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The Video! Out now, folks! /P.

Per Gessle - The Finest Prize (feat Helena Josefsson) (Lyric Video)

Per Gessle - The Finest Prize (feat Helena Josefsson) Listen here: (c) & (p) Elevator Entertainment AB under exclusive license ...

Journalist Olle Berggren met Per Gessle and asked him about his duet with Nick Lowe, “Small Town Talk”. Per says it's a dream come true. He sent an e-mail to Nick and suddenly he was in a studio in Stockholm and sang “Small Town Talk”. They recorded the song and at night he sat at Per’s home and drank whiskey and told all the amazing stories from the 70's London. It was a fantastic evening. Not long after, Nick invited Per and Åsa to London, where they celebrated “Nick Lowe, 50 years as an entertainer” at a famous London pub. Per says he has loved Nick since he started with Gyllene Tider. /PP The album is out on 7th September: Selfie by Per Gessle:

So many Roxette hits live. Join the Joyride, folks. Tour info at - Badabam from P.

DID YOU KNOW? 🤔 "The Finest Prize" was originally written for Roxette's "Good Karma" album, but Marie and Per never worked on it for several reasons. So even if the song came out first as "Första pris" in 2017, the "original" version is "The Finest Prize". ;) When translating it into Swedish, Per "tried to capture the same lyrical idea about a woman and a man living in their own universe. Content and strangely unaffected by life’s rewards". There are several English demos recorded at Tits & Ass. 🎶 Hopefully, we get to hear them one day. 🎶 /PP Listen to the song here: Info re "The Finest Prize" comes from the May 2017 RoxBlog interview with Mr. G:


Thanx for listening to my new single ”The Finest Prize”. I wrote it in 2014 for Roxette’s Good Karma-album but we never recorded it. Then I translated it into Swedish two years later and it became ”Första pris”. Now, the original version is coming out of the closet. Me=Happy. Have a fab weekend y’all! /P.

The official lyric video for "The Finest Prize" feat. Helena Josefsson! /P.

Per Gessle - The Finest Prize (feat Helena Josefsson) (Lyric Video)

Per Gessle - The Finest Prize (feat Helena Josefsson) Listen here: (c) & (p) Elevator Entertainment AB under exclusive license ...

Swedish Radio P4 Kristianstad is looking for the summer song of all times. There are 15 songs on the list, but it's actually 2 songs you can choose from. ;) Per Gessle - Här kommer alla känslorna and Gyllene Tider - Det är över nu. Vote for your favourite at the link below! 🌞🎶 /PP

Per Gessle’s new single, ”The Finest Prize” feat. Helena Josefsson is out! 😍 Great teaser for the upcoming album, ”Small Town Talk”, out on 7th September! 🎶 Which version of the song do you prefer: ”Första pris” or ”The Finest Prize”? 🤔 /PP Listen to TFP here: In case the links don’t work, wait until midnight your local time. ;)

Today! "The Finest Prize" feat. Helena Josefsson out NOW! /P.

New single "The Finest Prize" out NOW!

Out now!

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Have you watched Per Gessle's "En vacker kväll" live DVD yet? 🎶✌ /PP

Getting closer and closer to the start of the tour! /P.

Per Gessle's Roxette Tour!

New music coming this Friday! /P.

Coming Soon, Friday July 13.

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Soon! Another tour. Can't wait to see y'all! /P.

Per Gessle - Our kids -

Stockholm 2

Gyllene Tider

Nu gäller det Sverige!! 🇸🇪💥⚽️ ÄR NI MED? Streama #bästnärdetgäller på Spotify ->

For various formats check this link out. CD + double vinyl LP (numbered white edition) + "normal" double vinyl LP. How about a compact cassette or an 8-track cartridge... What d'ya think? /P.

Per Gessle

Yea! Grymt spännande dag. Kl 16 smäller det! /P.

Gyllene Tider

Idag är det dags att vara #bästnärdetgäller 💥 Gå in på Spotify och peppa gärnet inför matchen! Heja Sverige! 🇸🇪💙⚽️ Delar av #CampSweden lägger stödkör 😊

CD + double vinyl album. Sep 7. How about that? /P. PS. Pre-order at

Amazing! Thank you beautiful people for sharing your amazing vids with us! Tuesday's the day!!! /P & The Lads

Gyllene Tider

HYLLNINGSVIDEO TILL VÅRA SVENSKA FOTBOLLSHJÄLTAR! 🇸🇪⚽️☀️ Tack för alla hundratals fina videoklipp som har kommit in till den här hyllningsvideon, det har varit ett nöje att titta på! Tyvärr kunde vi inte använda alla, men VM är inte slut ännu! HEJA SVERIGE! #bästnärdetgäller 💥 #viärsverige #sverigestannar

Berlin! /P.

