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Song of the day: Midnight rider. The Allman Brothers. The best.

Ran into Steve Buscemi the other day. Guess it was someone’s birthday since people around him were singing!

[News] Per tells TDR that he and Marie are “thrilled” with what’s to come in 2011

Playing McCartney’s “Ram”. His best album.

Yes, the Rox live concert on Nordic Rox on New Ywar’s Eve was the same as the Charm School Deluxe one. Now you know.

Doobidoo. Just rehearsed Watercolours in the rain. Fab song and I, for once, like my lyrics. And Marie is such an underrated songwriter!

Great to read and hear that everyone loves the new single!!! Cheers, P.

Had a splendid time yesterday in W. So pleased Chris didn’t bring his wig since it was pretty windy up there. Btw, thanx for singing along. The band was great, don’t you think?

Happy new year everyone! Plane leaves for Warszaw in a minute. Ndxt year will be soooo cool! Cheers, P.

[News] Warsaw New Year’s show to be broadcasted on Radio ZET tonight

[News] Brazilian site jumps the gun and puts single on sale over one week early

[News] In Memorium: Longtime Canadian fan Cory Mistysyn, 32

Oh yeah. The video is getting there.

Finished the Best of 2010 Countdown on Nordic Rox (Sirius XM) with Mr Lindström. Teddybears’ Rocket Scientist on top. Adiam Dymott runner-up. It has been a so-so year for Swedish Pop in my opinion.

Just realized that badminton is my game.

Springtime around the corner. Only -12 C today!!

Just got hold of the first version of the She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)-video clip. Promising.

Wonder what happened to that guitar? Maybe it’s on the wall at the mighty Hotel Tylösand? A clue, anyone?

Deep down I think “Theme from Roberta Right” should’ve been on the Party Crash-album. We all make mistakes. However, it’s on iTunes.

Alison Krauss’ Crazy Faith. Such a beautiful song. Almost forgot her. Where did she go?

Checkin’ out the new homesite while listening to The Monkees’ Daydream Believer. Oh my.

[News] re-done


/::/ Roxette /::/


Watched the Let It Be-movie on DVD last night (don’t ask me how I got hold of it!). Haven’t seen it since 1970. Fascinating. And John plays fab guitar!!

Always loved this: First three albums are fab!!!!

Kinect. Made for me.

The lyrics out! If you wanna singalong to a song you haven’t heard yet check this out:

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[News] Exclusive for TDR’s readers, courtesy of Per Gessle

The Cardigans’ Long Gone Before Daylight is still one the best Swedish records ever made.

Packing the xmas presents listening to the Sonics and Mark Ronson. Happy today cos I found my Nick the Knife-LP!!!! Life’s good.