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Andra Tider Hej! Bara vara nära Tylö Sun* Vart tog alla vänner vägen? Marie, Marie Offside! Hi Fidelity I Go To Pieces Skäl att tvivla Threnody Ingenting av vad du behöver Kiss From A Stranger Anytime Young Girl Mr. Twilight Teaser Japanese (Oriental Version)* Rock On * Never before digitally available.

Just a prototype but it does work. Get yourselves new shelves already!

Per 60 for 60 - Encore. Regn (Rain.) Taken from the self titled album "Per Gessle" released in 1983, recorded while the rest of the band did their tour in the army. Also recorded in English, called "Run to Me" but never released by Per. Christopher Barker, a German American, released it on his 2000 album "One Moment in Time" however. The lyrics are very typical Per, about a couple in love. "Sitting by the window looking up/but all I see is rainclouds/your eyes today have the color of yesterday's sky/and tell me/what would I have had/without all the energy/that you give/and I take? #100 on our chart.


Per 60 for 60 - Encore.

Today is the day you may get to hear the bonus tracks! Read the Behind Mono Mind here.

Mono Mind

🎶 Vinyl release of Mind Control today 🎶 Do you want to spin the vinyl exclusive songs "Shelter From The Storm" and "Have Another Go"? Order your copies here: - Amazon: - Bengans: - Ginza: - CDON:

Happy Valentine's! <3

Roxette - Love is All (Live 1995) -

Live in Johannesburg, South Africa Jan. 14 1995.

Per 60 for 60 - Encore. Faller ner på knä (Falling to my Knees). The demo is recorded in April 1996, and was recorded by Gyllene Tider for the e.p. released later that year, in time for Återtåget '96. It started out as a ballad like we hear here, but while being in the studio they realized it's a power-pop song. One of Gyllene's best songs ever, and it would be a treat to hear it this summer. Some said that it sounds a lot like "Sleeping in My Car" but when Per was confronted with that he said something like "Sleeping in My Car... no... no... that song is in major, while this is in a minor key.... uh... no!" #69 on our chart.

Faller ner på knä

Per Gessle 60 for 60 ENCORE.

Instructions for possibly exchanging your tickets for Ullevi: if you want to keep your standing tickets - do nothing! If you for some weird reason want to change to seats, you have from the 8th thru the 12th to change it. A cost of 45 SEK per ticket will be added. Children's tickets cannot be changed. Contact TicketMaster's call center.

More music from The Clarence.

Winter Waltz

Winter Waltz, a song by Clarence Öfwerman on Spotify

As expected, Gyllene's concert in Gothenburg has been upgraded to Ullevi.

Gyllene Tider flyttar sin Göteborgskonsert till Ullevi

"Vi hoppas förstås på ännu ett jättekalas mitt i Göteborg", hälsar Gyllene Tider som ny flyttar sin konsert i Göteborg till Ullevi.

It goes fairly well... #gtsommar

Sold out!

Yesterday the tickets to the new, and last, tour were released. Four concerts sold out immediately, and over 100,000 tickets were sold the first 24 hrs!

The GT40 tickets were released to the public today, and the opening gig in Halmstad sold out like cupcakes... Therefore the boys have added July 5 in Halmstad.

Seems another vinyl is coming up. A double-LP of HAND in yellow vinyl to be released April 12, according to this site.

Have A Nice Day (180g) (Yellow Vinyl) (Limited) - PREVOD: Pop - NIKA records

BEHIND MONO MIND - we conclude our little Mono Mind behind-the-scenes-with-Dr. Robot with this little baby. Thanks so much, Per, for putting this together for us. I FOUND MY SOUL AT MARVINGATE This is also quite an old one. I started writing it in the summer of 2013 and the working-title was “Mercy”. This is all about the chorus. Classic Roxette-style killer-chorus. You can arrange a song like this in so many ways and if you listen to the version that’s on the EP (not the album version which is the Sofa Tunes-remix) you can hear pretty classic rock style guitars in there, both in the verses and in the choruses. “Marvingate” is the only MM-track (so far) where we have used guitars a la power pop in the production. I didn’t use the EP-version on the album since I felt the Sofa Tunes-remix gave the album a more “groovy” touch. Dr. Robot sounds in top shape here. Love that voice. I wish I sounded like that for real when I’m answering the phone. Have you noticed the Rolling Stones-references in the lyrics? Jumpin’ Jack? Paint it, black? Neither did Christoffer and Clarence! Aaaaah, I’m so misunderstood! #behindmonomind

Syd and Per talk about old times, new times and... Golden Times! This is definitely the last thing they will do, and they are thankful for all the fans over the years.