Ever wondered how good Per Gessle might be at table soccer? ⚽ He had a little time to play while in Berlin. ✌ /PP Subcribers can read a PG report in Bild: Pics by Fabian Matzerath; next to PG it's Bild reporter Özlem Evans in the pics:

Jammin' with the soccer Gods! /P.

Gyllene Tider

Vi laddar inför tisdag med lite bilder från vårt möte med landslaget 🇸🇪⚽️💥Va grymma ni!! #viärsverige #bästnärdetgäller

Yea. Kul ide'! /P.

Gyllene Tider

Vi ska göra en hyllningsvideo till landslaget som pepp inför tisdagens match! 🇸🇪⚽️☀️ Vi skulle bli så glada om så många som möjligt vill hjälpa till att bidra med eget material, t.ex en video där ni firar med vänner framför TV:n eller i en bar. Skicka in era reaktionsfilmer på Sveriges mål i VM! Skicka videon per email till: eller genom DM. Senast lördag kl 15:00 – Märk mailet “VM video” ✨ Tusen tack!!

På tisdag. Bäst när det gäller! /P.

Can't Wait!!!

New single release July 13!!!!

Had two wonderful days in Amsterdam + Berlin meeting the media. Chatting away re the upcoming Euro tour + the new Small Town Talk-album. Nice. /P.

A little promo for the Per Gessle's Roxette tour in Germany. PG says he thinks those who attend the tour are gonna have a blast if they like Roxette songs and it's gonna be magic. /PP Stills are from the video: Get your tickets for the tour here: Thanx for the hint, Evgeny!

Per Gessle is THIS happy that Sweden guaranteed their place in the round of 16 on the World Cup! 😂✌⚽🇸🇪🎶 Heja Sverige! Grattis Sverige! Bäst när det gäller!✌ /PP PG's pic is from his Instagram: Listen to the official Swedish Soccer World Cup song:

Per Gessle's new English solo album is out on 7th September! 🎶 You can already pre-order it in different formats. ✌ /PP

Almost the truth! I think the single release will be July 13. But I don't really know. I'm still confused after the World Cup-game against Germany. /P. PS. Love that vinyl double album!!!!

Per Gessle's new English solo album is out on 7th September! 🎶 You can already pre-order it in different formats. ✌ /PP

Halmstad har bästa stranden i Sverige – igen Halmstad Svenska folket har sagt sitt – den finaste och bästa stranden i hela vårt avlånga land finns i Halmstad! Ledtråd: Den börjar på T. ... och slutar på ylösand. När svenska folket sagt sitt står Halmstad och Tylösand som vinnare av Sveriges bästa och finaste strand – för andra året i rad. – Vi som bor i Halmstad har aldrig tvekat om vilken som är Sveriges finaste strand, men att även resten av svenskarna håller med är nog det bästa betyg man kan få, säger Elisabeth Haglund, VD på Hotel Tylösand, i ett pressmeddelande. I fjol fick stranden dela på förstaplatsen med Böda Sand på Öland, men i år står Tylösand som ensam kung av sand. – Vi säger stort grattis till Tylösand som är väl värda en förstaplacering. Några av framgångsfaktorerna är självklart den fina sandstranden, den härliga semesterstämningen men kanske framför allt Hotel Tylösand som erbjuder pulshöjande after beach, bra restauranger och fina rum med utsikt, säger Lina Eklund, PR-specialist på Resia som tillsammans med SIFO står bakom undersökningen, i ett pressmeddelande.

Svenska Yle's audience chose the best summer songs. “Sommartider” by Gyllene Tider is the winner! 🎶🌞🎶 Per tells the song was ordered by the record company and he finds it difficult to write songs on order. If you listen to other tracks on the album, “Puls”, you can hear that all other songs are much different vs. “Sommartider”. It’s incredible that this song is still around since 1982. Per says summer is sacred in a way. In the North it’s so short and the most important season so you simply have to try and take advantage of it. 🌞 /PP


HERE COMES THE DVD!!!! A great evening to remember and cherish! /P.