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New YouTube-page: GessleHomeVids. Subscribe and enjoy! /P.

From Mazarin…

Interview with Sven Lindström re the brand new Rox-book can be found here:>

Interview from the Gothenburg bookfair ……

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Stockholm in May #2

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Stockholm in May!

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The new commercial! Enjoy! /P.

Nice reading! /P.

20 Artists, Bands and Music You Might Have Missed

If you've been struggling to find new music, Mark Smotroff is here to help. He not only lists artists to look into, but also methods and tips that will allow you to find new music all on your own.

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Rebecka’s tattoo….. I think….

One of my favs. Helena is a joy as always. /P.

Per Gessle "Segla på ett moln" (Sailing On A Cloud)

Beautiful song

Think I did this for some radio station. Could be Micke Nord on lead guitar and b-vox. Doesn’t sound like Christoffer L…. /P.

Haven’t heard this in a while. Had such a great time recording this album! /P.

Nice interview!!!!

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Tuesday talk: Discussing if there should be a double vinyl-LP + single CD as well as the DVD when the Rox Live Adventure finally comes out quite soon. What d’ya think?

Personally, I think it could be nice as a physical memory of a 19 months long world tour and I do love double live-LP´s. But, hey, I’m a Uriah Heep-fan! /P.

A Sunday story:
Bumped into an old Leonard Cohen-song on the radio. It’s very rare you hear him on the air these days. LC is a master. I learned how to play his fingerpickin’ guitar-style on “Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye” a long long time ago. A tricky thing. Try it, it’s fun! And I spent months translating at least a dozen of his beautiful songs into Swedish back in the mid 70’s. I don’t know why, I just had to do it. His words are dark, sensual and exciting, his music is simple but still strangely complicated and his melodies are most of the time truly works of a master. Viva LC.
Now it’s Formula 1-time, folks! /P.

Hallelujah! The new vintage (2010) of Kurt & Lisa just arrived! It’s FANTASTIC!!! Rel date September 1! Enjoy!

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Small Apartments

Franklin Franklin plays the alphorn and dreams of Switzerland. His crazy brother sends him fingernail clippings in the mail. One of his neighbors is a forgetful pot-head, the other a gruff busybody who doesn't miss anything. Across the street live a mother and her fifteen-year-old daughter, whom he…

Per Gessle and Sven Lindström at Göteborg Book Fair « Roxette Blog

Roxette news and blog


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Gessle om scenen: "Kommer se coolt ut"

Gyllene Tiders extrainsatta spelning i Halmstad är sommarens andra i hemstaden. Skillnaden är ny scendesign och ett tajtare band, enligt Per Gessle. – Nu har vi blivit en grym poptornado som dragit genom landet och fått självförtroende och pondus av folkets ohämmade kärlek!


Gyllene tider väntar för evigt unge Gessle

Med Gyllene Tider, Roxette och som soloartist har Per Gessle levererat hits i över 30 år. Och han har inga planer på att varva ned än. – Det kommer säkert fler dur- och moll-ackord från mig.