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Well, this clip is not brand new but the message is still clear. Merry X everyone! /P&M

Roxette - Merry Christmas from us -

Roxette wishes all the fans a Merry Christmas 2009.

The PLECtionary needed a little facelift. Now you'll see all the guitar picks in separate sections. First of all, Per Gessle's Roxette, GT, solo, etc. plecs and then the rest related to the Rox World. /PP

Per Gessle cooperated with SVT Go'kväll and signed a fishing tee for Musikhjälpen against child sex trade. If you want to support the good cause and get the tee, bid at the link below! /PP Bid for the T-shirt here:älpen_2017_tee

Reviewing En vacker bok

Last week we reviewed the live album, today it's time for the book to be scrutinized. They come as a package - a tour CD and a tour photo book.

Want Per Gessle to win? Then vote! /PP

Per Gessle Fan test -Per´s clothes

Roxette Fan test -Marie´s clothes


Per is nominated for "Best live act" and "Solo artist of the year" by GAFFA Sverige! Note: you may vote only once, but you can edit your choices until Jan. 15. You may select 3 choices in each category, but you don't have to. / Team Roxette

Important stuff! /P.

Roxette messages engrave on vinyls

Per is nominated for "Best live act" and "Solo artist of the year" by GAFFA Sverige! Note: you may vote only once, but you can edit your choices until Jan. 15. You may select 3 choices in each category, but you don't have to. / Team Roxette

Tour book + Live CD in one go! Check this out! /P.

Photos from Roxette's post

Pls note! The signing session will start 5.30 pm!!!! Dec 18, NK Sthlm! /P.

Who of you will meet #PerGessle in Stockholm on 18th December? /PP

Over 275.000.000 views on YouTube now. Incredible, isn't it? /P.

Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

Music video by Roxette performing It Must Have Been Love.

The Daily Roxette

It all started more or less yesterday, 38 years ago.

En vacker kväll, an album review

So here it is, the legacy after this summer's very successful tour. It's short, but Per has a reasonable explanation as of why.


Marie's book review by Zuza Nová from World Roxette Tribute RockSet Room, this time in English, will be a part of the new release of her book in Czech 😍 I want to... I need to tell you… Beginning of October 2017. Some days ago, me and my band were honored by the christening act of the Czech version of this wonderful book. I was too curios to be able to wait for a free weekend, well there are not many of them through the year. So I simply took the time somehow right away, the day after this event. No matter how long it would take me until I get to the last page. I´m rather a nightlife person and because of my profession, I´m more than used to be active in the night. And I also supposed, which was right, that when I once start to read, I would not be able to take a break in a simple way. I was not wrong. Exactly one month later, I got a request to provide my review about this book in some lines. I was honored. So I took the book and read it another time, just to remind me of the thoughts which I had in my head while reading. Again, it took me one breath to read through, without really realizing that I already knew what would follow in the forthcoming lines. It was like watching a movie which you never ever get bored of, like listening to a song again, where you always discover new things, so catching Marie´s story is. Maybe the reason is also the fact, that in her story, in the way she takes her life, I discovered many similar things with my own life story. It was a surprise to me. So I´m a bit afraid I can´t be too objective while putting some notes about this biography down. There is no meaning in telling you what you can read in the book and how it can affect you. You came all the way here, so by now you know. I just would like to express how this story made me think and express my hope, that you feel the same way I do. This was obviously what Marie wanted to achieve. From Marie´s whole story you can read some basic thoughts which everyone has known for a long time, it may be in any way or in any connection. How vulnerable and how unpredictable the life is, how many things we take for granted, how we get to see the real face of our friends in the hardest moments of our lives, how passing the goals are, those which we may think would be the most important ones right now. Yes, all of the well-known themes, but do we honestly take some time to think of them? First in the moment, when we join them together with someone concrete, someone close to us, someone we know, someone we are interested in or directly with ourselves. For me reading this book was full of sometimes very surprising discoveries about myself. Obviously because of my profession, it was fascinating to follow the change from self-confident star, full of freedom and strength to manage anything on her mind to a person, who realizes our own life roll and priorities, how limited her own strengths and personal possibilities may get, forced by the circumstances of her own tough fate, but also the unlimited will to reach a meaningful life. Marie has won my huge respect thanks to her will to fight and mainly because of her strength to share her story. And now I know that many moments of her life have become my whole life inspiration. We may be doing whatever and meet anything on our ways, the biggest luck in the whole life is to have the right and dear people close to us, who support us and then we may pass through anything on our way - we just never can´t give up fighting! If Marie wanted to give us this message, this book was the right and successful way to do so. Zuza Nová, singer and front woman of The RockSet - World Roxette Tribute November, 2017

YEP! LIVE ALBUM + TOUR BOOK OUT NOW!!! Enjoy + have a fab weekend y'all! /P.

Per Gessle – En vacker kväll – the live album

Per’s live album from this year’s summer tour was released on 8th December. We could be sure about the live record being out soon when Christoffer shared a short video of mixing it at the end of Oc…

Per Gessle

You can buy the brand new live-CD + the tour book in one package here! Have fun! /P.


Roxette – It Just Happens (Official Music Video)

“It Just Happens” is the first single from the brand new Roxette album “Good Karma” out June 3rd 2016. Listen to “It Just Happens”:

I'll be there! /P.

Who of you will meet #PerGessle in Stockholm on 18th December? /PP

The Daily Roxette

Here's your chance to win a signed copy of Anders Roos's new Per Gessle photo book En vacker bok! Upload your photo to this post and tag it #envackerbok.

You can buy the brand new live-CD + tour book in one package here! Have fun! /P.

Photos from Roxette's post

Full version! /P.

Per Gessle

Here's the full version of DET ÄR VI TILLSAMMANS from Hellenius Hörna. It was cut short during the broadcast due to COMMERCIALS. Cruel world. /P.


Remember this one? /P.

Roxette - She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio) [Official Music Video]

Music video by Roxette performing She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio). (P) 2011 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Roxette Recordings u...

INSTORE SIGNING! Yep, Monday Dec 18 at 7.30 pm I will be at the NK department store in jolly Stockholm to sign the new tour book + the brand new live CD. And other stuff of choice. Drop by if you have the chance. Ho! Ho! Ho! /P.

Photos from Roxette's post

Per Gessle

Spanish subtitles. What a great idea! I just hope they are correct!!!!! Does anyone know? /P.

One Per Gessle interview a day keeps the doctor away! ;) English summary of today's PG appearance on Nyhetsmorgon, TV4 at the link below. /PP

IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE - LIVE TV IN THE US 1991. Great vocals by Miss Effe! /P.

ROXETTE It must have been love Live

Arsenio Hall tv show 1991

Chatting away at Nyhetsmorgon TV4 this morning with Niklas Strömstedt + Jesper Börjesson. /P.

TV this morning. /P.

Strömstedt och Gessle om sin långa vänskap

Popgiganterna Niklas Strömstedt och Per Gessle berättar om deras år som nära vänner och kommande dokumentär och julshow.