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PART THREE: The new single will officially hit Planet Earth January 7 but knowing you guys you’re probably already tired of it by then…… Charm School begins Feb 10.
So… thanks for all your support, we need that from time to time. Yea, we do appreciate your unconditioned love now and forever (sounds like a song…).

PART TWO: Anyway, we just want to wish you all a merry X. 2010 has certainly been a fab year for us. We managed to finish the Charm School-album. I finally got my favourite pasta-dish right. Marie learned how to ski. I cracked the Top 10 on the go-kart track. Marie found her Trash&Vaudeville-pants from 89 at the dry-cleaners. We did 7 super shows in Europe. And there is more to come next year you know that. Plenty.

PART ONE: Is Santa Claus an eskimo masochist? The q is relevant since it’s sooooo cold in Sweden right now we poor Swedes can hardly breathe. All guitars are out of tune, thank God for the blankets we found in a closet at the Tits & Ass Studio the other day.

The Word Is Out: SNIPPET OF THE NEW ROX SINGLE: 347&sr=8-5

She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio): Roxette: MP3-Downloads

She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio): Roxette: MP3-Downloads

Info re the upcoming brilliant bonus live CD deluxe extravaganza hot hot hotter is available this very moment at

The Keith Richards-book “Life” is highly entertaining. Who would’ve thought?

No, I don’t think the SHE’s GOT NOTHING ON… release date has been altered.

Check out the Gaylord Focker-pic at

Oh yea, Stockholm is actually warmer than New York! Trust me.

Just got home from a couple of dayz (and nights) in jolly Moscow. Great TV-show, superb crowd. Hey you Russian ppl, see ya again in March!

Heard a song, had to stop the car to find out what it was. The answer: Track no 3 from the upcoming Christoffer Lundquist album. What a guy!

Lennon shot! 30 years ago! Where would we be without him?

And you can, of course, find it here:

Helena Josefsson / Dynamo

The official website for Helena Josefsson.

Great song, y’all! And her new album is simply stunning.

“Nån annanstans nån annan gång” from Helena Josefsson « Roxette Blog

Wonderful new song by Helena!

CHARM SCHOOL running order: 1. Way Out 2. No One Makes It On Her Own 3. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) 4. Speak To Me 5. I’m Glad You Called 6. Only When I Dream 7. Dream On 8. Big Black Cadillac 9. In My Own Way 10. After All 11. Happy On The Outside 12. Sitting On Top Of The World. There you go!

I like Hurts album. Ambitious pop bonanza.

Glad you liked the Rox-sleeves. They make me smile.

Roxette’s new album CHARM SCHOOL (rel Feb 11). The sleeve? Check it out at

Per Gessle -Snowfish

The biggie!

New Roxette single: SHE’S GOT NOTHING ON (BUT THE RADIO). Release date Jan 10. Check out the sleeve at

Per Gessle -Snowfish

This is it, folks!

Looks pretty funny, don’t you think!

Back in Halmstad for a day. Recording 2 new demos with MP (Mother Pearl).

Have you ever heard Unkle Bob? Great band, great sound, great songs! My fave at the moment!

Just decided…. there will be a 2-track single. And a vinyl-LP, folks! And an exclusive version of the album incl extra-CD….. Hey, it’s xmas!!

We should do some shows in Spain, Italy & the UK as well, right?

Just did a new Rox bio interview. So many songs, so little time.

Xmas shopping today. Sophie Zelmani-gems in 3 stores. Excellent.

Living in the past? Saw Jack Nicholson in Antonioni’s The Passenger from 1975 last nite. Brilliant!

Terrible! – Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Tycoon Bernie Ecclestone: My muggi

UK News :: Tycoon Bernie Ecclestone: My mugging nightmare – Breaking news from around the UK

Only a couple of months ´til the Formula 1-season starts…

Just did a great new Nordic Rox-show for the States and realized once more how great The Mascots were in the 60’s. “Stones fell” and “A sad boy” are classic Swedish pop!!!

Finally decided on the first single. Video shoot pretty soon. Lunch now.