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Went to Roger Waters’ The Wall at Madison Square! I’m probably the only person alive who haven’t heard that Pink Floyd-album before and…… it’s not for me. Great popcorn, though.

Why not drop by the all new forum at

Great Anton Corbijn exhibition starting today in NYC. Fab new pics. He’s just the best!

Had just prepared for the mastering of the new Rox-album when Chris decides to improve one of the mixes. He’s such an artistic guy!

Thanx for the super-duper-
overwhelming response re the upcoming tour. Let’s find a proper setlist!!!

Looks like we’re going on tour!

[News] Roxette goes on world tour

First Roxette tour date published by Live Nation: Bergen, Norway on June 9, 2011. More expected today!

Roxette Konsertbilletter – Bergenhus Festning Bergen, Norge

Kjøp billetter til Roxette på Bergenhus Festning den 09.06.2011 00:00:00 på Søk etter konsertbilletter, turnédatoer og spillesteder i ditt område med verdens største konsertsøkemotor

Tons of cool stuff at jolly

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Snuten kom och tog mitt hembränt sånt hände aldrig Rembrandt

Sorry folks, no Rox news until tomorrow 10 a.m. due to things out of our control. We still love you, though.

Album running order finally done. Important stuff, so you won’t fall asleep listening.

Chess? A tough game!

Aaaah Halloween. Who should I be? A priest, a nun, someone from Family Guy or just a local dealer?

Just got hold of Keith Richards “Life”. Mesmerizing!

I’m off to master the new Rox-album in NYC. In stereo, maybe?

Live albums that used to be good (and still is): THE WHO LIVE AT LEEDS + GET YER YA-YA’S OUT + 4 WAY STREET + DAVID LIVE + DYLAN AT THE PHILHARMONIC HALL 1964 + MADE IN JAPAN (hehehe). Agree on this?

Rumour has it that Chris is mixing the last 2 Rox-songs alone due to Ronny’s leg extravaganza last weekend. Could be.

[News] “Roxette announcement” expected on November 2

Looks like there will be some kind of Rox announcement on Nov 2! Stay tuned!

Roxette in the studio + live home vids + hot pics can be found at

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Paint me right

On a good day: A fantastic band!

Got some more demo-recordings with MP coming up. We like that!

A girl stopped me on the street today and asked me: -“Who’s your favourite artist?” My answer came quickly… Nick Lowe. Not bad, eh?

Best song ever?

Aaah The World of Formula One. Exciting, isn’t it? Nice to have Alonso on top!

Shit happens….. our mixing engineer Ronny broke his foot in 3 places last night. Slippery at the disco, or what?

Saw SOLITARY MAN on DVD last nite. Michael Douglas is, as always, great but the movie isn’t!! Poor editing/sloppy script made me feel bad. Boring.

Song Of The Day:

255 (!!!) Roxette Home Vids available on Snowfish. The weekend’s booked!

Per Gessle – Snowfish


3 hot new Rox vids for your eyes only at SNOWFISH!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

It was kinda cold that night

Done in the studio now w/ the Rox Project. Three days of mixing left, then mastering in NYC, then your iPod!

Greetings from the bunker in Skåne. Just had pasta w/salami, 3 cats on the table, too warm Crozes-Hermitage. Clarence is doing the dishes!