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In Helsinki ordering breakfast. Yummy. Look forward to the Rox bonanza tonite.

Superb interview. Great guy!!

Good God! Time flies…..

Exclusive interview: Roxette – 25 years

Roxette celebrated their 25th anniversary on Friday the 8th of July. One day later, just before the concert at the Bospop festival, Daily Roxette reporter Colin van der Bel sat down with Per to talk about Roxette's past and future.

CLARIFICATION! – PART TWO They did not however, state that had the right to sell tickets, they just decided to not make a statement at all. Given the headlines in some Swedish media we want to make this clarification; no case, no winner.
As it was Nojet/Live Nation who initiated this case it is common law that the initiator has to pay for the expenses of the other party.

The Swedish Market Court decided not to open the case Nojet / Live Nation vs. regarding the right to sell tickets to the Roxette Concert in Halmstad last summer. Their reason being that the event had already taken place and the Court saw no reason to make a ruling in the matter.

Scary day!

Thanx for all the Rox 25 B-day greetings. Most appreciated!

Forgot about this. Pretty nice, heh?

Official Facebook-page. The hotel. Where the sun shines.

Hotel Tylösand

230 rum, 32 konferenslokaler, spa i världsklass, 4 restauranger, nattklubb, Sveriges största konstgalleri och mer.

A cover version of WYTB.

Old fav. Soundcheck w/ MF in A-dam. PC Tour 2009. Sounds good.

Great site re Rox on TV! Thanx Tomasz for letting us know!

Roxette on TV

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If you feel the urge to get more info re my SON OF A PLUMBER-project why not visit ?

/::/ Son Of A Plumber /::/

Old fav. The Plastic Bag Man. A-dam PC Tour 2009!

Old fav. Party in my head + Octopus’s garden in Amsterdam. Soundcheck, PC Tour 09.

Old favourite! Party Crasher Tour, Islington, London 2009! Enjoy!

Time flies when you’re eating candy!

Forgot about this! A very funny year & project! Like them all…

Saw “The Social Network” on DVD last nite. Such a great movie. Rare.

Excellent opening with the mighty Terry O’Neill at Hotel Tylösand last night. Some of his pictures are truly stunning!

Old fav. Beer at Leif’s Lounge, Tylösand. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Hey mr DJ in Halmstad, PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Helena loves it in Gent! PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Per going down…. Gent 2009

Old fav. Party Crasher in Gent!!!!

Time flies when you’re eating candy!

Time flies when you’re eating candy!

Old favourite: Party Crasher in Hamburg. Boxing!

Old favourite: Party Crasher in Prague. Chris n Tits.

Old favourite: Party Crasher in Prague. Chris & Bud!

Old favourite! Warszaw Meet + Greet!!