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Author: Thomas Evensson
Thomas Evensson

Lives in Ljusdal
Born: 1968

I rock and I rule and I certainly represent. Been here forever.
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First leak: PG Roxette is back: the new album “Radio Revival”

Spoiler alert: If you're curious, here's all you need to know about the forthcoming album. We highly doubt that Per will share this... Read the full story...

An era is over. Another one is born.

With the birth of PG Roxette, Per Gessle will continue the adventure he and Marie Fredriksson began, just over 35 years ago. Together with members from the classic Roxette band and a sound echoing somewhere between "Look Sharp!" and "Joyride" Gessle returns to the musical peak of his life – with a new album and plans for a tour.  Read the full story...

Per Gessle

Bara få höra din röst (digital)

Per Gessle

20 vackra demos (digital)

The Per Gessle Xmas interview 2021

It's been a while since we interviewed the busy man called Per. Therefore, with his tonsillitis, we grabbed him and asked him about his favorite poems. Read the full story...


Joyride 30 marbled vinyl


Joyride 30 box

Gyllene Tider

Moderna Tider 40

Per Gessle owned Gävle

GÄVLE - The third gig on the fall tour took place in Gävle, the most northern part of the "Swedish" tour. Which in reality means that more than 60 % of Sweden is left without Per. Read the full story...

Per Gessle

Tylösand 2021 EP (digital)

The epic album Pearls of Passion turns 35

35 years ago a very important album was released. Important how you may wonder? Did it sell millions? Did it make waves? Was it extensively talked about? Read the full story...