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Back in the studio with The Gang! Sunshine, cats, dark chocolate, iPads but no bröstpump in sight!


Per Gessle – Snowfish

you know how to skweeze me

It’s Sunday, here’s my song of the day, one of the best!!!

Song of the day: SUPERGRASS MOVING. Always loved this.

Day off from the studio. We all need some sleep…. Have a great weekend, y’all. More films on next week…

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Körsbär måste vara söta

Thursday! Another groovy day in the AGM Studio. All good here. Terrific chef, nice magazines, fresh towels.

Song of the day: “From the beginning” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. If you wanna hear it check out the original version from the early 70’s (The “Trilogy” album….). I loved it as a kid, it’s still very beautiful.

Sun is up, the sky is blue….. kinky guitar-sounds are coming from the studio. And hey, it’s early in the morning!!! Birthday party tonite for the smuggler’s daughter.

Chris is singing glamrock backing vocals while Clarence is trying to decide which party fits his goldfish the best. We have an election coming up shortly in la Suede.

In the studio working with The Roxers. No nu films today, wrong computer! However… is still going strong!!!!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Oh yes wait a minute mister postman

Song of the day: Neverending story by Limahl. Timeless pop music!

WE ALL LOVE THE 80’S, NO???!!!

Aaaah, you waited for it! Five (5) new Rox homevids out now on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Last night I said these words to my gal

Just heard Christoffer’s new soloalbum! Stunning! First track, Tiny Penelope, is a piece of timeless world class pop music!!!! Out before xmas I think. I hope. I like.

4 new Rox videos today. Don’t miss F1 from Spa, kids! PS.

Per Gessle – Snowfish

When I'm walking beside her

Thank God it’s Friday! 6 (six) new Rox home vids out now on smashing

Per Gessle – Snowfish

The moon ain't gonna rise in the sky

Six /6/ brand new Rox home vids on your favourite site:

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Maybe baby I'll be blue

Gabriel is playing The Teddybears’ “Get mama a house” very loud. Irresistible.

Re the Roxette Song Book. All liner notes + song comments are made by me. In English, of course.

Hey, it’s Wednesday!!! 5 cookin’ brand new Rox homevids on is a good sign!!!!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Tous les garcons et les filles

Roxette Official Song Book. Out soon!

Gehrmans Musikförlag

Roxette Official Song Book

Roxette! Closer to God!

5 brand new Rox home vids today as well!!!! Nice, innit?

Per Gessle – Snowfish

It takes a lot to laugh

Those were the days! Great wig! (Btw, looks like I got one too!!!)

5 stunning new videos from the Halmstad bonanza out now on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Why don't you send me some lovin'?

Truly magnificent gig in Stavanger. Thanx everyone for making life sweet!!

OK OK OK Let’s go for 8 (eight!) brand new Rox videos. It’s sunny outside after all….. Where? of course!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

I look at you all

Saturday in the park? No, no check out the 4 brand new Roxette home videos on instead, you!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

They call me The Groover


Han vill bort från egoismen

Christoffer Lundquist, musiker och producent, har varit en självklar del av det skånska musiklivet i snart två decennier. Men i sommar, då är han mer än något annat en del av Roxettes comeback.

EIGHT /8/ brand new Rox home videos from the Halmstad show out now on – Enjoy, folks!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Ain't gonna bump no more

Heading for Stavanger, Norway for yet another stop on the Neverending Tour. Started 1979. Feels good.

SEVEN /7/ brand new Rox home videos from the Halmstad show out now on – Enjoy, folks!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Säg inte nej, säg kanske kanske kanske