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Fritte on Radio Halmstad!

Radio Halmstad

I veckans avsnitt av "9 bitar" gästas vi av Åleds näst kändaste orgelspelare. Endast kantorn slår honom på fingrarna skulle jag tro. Eller så har jag fel. Följ med på ett snårigt snack mellan låtar och onödigt vetande med Göran Fritzon bakom mikrofon 2. Lyssna på torsdag kl 18 eller reprisen söndag kl 15. Radio Halmstad 88,6 MHz eller (Ja, programmet kommer att läggas upp på nätet för avlyssning vi annat tillfälle.) #radio #halmstad #göranfritzon #gyllenetider #farfisa #åled

"I'd like to record my Nashville project in English. But it would take some effort and a lot of time" says Per.

Space Station 12

The new album "En Vacker Dag" from Per Gessle is out now! Stream, download or order it over here!

Per and the Car. Photo by Anton Corbijn from the new album. Can anyone tell us what kind of car it is? It's NOT a VW.

Some day...

Per Gessle - En vacker dag, the review

Another month, another Per album - another review! Join the team discussing the brand new Per Gessle album.

A bit more on Mono Mind and we dug out yet another secret song...

Mono Mind - another secret Gessle project?

The Lonely Boys and even Roxette started out as music projects that did not exactly stress the fact that Per Gessle was actually the driving force behind it. Is Mono Mind another one?

So it seems Per snuck out one of his new projects a few months ago. Per, Helena and David Guetta.

The Look that won't die.

Toyota Camry commercial taps Roxette's "The Look"

When you think of a driving brand new car, you might tend to think of Roxette's #1 hit "Joyride" as a logical accompaniment. C'mon -- 'fess up.

Marie points out the obvious at The Beacon!

Photos from The Daily Roxette's post

Speakin' of The Beacon... NYC 2012.

5 years ago!

The Daily Roxette

The sad Zwedish Zex Machine in New York City!

Roxette Cafe

You can listen to a 30s snippet of the title track of "En vacker dag" on the link below.

The tour is over for this time. Yes, the last review and a summary are missing, but they will come. Life came in between. :) Meanwhile, enjoy another pic of Per strumming his black geet.

A yuge Happy Birthday to Mr. Song and Danceman Magnus Börjeson who turns 25 today!!

Rockin' out!

Instagram post by Per Gessle • Aug 26, 2017 at 10:53am UTC

671 Likes, 38 Comments - Per Gessle (@pergessle) on Instagram: “Vaasa AirPort Soul Food”

Have you had the opportunity to try Per's Sommartider rosé or white? Did you get the glasses on the tour? Do you understand why they are sold in threes? We don't. :)

Evensson It

The Per Gessle Selection Sommartider rosé and Per Gessle engraved glasses. 50 mm f/4.

Enjoy the set list on Spotify.

En vacker kväll, a playlist by tevensso on Spotify

A playlist featuring Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider

The sister album of En vacker natt, En vacker dag, will be released September 22. It's a continuation of the previous album, also recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. The album contains the gripping duet "Det är vi tillsammans" which Per sings together with his hero John Holm. There's also the duet "Känns som första gången" with Linnea Henriksson. The third, English, duet is off the album. Other than that the album contains the uptempo tracks "Trodde inte mina ögon" and "Ge allt du kan" (previously recorded by Sven-Ingvars), and the '60s influenced ballad "Parentes". On a sidenote it also contains "Känn dej som hemma", previously recorded by Marie Fredriksson. We can also add that the title track "En vacker dag" is a different version of "Måla mitt minne" recorded by Freddie Wadling.

Another shot of Per enjoying Sommartider.

Per is #3 regarding number of listeners on both live and podcast versions of the extremely popular radio program Sommar in Sweden.

Suomi (FInland) coming up. Interviewed on Wednesday: TDR's tevensso.

Kolla din Gessle kunskap och berätta en historia så bjuder vi dig på Popkalaset

Han är popkungen i Sverige. Med tre lyckade karriärer har han en CV som omfattar 37 år av hitlåtar. Men hur bra känner du till honom. Testa dina kunskaper här. Du kan också delta i utlottningen av 4 biljetter till Popkalaset på lördag i Borgå där han uppträder. Men information längre ner på sidan. D...

Here endeth the tour. (Yes, two festival gigs in Finland next week...) We thank you Per, and band, for this!

Be prepared...

Micke Syd! ❤️

Amazing in Uppsala.

A classic.

A longer interview and the infamous fake video of Listen to Your Heart.

#TBT Marie Fredriksson performing Mot okända hav live in 1986. Beautiful.

Marie Fredriksson - Mot okända hav (live)


The Per Gessle Selection: Pierre Peters The Lovers, Rosé Brut Champagne. Sold only at Hotel Tylösand. Made in 250 bottles.

Per's new (actually really really old, since 2015 even) spinning move during Joyride.

Småstadsprat, Skansen.

Min plats, Halmstad.