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Aaah PG vs NH!!! /P.

Badabam! /P

I made a demo of this song in October 1986. Did I include that one on The Per Gessle Archives???? Can’t remember. Anyway, Anna recorded it. It was the third song she of mine she did. The first one was “30 skäl”. The second one “Varje gång”. /P.

Hurra vad bra! Totte Wallin! /P.

Oh yea! /P.

Looking good! /P.

From RoxetteBlog: Next time you stay at Hotel Tylösand you may be sleeping on Carpe Diem beds (comfy!) and new designed rooms. Åsa has been in charge of the interior design, as she has done with the new Leif’s Bar & Grill If the rooms are as half as nice as the ones on the new building then you are in for a treat! /J

Aaah – the hairdos in the 80’s! /P.

Late xmas look! /P.

Last day of the vacation tomorrow. Back to life. /P.

P G B O O K S U P D A T E :

2014 is the Annus Mirabilis Overdose Year!
Two books on steroids will be released in September 2014.

1. 204 English lyrics + drawings + sketches + comments on most of the songs by me + excerpts from my studio-diaries + private pics + long interview (Sven L) about songwriting etc. This book is in English.
2. 153 Swedish lyrics + drawings + sketches + comments on most of the songs by me + excerpts from my studio-diaries + private pics + two long interviews about songwriting (different journalists…) etc. This book is in Swedish.

Both are, as expected, totally humour-free and will be available as two different items but together they will make a happy marriage. Especially with The PG Archives-box on your lap. /P.

Baking at Hotel Tylösand. Yummy.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Thanx once more for your positive vibes! /P.
PS. Pic by B. Åkerlund
Finger by Gabriel.

SOAP interview! – Artiklar Intervjuer Essäer 1979-2014 – Jan Gradvalls artiklar, intervjuer, krönikor, skivrecensioner, essäer från 1979-2014

PER GESSLE OFFICIAL shared Leifs Lounge official site's status update.

Leifs Lounge official site

En God Fortsättning till er ALLA…
Snart så händer det!!…. i början av februari så kommer vi att stänga Leifs för en total renovering, vi kommer att öppna igen i slutet på april.
Ett helt "nytt" Leifs med restaurang och nattklubb som kommer att bli grymt.
Restaurangen, tänk er bort mot Italien, kött m.m… mer säger jag inte än……
Följ oss här, kommer att lägga upp bilder hela tiden när det "nya" Leifs tar form.


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Look Sharp 25 år – Så tog Roxette över världen – P4 Riks specialprogram | Sveriges Radio

Det är 25 år sedan den svenska duon Roxette släppte sitt succéalbum Look Sharp. I denna nyproducerade dokumentär hör du Per Gessle och Marie Fredrikss…

So folks, thanks for a wonderful year. 2014 will bring new ideas, demands and hopefully lots of smiles on our faces! Keep it up and don’t forget to stay away from the fireworks!!! Cheers! /P.

A great evening. Have to do this again some day…. /P.

Early in the morning……. those morning shows are tuff…. /P.

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Cheers! /P.

Forgot this for a while. It was a great session. /P.

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Used to be a Zlatan! (not…). /P.

A year old but …. what the heck…. nice reading! /P.

On SOAP, Roxette's Per Gessle Flies His Power-Pop Freak Flag Proudly – HomeTechTell

Somewhere over the rainbow is a parallel universe where A.M. radio still rules, John Lennon is still alive and T-Rex never went the way of the dinosaurs. Roxette's Per Gessle seems to have found that pot of pop gold at the end of the rainbow.

Härligt! /P.


Poplight | Per Gessle + Författaren! = NY Roxette succé! | Poplight

Sven Lindström som tidigare skrivit boken Att vara Per Gessle har nu kommit med en bok som är ett måste-ha för alla fans av Roxette! Roxette – Den osannolika resan tur och retur – är minst lika spännande som en deckare… Hur många listettor ska de få? Ska Marie överleva? Ska de göra comeback … ?…


"Look Sharp!" 25 years today!

Amazingly enough it's been 25 years since Roxette's breakthrough album Look Sharp! was released…

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Tried out different varieties of champagne for TPGS. Looks like we’re going for one Blanc des blanc + one Blanc de noirs. Have to fly down to France to do the final touch! They have to be brilliant + unique!!! Release next spring! /P.