday #vscosa…”

Inside today's venue in Johannesburg.

SEVVEN on Instagram: “Cool vibes at the #Roxette setup at the Dome.”

“Cool vibes at the #Roxette setup at the Dome.”