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GOTHENBURG – After having traveled more than 1360 km (850 miles) to and from Gothenburg, after having experienced one of the better Roxette concerts I’ve seen and after having gotten the Vanilla Coke-fix taken care of by The Daily Roxette’s German correspondent this reporter is now back in his chair sorting through photos and impressions (and McDonald’s Coke glasses)…

Rain was falling, or threatening to fall, over Gothenburg all weekend but when Roxette walked onto stage, it stopped raining. This is what is called the “Gyllene Tider effect” after Gyllene’s amazing 1996 tour where it stopped raining when Gyllene started playing at every concert. The summer of 1996 was very rainy in Sweden otherwise. Three members of Gyllene were present – Per, MP and Fritte, apparently that was enough.

The concert started with a minute of silence for the victims in the horrible Norwegian terror attack. It was a very intense minute where 22,000 people stood in total silence for a minute. While 22,000 means it was sold out it didn’t break the attendance record for the venue, set by Per in 2003 and his Mazarin tour where 23,000 attended. “The stage was placed differently that time” remembers Per.

After that, Roxette entered the stage and ran through its set list A1 minus “Way Out” which was sorely missed by more than this reporter. 

So how was the concert? Well, compared to Sundsvall last year which was so-so, and Halmstad which was better but still rusty, this was a great Roxette! An excellent Roxette! Especially the songs “7Twenty7” and “The Look” stood out as real rockers, and now with “The Look” in its original glory. Chris was on fire, Marie sang like a nightingale and Per did his usual poses (I mean this in a good way). One can tell this band is comfortable on stage nowadays. Fritte mumbled jokingly under his breath that he would surely take care of that Chris and his “När vi två blir en” guitar solo. (Gyllene Tider’s “När vi två blir en” being the local song in Sweden.)

Best songs of the night were

“The Look”
“Things Will Never Be the Same”
“She’s Got Nothing On”
“Only When I Dream”

Two concerts remain of the “2011 summer tour”; Belgium and Norway. After that it’s time for the studio to record new songs for 2Rism and Roxette will also rehearse some new songs for the “2011/2012 winter tour”.

More photos.

See below for a chat with Magnus whilst in Gothenburg


Meanwhile, TDR reporter Paul Belben caught up with Magnus before the concert:

TDR: So, how did you get involved with working with Per originally?
Magnus: Back when Per was working on the Mazarin album. It was because they had some technical problems with the syncing of different computers and tape recorders, because I’m into computers and stuff, I did a lot of editing on the music to get it to line-up. So it was partly technical and partly a creative job as well. So that was the first time I met Per. Then after a while, they asked me if I wanted to come in as a bass player, and its been like that ever since.

TDR: Now, obviously you’ve worked on solo tours and now this tour. Is there the same sort of vibe compared to solo tours, apart from it being much bigger obviously.
Magnus: Yeah, much bigger. It is the same vibe, but the main thing is it’s much much bigger.
TDR: And now that Marie is back. What’s that like? Obviously you haven’t worked with her before.
Magnus: No, well, the first time was in Amsterdam on Per’s Party Crasher tour. It’s amazing that’s she’s back, and she is just fantastic…

(Micke Bolyos walks into the room)

Magnus: …and her family is great. Ha ha.

TDR: So, what can you tell us about the upcoming new album?
Magnus: We’ve done a lot of recordings, and I think they have recorded a lot of live stuff and the sound checks. But I don’t actually know the state of the album at the moment. I just know that I’ve played on some songs!  So, it hadn’t been very organized at the moment. It’s mainly Christoffer who is involved in a lot of that.  Early in the Spring we had a little burst of recording, but I can’t really tell you any secrets!

TDR: Are you surprised by how well the tour has gone so far? Obviously it’s been extended up until next summer now.
Magnus: Yeah, it’s great. The venues are getting bigger and bigger all the time. But I’ve been very surprised.  Of course I knew there was going to be the nostalgic factor and all that, but it seems much more than that now. It has become a real force of it’s own. That’s nice.
TDR: Looking in the queue today, there are all ages. From 5 years old right up.
Magnus: Yep! And everyone is so into it. Like I said it’s not just nostalgia, it’s something more. Like Roxette have become current again.
TDR: You must recognize the same people in the front all the time!
Magnus: Ha ha Yeah, of course. ‘Hi to you all people who are always at the front’. There are people from Germany, Russia, South Americans.
TDR: Well, they’re all there. Waiting.
Magnus: ha ha. We recognize a lot of them, but it’s nice. It’s always nice when you go out on stage and you wonder who is going to be here tonight.

TDR: Do you still get nervous before going on stage?
Magnus: No, not nervous really, of course there is a bit of tension that’s builds up. On the opening night of the tour there is always a lot of nerves, and maybe the following 2 or 3 gigs, but then you just get into it.

TDR: As you said earlier, you’re also a technical freak, for want of a better word.
Magnus: Ha ha ha! No, I wouldn’t say freak, I’m just into Macs and Apple products. It’s hard to not buy the latest gadgets when they come out.
TDR:  Well, I know how you feel there. 
Both: Ha ha!

TDR: When compared to Per’s London gig on Party Crasher Tour, Roxette’s Wembley date is going to be massive. Have you ever played a venue that big in the UK before?
Magnus: No, I’ve never been to Wembley before. My biggest gig in the UK was at Shepherds Bush in London when I played with The Cardigans there. I’ve only played there and at the O2 Academy, so this is going to be great!

And with that he went off for some food before heading to the venue.

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