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GT 40 for 40. #32 Vid hennes sida (By Her Side): In June 2019 Gyllene's final album was released - "Samma skrot och korn." This song is from there, a typical Per penned, acoustic love ballad, and then again not. Hard to put the finger on it, but we like it a lot. The lyrics contains gems such as "Every day is a totally different day." Performed by MP and Per on the acoustic guitars with Fritte carefully fondling the Farfisa in the background. Anders is also there with his seriously complex programming. Her eyes smiled, I said I was from town/Maybe I bent the truth a little and acted a little dumb/But all I wanted was to walk by her side for a while... #gt40for40

Ahhh memories! (Gyllene Tider in Ronneby 2019) /K Are you always to be found in the first row or rather in the center of the crowd?

Latest from Per: "New tough Gyllene Tider compilation with hits and unreleased material in the can folks! PS. And the live album from this summer will be fab. A nice little band..."

GT40 for 40. #37 Du är en gangster, älskling! (You are a Gangster, Honey!): Per: “The legendary tape was finally found after being MIA for 13 years! Was recorded for the "Puls" album but was left off and is some sort of tour homage with Niklas Strömstedt whispering in the background. I play the harmonica they say. It’s called humor!” Micke: “Almost the same beat as on ‘Puls’ and ‘Teena.’ I listened a lot to Max Weinberg (E-Street Band.) He’s a snappy guy…” Anders: The tape was found in the attic of EMI’s studio, at the bottom of a pile of archived crap. I wonder how it ended up there?” It was finally released on "Halmstads pärlor" in 1995. It may not be a top 40 song and quite unknown, but it's got a certain cuteness to it and that made our hearts melt! The lyrics seem to have to be written during the '81 summer tour. #gt40for40

Du är en gangster, älskling!

GT40 for 40. This is #37 of TDR's hand-picked list of songs from Gyllene Tider's career.

GT40 for 40 #38 Kärleken är inte blind (Men ganska närsynt) Love isn't Blind (But Pretty Nearsighted) taken from Gyllene's sophomore album Moderna Tider, but was before that the B-side of the 16-weeks-as-#1-single "När vi två blir en." Niklas Strömstedt came up with the title of course. The song has never been performed live, which is kind of sad, since it would've kicked some serious butt. Love came/one afternoon/I was walkin'/along the city's only promenade/Old girlfriends, mistresses/came as from heaven/a parade of angels/But it was someone else/I saw there/someone I've been long keen on/I fell off my sidewalk... #gt40for40

Kärleken är inte blind (Men ganska närsynt)

GT40 for 40. This is #38 of TDR's hand-picked list of songs from Gyllene Tider's career.

GT40 for 40. #39 Vanliga saker (Regular Things): Taken from Gyllene Tider​'s last album, Samma skrot och korn, this was performed the first two concerts in Halmstad. After that it was cut and replaced, unfortunately. A rocky piece, with good lyrics, but an even better melody. It has a sweet Farfisa riff which we love of course! She came from space/And said it was us/I wanted to break the code/So I mumbled "Come inside"/I swayed my Strat/Peaked my pulse/So on my mother's street/She fell, tired/I sang about regular things #gt40for40

Vanliga saker

GT40 for 40. This is #39 of TDR's hand-picked list of songs from Gyllene Tider's career.

GT40 for 40. #40 Kom intill mig (Come Close to Me): The last song on side A on "Moderna Tider" which was released in 1981 and sold over 350,000 copies back then! A piano ballad, because that's how Per, and many others, did it back then, and still do; end a side on an LP with a ballad. Performed beautifully by MP on the grand piano in EMI Studio 1 in Stockholm, Sweden. Come close to me/Come lie down/Down there the cars are fighting/Up here peace reigns/And we are strong/And we are healthy/Like the first dew of spring... #gt40for40

Farväl och tack Gyllene Tider! As we prepare to launch our GT40 for 40 countdown, Paul says thanks to the 5 guys from the Swedish West Coast... #GT40

Farväl och tack Gyllene Tider!

