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The MAZARIN band. Terrific tour btw.

The Indian Big Chief 1948! Nowadays you’ll find it in the reception at Hotel Tylösand!

The EN HÄNDIG MAN band! Terrific tour btw.

Gyllene Tider 1978!!!

Hungry at Ferrari.

The mighty Ray!!!

Sing along TV

Richie S + Little S & Co

The old T&A Studio

The Mazarin Tour w/ Jens


Great car!

This got sold at some AIDS auction in 2003.

The moustache says it all

The Pipes!

Hey mr DJ kids

Helicopter 2

Helicopter 1


Stockholm is freezing

The Dolph!

Dinner with mother

A creative moment at the Aerosol Grey Machine

A serious car!

Bryan Ferry in London

If you wanna check out some fab 60’s music: Go to YouTube and check out sixtiespopgold. Great stuff. Awopbopaloobop.

Oh……feel free to visit Roxette Official here on Facebook. Updates on a daily basis. This site is pretty slow….

Funny things happening here….

Per Gessle -The Next Big Thing

Rehearsed some old forgotten gems today. Do you have any favourites we don’t play yet in the live set? The Roxette All Over Europe 2011 Autumn Tour starts a week from today!!!

Fun vids for all ages!

Per Gessle -The Next Big Thing

Per Gessle was born in Halmstad, Sweden, and quickly became a devoted music fan, one of many 60’s kids who dreamed about fronting a pop group. But for Per Gessle, reality would exceed his wildest dreams, making him the uncrowned king of Swedish pop.