Bad Hair Day – a success

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per's new "project" Bad Hair Day released an album last Thursday. The album is called "Mazarin demos" and consists of 12 songs. Those 12 songs were downloaded no less than 42,041 times in total the first 24 hours. That amounts to roughly 96.44 GB data transfered…

  "Mazarin demos" is reviewed as an actual album by Anders Nunstedt in Expressen, where it gets four stingers out of five. Nunstedt says that Per writes on [and on TDR] that "I guess it's basically for the hardcore fan," but that it certainly isn't. He continues the review by mentioning that this album is like a "Mazarin unplugged" minus the audience background sounds and applause. The production is splendid and in the naked arrangements songs like "Sakta mina steg" and "Varmt igen" grow several sizes (while the monster hit "Här kommer alla känslorna" actually gets weaker).

  Nunstedt comments that this album, had it been released "for real," would almost certainly have been able to top the charts.

Update Jan. 16: Per has found yet another demo; he comments on it himself:

  ”Oooops!”, look what I found in the drawer!! I totally forgot about this one! Looking back, I remember I didn’t feel very comfortable with the lyrics and I definitely thought I could write a better and more interesting melody line.

  But I did like the guitar riff and the overall Blondie-feel to it. All in all though, it’s quite terrible!!!”

  The Plum, Jan 16, 2006

  The song he's talking about is "Jimmy's gitarr" which was further developed and recorded as "Spegelboll." It is now available for download as a bonus track to "Mazarin demos" at

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