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"Look Sharp!" 25 years today!

October 21, 2013 — by Thomas Evensson — Misc, Roxette

Amazingly enough it's been 25 years since Roxette's breakthrough album Look Sharp! was released... Whatever happened? Although the sleeve, and Wikipedia, state the release date as October 19, it was really released the 21st, a Friday. Expressen's reviewer wrote that the album sucked because it contained too many hits. Go figure.

From Wikipedia (modified):

Look Sharp!
Studio album by Roxette
Released     October 19, 1988

Look Sharp! is the second studio album by the Swedish pop duo Roxette. It was recorded at EMI Studios in Stockholm and at Trident II Studios in London between March and June 1988. The album was released on October 19, 1988, two years after their debut Pearls of Passion. The album became an international hit, reaching #23 on the Billboard 200 and spawning the major hit singles "The Look" (U.S. #1), "Listen to Your Heart" (U.S. #1), "Dressed for Success" (U.S. #14), and "Dangerous" (U.S. #2). Because of the worldwide success of the album and its singles, Look Sharp! is considered as Roxette's breakthrough.

The album has sold over 9 million copies worldwide.



Trivia: Happy 20.000th (birth)day, Per!

October 15, 2013 — by Kai-Uwe Heinze — Editorial, Misc, Per Gessle

Oh yes, you may look surprised but today is a special day for Per. As of today, Per Gessle, born on Jan 12, 1959 is exactly 20.000 days old/young. Time to celebrate, open another wine box and sing! The team of The Daily Roxette is sending out the best wishes and wonders what Clarence and Christoffer have prepared for this very special day of tough work in the studio.


Stay (The second time around)

October 3, 2013 — by Chris Oriet — Misc, Roxette

Stumbled on this link about a Johan Lindell song, produced by Clarence in the mid-80s, that went viral because for 9 years nobody could figure out who recorded it! Eventually it aired on Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) and a listener recognized it. Clarence produced it, plays keys on it, Pelle Alsing plays the drums and Tommy Cassemar plays the bass, in 1985. Anyway, thought it was a cute little story you TDR readers might get a kick out of.


If you happen to be in Halmstad this summer, see Absolut Sällström

June 28, 2013 — by Thomas Evensson — Gyllene Tider, Misc, Roxette

HALMSTAD - The absolutely biggest exhibit in Halmstad this year! Rock photos from 1988 - 2013. Domestic and international artists shot under 20 years have been put together in a collection of more than 120 photos shown at Bendt Bil from Aug 3 to September 1.

Many sweet photographs of Yngwie Malmsteen, The Husbands, Iggy Pop, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Back on Stage, Poppiraterna, Gyllene Tider, TOTO, Aerosmith, Cotton Club, Stray Cats, The Creeps, Millas Mirakel, Army of Lovers, Highway Stars, Roxette, Bryan Adams and many more...

Drop by and relive old times as well as recent times.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat 10am-1pm

Anders Sällström has been following Gyllene for many years. Återtåget '96, Mazarin, GT25! and now also the new Live 2013 tour. He's been the band's official photographer before but not this time.

Gyllene will have a wall of their own, with extra photos! (Hard to avoid...)

A large, exclusive photo of the band will be signed in ONE copy, available for bidding. All proceeds will be donated to a, TBD, charity which of course will be decided before August 3.


Finnish metal band covers 'Sleeping In My Car'

May 2, 2013 — by Colin van der Bel — Editorial, Misc, Releases

The Finnish metal band Children of Bodom has announced that their upcoming album will contain a cover version of Roxette's 'Sleeping In My Car'. It has become a tradition for this band to include cover versions of popular songs in their releases, they previously released songs such as 'Aces High' (Iron Maiden),  'Somebody Put Something In My Drink' (Ramones), 'Party All The Time' (Eddie Murphy) and 'Oops!... I Did It Again' (Britney Spears). 'Halo Of Blood' will be released on the 7th of June in Europe.


