Roxette’s NZ debut!

AUCKLAND – “Crush On You”, “Paint” & “Almost Unreal” are back! A quick summary, check out the full set list below!

Roxette and their XXX Tour are back with their first show for 2015! Not only did the New Zealanders get a brand new stage, but they also got an updated set list.

01. Sleeping in My Car
02. The Big L
03. Stars
04. Spending My Time
05. Crash! Boom! Bang!
06. Crush On You*
07. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
08. The Heart Shaped Sea
09. Perfect Day
10. Almost Unreal*
11. How Do You Do!
12. 7Twenty7
13. It Must Have Been Love
14. Dressed For Success
15. Dangerous
16. Joyride
17. Watercolours in the Rain/Paint*
18. Listen To Your Heart
19. The Look
20. Queen of Rain

*denotes new addition to the XXX Tour!

Now it would be utterly arrogant for The Daily Roxette to claim ANY credit for the return of “Crush On You” and “Almost Unreal” to the set list! But perhaps the “subtle” hints we dropped during the Ghost Track review of “Crush” and the #crushlive2015 tag played a minor role? And just maybe this TDR “2015 Headlines” article where “Almost Unreal” gets a mention (scroll down to #4) contributed to the return of this ballad? Then again, it could all just be hocus pocus – so forget we ever even mentioned it!

The other question is – what happened to “Fading Like A Flower?”

Finally, enjoy some of the pics we found online from the first show – thanks to Celestte Williams and to all the Roxers for taking these awesome pics! A review is coming shortly.



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February 7th, 2015

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  • Daniela

    I am relieved that Crash Boom Bang is still in the list, but I am really shocked that Fading like a flower was skipped! This is one of the best and most popular Roxette songs ever and is a real “must”.
    Generally I appreciate that they played some new songs, but if they needed space for them, they should have better skipped The heart shaped sea, Watercolours in the rain or Queen of rain inspite of Fading like a flower.

    • Ettexor

      this is true, I had not noticed before that lacked fading like a flower, will hopefully be included in the next dates

    • Biggs

      They did play Fading like a Flower. Not sure why it isn’t on the list. Our lucky day?

      • Penny Els

        They didn’t play Fading like a Flower as I was there and I would have remembered as it is my fav song ever!!

  • Ettexor

    I love the new decor! beautiful the idea of writing, congratulations. I am also very pleased that are brought live crash on you and paint, excellent setlist. Back to great, as always!

  • Barry Mieny

    Yes, it would be arrogant as Roxetteblog were the ones who ran polls and published the results of what fans wanted to hear… Not so?

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Hysterical. Howdy Baz! Now I could’ve sworn those polls were published BEFORE the Russian shows? Those songs didn’t pop up during the 2014 leg? Unless I missed hearing them? REGARDLESS HOW IT HAPPENED, let’s be thankful that a change has happened – they needed it! 🙂 And let’s have some sense of humour and enjoy the new tunes mate – Rox on!

      • Barry Mieny

        I’m not saying you guys or Roxetteblog had anything/nothing to do with it (we’ll never know unless P/M specifically say anything to the fact), but you should’ve maybe mentioned the RXB polls as that is what got all the discussions going… IMHO, of course. But, as you say, let’s be happy with updated playlist. Still wish we could go without the over-the-top solos though.

  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    Absolutely LOVE the new stage. Its pretty damn swish isn’t it!

    The setlist – I 95% LOVE it. I’m just happy to see Roxette on stage and on another World Tour that I get to go and see (London).

    I don’t understand the logic in dropping Fading Like A Flower from what is supposed to be a “Greatest Hits” Setlist. FLAF remains one of their biggest worldwide hits as we know (Hitting #2 in the US etc). Instead we still get Stars? I know I don’t like this song, but I don’t understand why it’s in there as it wasn’t even a modest hit. Surely FLAF would have suited better and been more crowd pleasing?

    Anyway, that’s just me and my opinion. Can’t wait to see videos from New Zealand so I can see the stage in action! 🙂

    Oh – and I’m so excited to hit the merchandise stand at The O2 in London so I can finally get me a Roxette Scarf. Dreams do come true.

    • Daniela

      Yes, Per had always said that they would perform all their hits because that is what the people want to hear. So I really can’t understand why they decided to skip Fading like a flower as this one was a big hit which is really missed if it is not performed. It doen’t make sense to me…

    • RobS

      I agree, very odd that FLAF wasn’t played, Maybe it was supposed to be there, but was dropped for some reason. Although there’s only 20songs on this show, and they occasionally do 21/22. So there is always the chance that it’ll come back.

  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    OK, so I’ve just watched Crush On You live and concede. Although I wasn’t fussed about hearing it or seeing it in the setlist, I have to admit it sounds bloody fantastic.

  • Kathie Winn

    Well my heart is beating fast with excitement… it’s gonna be awesome. Stage is looking gooood.
    How did Stars sound I wonder?? I have to be honest, I don’t love this live. Would love Opportunity Nox added but we can’t have them all now can we. Counting down the days now 🙂

  • Skyrider

    Yeah! Almost Unreal is back! COY sounds good! And they even didn’t forget Paint.
    I’m sure it wasn’t the last time they will play FLAF and Real Sugar.

  • Adam

    10 days to Adelaide!!!
    I’m taking my daughter for her first ever concert, she’ll be happy that She’s got nothing on is on the set list, I’m glad Stars and Watercolours and 7Twenty7 are in it but I was hoping It’s Possible would remain, for me I like it better than their second tier of classic rock hits (Dangerous, How Do You Do, Almost Unreal, Big L).

  • RobS

    Seems like a good set list. A few new ones for the hardcore roxer’s and AU which I think the AU/NZ crowd will enjoy. Hopefully that add one or two more songs to the list for future shows. New set looks good, very flashy.

  • chris lopez

    Where is the new stuff too, lover lover lover is the song Roxette has ever released and it not here, this really baffles me

  • Biggs

    While it’s not there definitely did play Fading like a Flower.
    Was a fantastic concert!

    • James Crompton

      Um no they didn’t I had the setlist in front of me. They played Almost Unreal in its place. They also played Pending My Time. Unless you were at a different concert than me.

  • Robbie Muston

    Why is Church of your heart never included? It is a great song and fun to sing along to.

    • James Crompton

      It was on the last tour I heard it in Melbourne. It was the closer at the end of the night in a nice acoustic version with all their voices

  • Luiz Carlos

    It’s amazing! Yours come to Recife on Brazil again? Say Yes!!! Please!!!

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