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New week, new release. 'Down By The Riverside (DJ Antonio Remix)' by Mono Mind is expected to be released soon.

An 'extended version' of Mono Mind's Mind Control is set to be digitally released tomorrow. The release will contain the 18 tracks of the vinyl in digital format. (Available after your local midnight).

Mono Mind - Shelter From the Storm (snippet)

Shelter From the Storm (snippet)

Listen to Shelter From the Storm (snippet) by Roxette Cafe #np on #SoundCloud

On the links below you can listen to Mono Mind's debut album: Mind Control. Spotify: Deezer: Further options:

Mono Mind: Mind Control - Music Streaming - Listen on Deezer

Mind Control by Mono Mind - Year of production 2019

Some more details about the Mono Mind concept: "I came up with the names pretty quickly, they all allude to someone or something from the pop history. Bright Jones plays on Brian Jones (Rolling Stones), Rain Davies on Ray Davies (The Kinks) and Dr Robot on The Beatles song "Doctor Robert"." "The voice is handmade using computer, it did not sound like that when I sang the songs. We have not used vocoders and such gadgets. Everything is created using different computer programs where I sang the songs in the wrong notes and in strange octaves, then we have stretched and bound in the vowels and consonants to create the voice and the phrasings." Source: Photos © Stina Stjernkvist/TT

Photos from Roxette Cafe's post

According to various sources the 2-LP version of "Mind Control", Mono Mind's first full-length album, will have two additional tracks: "Shelter from the Storm" and "Have Another Go". The album is described as a set of 18 vintage pop, electronica and ambient music songs.

Mono Mind is to release a 16-track album titled "Mind Control" on 12 January 2019! The album will be available on CD and double vinyl LP and as digital download. Tracklist: 1 Away Away Away - 0:52 2 In Control - 4:24 3 LaLaLove - 3:24 4 Down by the Riverside - 3:12 5 Best Way to Travel (Bridge & Mountain Remix) - 3:19 6 I Found My Soul At Marvingate (Sofa Tunes Remix) - 3:35 7 Tell Him I Said Hi! - 4:28 8 Message of Love - 3:26 9 Sugar Rush - 3:52 10 Stranger on a Bus - 3:29 11 Mile-Melter - 2:24 12 Save Me a Place (Bridge & Mountain Remix) - 3:24 13 Love Is Loud - 3:19 14 Lap Dancing - 0:57 15 Couldn't Believe My Luck - 3:44 16 The Forever Waltz - 2:07

'80s Symphonic', an album which combines the original tracks of 15 iconic 80s songs from Roxette, David Bowie, a-ha, Foreigner, Simple Minds, Simply Red, Tina Turner, Pretenders, Ultravox and more with brand new symphonic and string arrangements performed by the 50-piece London Studio Orchestra was released today. Listen to the remake of 'It Must Have Been Love' below.

It Must Have Been Love - Symphonic Version

It Must Have Been Love - Symphonic Version, a song by Roxette on Spotify

A new Mono Mind EP, including remixes of 'LaLaLove' by DJ Kue and Stash Konig is to be released in the close future.

Some great photos of PG & Co from Moscow can be found on the link below:

Some photos from the debut concert of Per Gessle's Roxette in Prague (7 October 2018). You can also find a review of the concert on the link below:

FOTOGALERIE: Per Gessle's Roxette potěšili své nejvěrnější ve Foru Karlín

Per Gessle přijel propagovat své novinkové album "Small Town Talk", ze kterého zazněly nakonec jen dvě skladby. Publikum samozřejmě přišlo hlavně na skladby Roxette a těch se jim, kolikrát v netradičních úpravách, dostalo vrchovatě. Byl to velmi zábavný večírek, který zárove....

From the "Room Service Tour '01" disc of Boxette.

Roxette - You Don't Understand Me - Box 2018

Look Sharp! 30th anniversary box - front/rear cover.