Gyllene Tider tar farväl med en sista turné i sommar! - Nyhetsmorgon -

Per Gessle och Micke Syd från ett av Sveriges största band gästar Nyhetsmorgon och minns tillbaka 40 år och över 4 miljoner sålda skivor.

Fan club presale: (It's just called "fan club", there is no fan club and you don't have to be a member of it...)


Vid användning av ska våra kundvillkor följas. Genom att gå vidare accepterar du villkoren. Kommersiellt utnyttjande av innehållet på är förbjudet.

BEHIND MONO MIND - in the midst of all the Gyllene hoopla we go on with the stories from Dr. Robotnik. LALALOVE (L’Amour) Helena can have this very fragile tone in her voice which is extremely attractive and, to me, very French. When I heard her sing LaLaLove it reminded me of those wonderful Francoise Hardy and France Gall recordings from the ‘60s. Knowing that Helena’s husband, Martin, speaks French fluently I asked him if he could translate the second verse into French and he did. It’s funny how a song transforms when it’s sung in different languages. #behindmonomind

Pretty much guaranteed that this song will be played on the upcoming tour, right? #GT40 Gyllene Tider

Gyllene Tider - Ljudet av ett annat hjärta (Live '81) [HD]

Written by Per Gessle. Taken from "Parkliv!" movie directed by Lasse Hallström. Recorded in Mjölby, July 31st, 1981. © 1981 AB Svensk Filmindustri.

The FINAL Gyllene Tider tour this summer! Don't miss out on seeing the Swedish legends one final time. Tickets go on sale Feb 5!

Gyllene Tider

Sommartider, hej då! ☀️👋🏽 Efter 40 år tackar Gyllene Tider för sig med stor avskedsturné och ny skiva. Biljetterna släpps tisdag 5 februari kl 09.00 via Live Nation Sweden:

Get ready for another #GTSOMMAR as Gyllene Tider head out on a final Swedish tour which begins in July. Don't miss out - tickets go on sale Feb 5! #GT40

Gyllene Tider announce farewell tour and new album!

After 40 glorious years, it seems that the golden times are coming to an end...

In English.

BEHIND MONO MIND - directly from the Robot himself: SHELTER FROM THE STORM (vinyl only) I wrote this in Swedish in 1982 for my first solo album but I never recorded it properly. It was originally called “Segla på ett moln” which translates “Sailing on a Cloud.” I gave it to Anne-Lie Rydé instead. She’s a very talented singer from Gothenburg (also signed to EMI at the time) and she nailed it and had a big hit with it. She still performs it and it has become a somewhat famous song in Sweden over the years. Already back in the early ‘80s I was trying to get my songs covered internationally so I had “Segla på ett moln” translated by a friend of mine, DJ and great lyricist Hasse Huss. Hasse, by the way, wrote lots of lyrics for Swedish singer Mikael Rickfors (together they created “Yeah Yeah” on Cyndi Lauper’s massive “She’s So Unusual” album which probably paid their bar bills for a couple of years…) Anyway, Diana Ross got interested in recording “Shelter from the Storm” in 1984, it was on hold for her for six months, but it never happened. In 2017 I found Hasse’s lyrics, I still liked them, and I thought we should have a go with Mono Mind and Cooky. I sent some ideas to Andreas Broberger and he came up with a great production angle so off we went. Not bad, huh? #behindmonomind

