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Roxette in the studio + live home vids + hot pics can be found at

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Paint me right

On a good day: A fantastic band!

Got some more demo-recordings with MP coming up. We like that!

A girl stopped me on the street today and asked me: -“Who’s your favourite artist?” My answer came quickly… Nick Lowe. Not bad, eh?

Best song ever?

Aaah The World of Formula One. Exciting, isn’t it? Nice to have Alonso on top!

Shit happens….. our mixing engineer Ronny broke his foot in 3 places last night. Slippery at the disco, or what?

Saw SOLITARY MAN on DVD last nite. Michael Douglas is, as always, great but the movie isn’t!! Poor editing/sloppy script made me feel bad. Boring.

Song Of The Day:

255 (!!!) Roxette Home Vids available on Snowfish. The weekend’s booked!

Per Gessle – Snowfish


3 hot new Rox vids for your eyes only at SNOWFISH!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

It was kinda cold that night

Done in the studio now w/ the Rox Project. Three days of mixing left, then mastering in NYC, then your iPod!

Greetings from the bunker in Skåne. Just had pasta w/salami, 3 cats on the table, too warm Crozes-Hermitage. Clarence is doing the dishes!

Follow the Birth!!!

Rooms With A View!!!

Awrite!!! Gotta have this!

Keith Richards reveals the truth about the girls, the drugs and his fiery feuds with Mick Jagger

It is the ultimate story of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll – Rolling Stone Keith Richards in his own words, with publishers paying the guitarist a £4.8million advance for the book – Life.

Took a long walk in the sun today listening to the new Rox-songs. We got a great album up our sleeve, y’all!

When I’m planning the running order of the songs (new Rox album) I still think of it as Side A + Side B. Like in the vinyl days. Am I old or what?

Should’ve been at the AGM Palace for some finishing Rox touches but mr L is down with the flu, poor sod!

New Rox Album Finale Video out now on SNOWFISH!!!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

little willy wanna go home

2 new vids + new pic at jolly Snowfish!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

beams are gonna find me

10.10.10 = The last day in Atlantis Studio, Sthlm. Got 2 more days and nights down south before starting the mighty mixing. 14 songs recorded. Or is it 15?

Album almost done!!!

2 brand new ROXETTE IN THE STUDIO homevids out now on SNOWFISH!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Emily tries but misunderstands

Day off from the studio. Think I have a family somewhere.

Last day at the Aerosol Studio. Doing vocals, playing nasty guitars and trying out Christoffer’s new incense from Tibet. Or Nepal, I dunno, can’t find the package, there’s too much smoke in here!

Got caught by the police today. Was listening to some new Roxette mixes real loud and got tremendously excited and drove too fast in my rented Jap eco-car! Shame on me! At least it should have been in a Ferrari. Like the Swedish King!

Checked the vaults. Found 3 amazing pics. For your eyes only at

Per Gessle – Snowfish

I was dreaming of the past

If you wanna check out the progress of the new wing of the mighty beach hotel this one’s for you:


Back in the mighty Areosol Grey Machine. Listening to my demos and try to figure out which way to turn.

Snowfish is still going strong.

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Eske Teske

11 mixes down. We’re all very happy. Tomorrow new backing tracks. No rest for the wicked.

Saturday! Still in the studio mixing! Sounds pretty exciting in stereo!