Per Gessle appears as a guest solist on DJ Heikki's single "You Don't Want Love"…

Per Gessle appears as a guest solist on DJ Heikki's single "You Don't Want Love". Per added his touch to the song, laid his vocals in a studio in Sweden and that is the full extent on his involvement in this project. DJ Heikki is the artist, it's his single and it's him and his record label who are responsible in making the video. The finished video was presented to Per just the other day and he does not appreciate it at all. Therefore he has chosen not to post it on any of his Facebook- or Twitter pages. /Team PG

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En God Fortsättning till er ALLA... Snart så händer det!!.... i början av februari så kommer vi att stänga Leifs för en total renovering, vi kommer att öppna igen i slutet på april. Ett helt "nytt" Leifs med restaurang och nattklubb som kommer att bli grymt. Restaurangen, tänk er bort mot Italien, kött m.m... mer säger jag inte än...... Följ oss här, kommer att lägga upp bilder hela tiden när det "nya" Leifs tar form. Tjing!

Great tattoo if you ask me! /P.

Great tattoo if you ask me! /P.

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"Hello Mr.Gessle! Roxette's warning to fans who hate me for having the most controversial tattoos WORLD ROXETTIANO, I did for love of Roxette, I love since 1992, I have morals to tattooing what I love, because I know that will never end!" @[100001965176787:2048:David Gonçalves] @[364652802798:274:PER GESSLE OFFICIAL] @[124117970984196:274:Roxette Official]

A year old but …. what the heck…. nice reading! /P.

A year old but .... what the heck.... nice reading! /P.

On SOAP, Roxette's Per Gessle Flies His Power-Pop Freak Flag Proudly - HomeTechTell
Somewhere over the rainbow is a parallel universe where A.M. radio still rules, John Lennon is still alive and T-Rex never went the way of the dinosaurs. Roxette's Per Gessle seems to have found that pot of pop gold at the end of the rainbow.