Photos from Roxette Cafe's post

Listen to Per Gessle's new album "Small Town Talk". Deezer: Google Play: iTunes:

Per Gessle: Small Town Talk - Music Streaming - Listen on Deezer

Small Town Talk by Per Gessle - Year of production 2018

"Sweden-based Mono Mind starts at No. 39 on Dance/Mix Show Airplay with 'LaLaLove,' the conglomerate’s third chart hit. The act, described on its website as 'a musical laboratory where everything is possible,' scored a No. 2 peak on the Nov. 11, 2017 chart with 'Save Me a Place' and reached No. 15 on April 21, 2018 with 'I Found My Soul at Marvingate.'"

Listen to Per Gessle's new single "Being with You".

"Listen to Your Heart" and "Wish I Could Fly" unplugged live on Estúdio Ao Vivo Transamérica.


Confira com exclusividade um trecho da passagem da banda Roxette, sucesso nos anos 80 e 90, pelo Estúdio Ao Vivo Transamérica em 8 de junho de 1990.

You can watch Mono Mind's new music video on MTV's website.

"LaLaLove" por Mono Mind | Video de música | MTV España

Mira "LaLaLove" y más vídeos de música de Mono Mind en MTV España 

It seems like a live action music video is coming very soon for Mono Mind's "LaLaLove".

Report on Euromaxx about the Per Gessle's Roxette tour. (In English, skip to 9:00 in the video.)

Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe | DW | 01.08.2018

Island dreams: a trip to the Lesser Antilles, Caribbean islands with a European flair. Plus: Roxette singer Per Gessle gets ready for a solo tour. And: beauty with a difference, a photo series about imperfect people.

Marie in March 1989. Photo © Jack Mikrut

Photos from Roxette Cafe's post

Dangerous Demos

Listen to Dangerous Demos by Roxette Cafe #np on #SoundCloud

According to a Hungarian retailer, the release date of "Look Sharp! (30th Anniversary Edition)" is 5 October 2018. Expected prices: Vinyl LP version - ~14 EUR Vinyl LP + CD + DVD version - ~30 EUR

Roxette - Boxette (DVD box) DVD1 SWEDEN LIVE ’88 & LOOK SHARP ’89 DVD2 LIVE-ISM ’91 DVD3 CRASH!BOOM!BANG!LIVE! ’95 DVD4 ROOM SERVICE TOUR ’01 Warner Music Sweden are proud to announce the release of ROXETTE - Boxette a 4 DVD compilation set of live concerts from the Swedish pop duo from 1988 to 2001. Never before released on DVD the set contains a previously unreleased concert from the Globen Arena, Stockholm in 2001. The 4 DVD collection will be housed in a hardcover book with a 24 page booklet with new Interviews including one with founder member Per Gessle: 1. Sweden Live ‘88 / Look Sharp Live ‘89 2. Live-Ism ‘91 3. Crash!Boom!Bang!Live! ‘95 4. Room Service Tour! ‘01 Sweden Live ‘88 filmed at Himmelstalundshallen in Norrköping, Sweden on 16 December 1988. Look Sharp Live ‘89 filmed at two concerts at Borgholm Castle on the Swedish Baltic Sea island of Öland on 25/26 July 1989. Live-Ism ‘91 from the ‘Join the Joyride! Tour’ performance at Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia on 13 December 1991. Crash!Boom!Bang!Live! ‘95 from the tour of the same name recorded on 14 January 1995 at Ellis Park Johannesburg, South Africa. Room Service Tour! previously unreleased concert recording from the Globen Arena Stockholm on 16 November 2001.

