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Marie’s singing, I’m talking! Only here: PS. New picture from my office….

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Oh la di dah

Four Rox songs ready for mix. I’m just as surprised as you are!

Rox in the studio! Watch the birth of the new album on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Clarence is the new cembalo king!!!

Song of the day: THE FREE ELECTRIC BAND. Albert Hammond. Aaaah, those were the days….

Doing another Nordic Rox-radio bonanza with jolly Sven Lindström. This show is about the music scene in Sweden 1994. Swell. Don’t know if you can catch it here in Europe. It’s on Sirius XM – THe Spectrum in the States.

No sax solos so far.

Roxette play The Doors!!!!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

You know that it would be untrue…

Phew! New videos from the studio. is where it’s at!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

How can we miss you when you won't go away!

Ultrahot videos + pics from Roxette-in-the-studio:

Per Gessle – Snowfish

So true

Marie is doing magic in the studio! Sounds really really good! Think I’ll start a band with her!

Song of the day: DEATH OF A CLOWN. Dave Davies. Always loved this one!

Great guy, great guitar collection, 9 great minutes:

Still going strong all weekend: Rox-in-the-studio + much much more:

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Greetings from the studio. check out for inspiration!


Hot tramp I love you so! New Rox in the studio video + magnificent studio pic out now on

Song of the day: PRETTY DRESS by ROSIE THOMAS: So very very very beautiful. One of my favs of recent years.

Finished in the studio for now. Did some great drumsessions with Jolly Jens. Homevids to follow shortly on

New Pix From The Past + Rox-vids from Night Of The Proms exclusively on

Voila! Hot stuff at

Song Of The Day: ON THE ROAD AGAIN. CANNED HEAT. Luv that voice, luv that groove, luv that flute.

Groovy vids + snappy pics at