As we prepare to launch our GT40 for 40 countdown, Paul says thanks to the 5 guys from the Swedish West Coast!

Coming soon to a... page near you!

A fanmade video. Enjoy!

Roxette. Harleys & Indians (riders in the sky). (A fan video).

A homage to Roxette. This is a song of strong nostalgic tone with references in the lyrics to the classic movies of motorists covered in leather.

Ljudet av ett annat hjärta in the rain!

Decent weather in Oslo today. The OBOS concert is about to start. Photos by Miche Wiklander.

Photos from The Daily Roxette's post

The Opera Roof in Oslo, Norway, TDR's man on site Michael Wiklander, is checking things out. In Norway it's totally natural and OK to climb a mountain, so building an opera house where you can walk on the roof isn't so strange after all. Tomorrow night about 8,000 people will be on said roof to see Gyllene Tider say goodbye forever. Gyllene enters the stage around 9:30pm and will play for rougly 90 minutes. Right now the stage, which is placed on a barge in the ocean below the opera's roof, is being prepared. It will be somewhat of a challenge for Per to throw his guitar picks to expecting fans this time. That in itself will be an adventure! The Opera House opened in 2008 and the marble clad roof is designed by Kristian Blystad, Kalle Grude and Jorunn Sannes and they have their names in mosaic in the marble. The feeling standing on this roof is magnificient.

Photos from The Daily Roxette's post

254,233 people say farewell to Gyllene Tider during the summer tour! Read the press release below. #GT40 1996: 301,256 2004: 492,252 2013: 260,150

Gyllene Tider sågs av 254 233 personer under sommarens stora turné!

​Gyllene Tiders massiva avskedsturné GT40, en av de största sommarturnéerna genom tiderna, har alltsedan premiären i Halmstad mötts av jublande publik och...

We think this is the truth. What else?

Per Gessle: GT50? Sounds like an old single malt whisky.

The Daily Roxette: Hej there Per, first of all congratulations to this, again, very successful tour. First question first (where else?): You're having a tight tour schedule, how big is your sleep deficit right now? Per Gessle: Hello you fool, I’m good. I was out of it for a couple of days when I

Later tonight, a brand spanking fresh interview with the singer of Mono Mind. Watch this space! TDR: We heard that Mono Mind is still going strong. Do you have time to produce more songs at the moment? PG: Mono Mind is on vacation. Got a postcard last week and they mentioned something about a Las Vegas reunion. Photo: Thomas Evensson

Who had fun in Halmstad? Per and his bestest friend did!

Thank you guys, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. <3

Gyllene Tider in Halmstad - It's a wrap

HALMSTAD - What more can you say about this truly amazing ride? It's been a joyride compared to nothing else. Not really talking about the 40 years here, even if that fits too.

Last night the doors closed forever on Gyllene. It was a splendid, rainless night. Sad though, I saw both Fritte and Syd shed some tears... as well as some fans.

Timeline Photos

Thank YOU...

Timeline Photos

In these minutes, Gyllene Tider is entering the stage for their last ever Halmstad gig. Goosebumps! /K

Det är över nu! /K

Fun in Ronneby! /K

Closer to Anders, closer to today's concert.... /K

Per in his white shirt. Soon on a stage near you. If you're in Halmstad, that is... /K

This is the signature pose of this tour during the first song. Taken from the wrong side here. Or wasn't it? /K

And this would be the same pose, only this time taken from the correct side. Nobody is perfect. /K

Syd says "See you tonight!", and he means it! /K

We had a very similar photo in our Ullevi report but I think this one is quite nice too. /K

This one is from Kalmar, the gig after Ullevi. /K

Anders during the very first gig of this tour in Halmstad. I still remember it was so wet the water dropped from the roof onto the stage even during the performance. Will it be different tonight? /K

Per about this photo: "Gyllene Tider at Ullevi. Have to have the antennas out!" He can be sooo right sometimes. /K