Roxette - Look Sharp! (30th Anniversary Edition) "Originally released in October 1988 Look Sharp! was Swedish pop duo Roxette breakthrough album going platinum across many territories. Look Sharp! 30th Anniversary Edition celebrates this milestone album which contained two singles that reached number 1 in the US The Look and Listen To Your Heart as well as topping the charts across Europe and beyond. Lavishly packaged in a classic LP sized box includes the original vinyl album, a 21-track CD with Per Gessle’s demos and rarities plus a DVD of Per’s hour-long “home movie” from the recordings taking fans behind the scenes and into the studio work. There is also a richly illustrated booklet, featuring track by track interviews with Per Gessle as well as Marie Fredriksson, Clarence Ofwerman, Anders Herrlin, Mats “MP” Persson and Alar Suurna, who offer insights and memories from the recordings along with never before published photos from Pers personal collection." DISC #1 - The original album 1 - The Look 2 - Dressed For Success 3 - Sleeping Single 4 - Paint 5 - Dance Away 6 - Cry 7 - Chances 8 - Dangerous 9 - Half A Woman, Half A Shadow 10 - View From A Hill 11 - Shadow Of A Doubt 12 - Listen To Your Heart DISC #2 - The demos 1 - The Look (T&A Demo - Mar 30, 1988) 2 - Dressed For Success (T&A Demo - May 20, 1987) 3 - Dressed For Success (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987) 4 - Sleeping Single (T&A Demo - May 22, 1987) 5 - Sleeping Single (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987) 6 - Paint (T&A Demo -April 28, 1988) 7 - Dance Away (T&A Demo - Feb 9, 1988) 8 - Cry (T&A Demo – Feb 9, 1988) 9 - Chances (T&A Demo - Nov 24, 1987) 10 - Dangerous (acoustic version) (T&A Demo – Feb 25, 1987) 11 - Dangerous (EMI Demo - Sep 26+30, 1987) 12 - View From A Hill (T&A Demo – Nov 17, 1987) 13 - (I Could Never) Give You Up (T&A Demo - Dec 18, 1987) 14 - Shadow Of A Doubt (T&A Demo - Feb 9, 1988) 15 - Listen To Your Heart (T&A Demo - May 9, 1988) 16 - From Head To Toe (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987) 17 - Never Is A Long Time (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987) 18 - (I Could Never) Give You Up (Bonus-track Look Sharp! CD) 19 - The Voice (B-side Dressed For Success-single) 20 - One Is Such A Lonely Number (B-side The Big L-single) 21 - Don’t Believe In Accidents (B-side Run To You-single)

According to some sources, on 31 August a new Roxette release will come titled "Look Sharp! The Demos + Outtakes"! As soon as we find more information we will update this post.

Bingo Players, a Dutch dance and electro house project fronted by Maarten Hoogstraten released a new single called 'Love Me Right' last Friday. The song is based on Roxette's 'Paint' and Per Gessle is credited as its writer.

Bingo Players - Love Me Right (Official Audio)

An ultimate summer gem delivered here by Bingo Players! Touching on classic vocal house, 'Love Me Right' is a true firestarter with its filtered grooves and ...

Track lengths on "Small Town Talk": 1 There's a Place - 03:18 2 The Finest Prize (feat. Helena Josefsson) - 04:11 3 Small Town Talk (feat. Nick Lowe) - 03:39 4 Simple Sound - 03:44 5 Far Too Close (feat. Savannah Church) - 04:37 6 Hold on My Heart (feat. Helena Josefsson) - 03:47 7 No One Makes It on Her Own (feat. Helena Josefsson) - 03:49 8 Being with You - 03:36 9 It Came Too Fast - 03:45 10 Name You Beautiful (feat. Helena Josefsson) - 03:54 11 For the First Time (feat. Helena Josefsson) - 04:17 12 One of These Days - 03:59 13 Rudy & Me (feat. Jessica S) - 05:05

Photo © Micael Engström

Mono Mind's new song "La La Love" is expected to be released this Friday. There will also be a remix of the song by the French DJ and producer Hugel.

While it seems that the release date of "The Finest Prize" was postponed, you can already buy it for example on Google Play or 7digital.