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Another 4 splendido Rox homevids from The SMUK festival in Denmark out now on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Breaking Rox in the hot sun

aah yes….. 3 more videos from Denmark + 2 scary pictures. is where it’s at!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

I was born an original sinner

4 brand new ROXETTE souncheck vids available here:

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Nina pretty ballerina


Per Gessle – Snowfish

we move around like tigers…

5 new ROX pix + 1 new ROX soundcheck at Sundsvall video out now on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

I know a girl called Bony Moronie

3 new stunning Rox home videos on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

There's a place in the sun

Thanx for yesterday. A truly magic night that we’ll never forget. Rox were great, GT were great, the crowd was awesome!!!! Cheers, P.

Just came back from the soundcheck. Sounded terrific. Marie in top shape! Pelle looked like Peter North. Clarence showed his affection for Jim Steinman during Perfect day. Magnus tried out his new Taurus bass pedal. Swell.


Live Nation: Det finns inget kontrakt

The Truth!

2 new hotter than hell pics out now on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Semi-detached suburban mr James

Sunshine? Rain? Hard to tell! We’re only gonna play Bay City Rollers-songs on the soundcheck!

Rumour has it that Chris is gonna be an Andre 3000 lookalike tomorrow.

Hi everyone who has come to Halmstad & Tylösand! Most welcome! It’s gonna be fab tomorrow! Just talked to Mrs F and Mr Ö and we ‘re all ready to kick a##!! Don’t shout too much in the bar tonite, save your throats for Marknadsplatsen.

3 new Rox home vids here:

Per Gessle – Snowfish

And tell Tchaikovsky the news!

New brilliant home vids on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

What a day for a daydream!

Getting ready for the most charming Halmstad-show tomorrow with 5 hours of demo-recordings with Mister Persson at Tits & Ass. Getting pumped up! Love this feeling!

All the Rox shows are of course recorded for future thrills so pls shout your name into the closest mic!

Check out the new Rox merchandise on

/::/ Roxette /::/

If you wanna know what we’re playing before the Rox shows, check this out: – and hey, there’s a Spotify treat as well! Enjoy!

/::/ Roxette /::/

Desktop background on now!

New Rox home vids out now on

Getting spoiled I guess…..

And over 16.000 two days ago… hmmm… forgot that….

t looks like it’s gonna be around 20.000 on Saturday. And almost 30.000 last night. There is a God.

Thanx for a great weekend!!! Sundsvall was pretty shaky just like a PREMIERE should be!!! The Smuk festival last nite was really really awesome. I’m so proud to be part of this!!!!

Did you see this?

Live Nation Sweden | Nyheter

Få nyheter och information om evenemang från och Live Nation International. Sök konsertbiljetter, turnédatum och information om evenemang.

Great dress rehearsal last nite. Marie in top form. The band kicked ass (after 4 songs..). The crowd was awesome. Hallelujah everyone.

Decided to do a Roxette Dress Rehearsal at Leif’s Lounge, Tylösand tomorrow (wed) at 10 PM. If you’re in the neighbourhood, pls come by. 600 tcts for sale.

Another great day rehearsing. Got a new pick-up on my red Gibson ES-335. Sounds superb. Wish I could tune the damn thing….

Yes.. I’m sure Jonas Åkerlund (who took this fab pic) won’t mind if I publish this…. Great twins/great car/great photo, right?

Check out Bea Åkerlund’s Facebook site and you’ll find a great pic of me with my favourite car + favourite twins!!! Scroll down the page!

Bea Åkerlund

New hot Rox At The Rehearsals video on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Here it is!