BEHIND MONO MIND - from Dr. Robot himself. TELL HIM I SAID HI! The first recording of THISH was sung entirely by Dr. Robot and was called “Tell Her I Said Hi!”. It sounded fab. The sound of Dr. Robot’s voice on the verses on this one is truly amazing. It’s my favorite Dr. Robot-sound together with “Marvingate” and “Down by the Riverside.” However, when I suddenly had lots of Mono Mind-tracks piled up I felt I needed a little bit more “flesh and blood” when it came to the voices so I re-wrote it and re-recorded it and had Cooky join the party and sing on the choruses. I love this one and I especially adore Clarence’s hypnotic piano part in the middle. #behindmonomind

Per Gessle 60 for 60. More stats - how many songs from each album made it into the top 60? The World According to Gessle - 13 Son of a Plumber - 10 Mazarin - 9 The Archives (different records) - 9 Party Crasher - 4 En vacker natt - 4 The Lonely Boys - 3 En händig man - 2 Scener - 2 En vacker dag - 1 Small Town Talk - 1 Per Gessle - 1

BEHIND MONO MIND - from Dr. Robot himself. We have talked with Per regarding his new baby Mono Mind, and even though there are "no backstories to the new songs" it seems Per did have a few notes and tidbits he could share with us, and you! We have five of these nice stories. Here's the first: IN CONTROL This was the first song we recorded for the Mono Mind-project. At the time I didn’t have the Mono Mind name, the project was called “Honesty Jam” since the guideline was to follow ONLY my gut feeling and instincts (“honesty”) and mash ideas together with other people and collaborators (“jam”). Basically I just wanted to enjoy myself and screw around with my voice and my songs and see what happened. A little bit off-the-wall like the Son of a Plumber-project but, of course, totally different style-wise. The lyrics are actually a poem I wrote in 2013. The music was written on an acoustic guitar just like so many other songs I’ve done. The line “just leave it neat and tidy, no fake, no confusion, no cracks, no beginning, no end” was at one point the album-title since it was used in several songs. I placed it here and there then took it away. Now it’s only “In Control” and “Marvingate” that include it. I think. #behindmonomind

Per Gessle 60 for 60 ENCORE. Galning (Maniac). #73 on our chart. Really a Gyllene Tider song recorded for the scrapped album GT V, Per used it as the lead single off "Scener" in 1985 instead. The song is also recorded, but never released, in English under the name "Pyromaniac." Noteable is that the album version is 15-20 sec shorter than the single version. Supposedly that would be called a radio edit in contemporary lingo, one normally doesn't put that on the album though... The lyrics are about a crazy person, a maniac if you will, walking around the streets looking for a heart to set on fire. The English lyrics, not written by Per but Caj Högberg, are similar.


Per Gessle 60 for 60 ENCORE.

C'est vrai, je t'aime! Oh, comme je t'aime! Are you feeling ENGLISH or FRENCH today?

Per Gessle 60 for 60 - some data. Most "perfect" scores (100): Visa - 1 (harsh!) Thomas - 14 Paul - 3 Stevo - 3 Colin - 22 Kai - none!!

And some extra special info for a fan who's wondering: Högt i det blå - #146 I Didn't Mean to Turn You On - #186

Per Gessle 60 for 60 ENCORE. En vacker dag (Some Day.) Taken from the album "En vacker dag," it was also recorded as "One of These Days" on "Small Town Talk." Written and recorded for "Mazarin" in 2003 it was recorded too late to be included on the album. The title back then was "Måla mitt minne" ("Paint My Memory".) It was however recorded by Freddie Wadling in a version which closely resembles Per's. The Swedish title "En vacker dag" translates literally to "A Beautiful Day" but that's not what the true meaning is, it means "some day" or as they did on STT - "One of These Days," at least in Per's context. This was #63 on our chart.

En vacker dag

En vacker dag Så ska jag sitta ner Och måla av Mitt minne utav dej Så blå så blå Var himlen där du stod I en koltrasts sång Jag såg för första gång Jag såg vår första gång Då Så mjukt i guld Solen föll på din vita hud Som om livet blev öppnat av Gud Sha la la Med vind och våg S...

The (fake) poll got 260 votes, 121 for Per and 139 for Marie. Great huh!

If you could bring one thing to a deserted island, what would you bring?

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