The album has been released and you can now listen to a preview of the song here:


The Per Gessle Selection grows

March 11, 2013 — by Thomas Evensson — Misc, Per Gessle

The Daily Roxette has reached Per, who is busy in the studio and isn't really on par regarding his new wines. "I'm mastering the album and things are a bit diffuse at the moment... but yes The Per Gessle Selection musters up its courage again!" What he can tell us is that there will be two new selections released in April May. There will be a new summery white wine as well as a rose wine, aptly named Sommartider vitt and Sommartider rosé. "Both wines are quality wines from François Lurton in PG-designed 3 liter Bag-in-boxes." As far as Per recollects the bottles will only be available at restaurants, and possibly even only Hotel Tylösand's restaurant. The b-i-b will be available in Sweden's governmental liquor stores Systembolaget.

Update: Bottled Sommartider will be available for restaurants from March 25 while bag-in-boxed Sommartider will be in Sweden a week later and will go on sale April 2, in the beställningssortiment, i.e. you need to order it to the store. And to add to the general party feeling, the chords and lyrics of "Sommartider" are included on the box!


Gyllene Tider + HBK + Halmia = true!

February 18, 2013 — by Thomas Evensson — Gyllene Tider, Misc

HALMSTAD - Could you be a fan of BOTH Arsenal and Chelsea? Could you be a fan of BOTH Manchester City and Manchester United? Milan AND Inter?
Well, why not? Gyllene Tider certainly can!

Halmstad's sweethearts Gyllene Tider announced today they are gonna be proud sponsors of BOTH Halmstads BK and IS Halmia the upcoming 2013 season. HBK plays in Sweden’s major league while Halmia is a step below in the First Division.

- We are incredibly proud and flattered that Gyllene Tider want to cooperate with us. It feels like a natural partnership between two brands that are strongly associated with the summer-season in Halmstad, says Glenn Silverholt, sales and marketing chief of HBK.

And Halmia's chief of marketing. Per-Gunnar Sjöö, continues:
- Per Gessle, who is a major sponsor of Halmia since many years, is together with the rest of the group sponsoring both Halmia's men and women this thrilling season. We like that!

To show diplomacy of the highest level blue-dressed HBK will have a red Gyllene Tider logo on their backs while red-white Halmia will have a blue logo on theirs.

How did this happen? Well, Gyllene Tider are divided into two soccer camps. Per, MP and Göran are all Halmia-supporters, while Micke Syd wears his HBK cap proudly. Anders you say? He'd rather go fishing!


Another Hollywood hit for Roxette?

January 19, 2013 — by David Di Troia — Misc, Roxette

Men have fantasy-baseball getaways and rock-star camp. For women? There's a Jane Austen vacation.

At least so it goes in the fictional Austenland, Jerusha Hess' romantic comedy of the same name about a place where fans of the author can take a holiday in an English manor. There they live out a “Fantasy Island”-style getaway filled with bodices, high tea and men as fine-looking as Mr. Darcy.

Based on Shannon Hale's novel, the film's  main character is Jane Hayes, a down-in-the-dumps thirtysomething (Keri Russell) who memorized the first three chapters of “Pride and Prejudice” at age 13 and isn’t always sure where the playacting stops and true romance begins.

Hess is a co-writer of Sundance phenomeon "Napoleon Dynamite," which husband Jared co-wrote and directed, and that film's playfulness is much on display here.  (Among the campy touches are musical montages featuring swoony throwback pop ditties like Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth" and Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love," which add to the film’s romantic whimsy.)


In a wonderful balloon - a review

December 12, 2012 — by Thomas Evensson — Exclusive, Misc, Roxette

UPPSALA - The Daily Roxette received a copy of Maria Sörgjerd's book "I en underbar ballong - en bok om att älska Roxette" (In a Wonderful Balloon - a Book about Loving Roxette" published by her own company Fenomena förlag. The book is about Roxette's fans and why they love Roxette. It has been written from a psychological point of view since author Sörgjerd majored in psychology. Maria has also interviewed lots of mainly non-Swedish fans.

So what conclusions does she reach? Well, it's hard to say. Some things are self evident, being a Roxette fan myself. Some things I don't recognize at all. All in all she puts her finger on the small phenomenons that happen when crazy Roxette fans are involved, good things mostly, but also bad things. What I find interesting is that she has also noticed this viscious hostility among Roxette fans. The book tries to describe to outsiders how it is to be a Roxette fan. I'm not sure Maria manages that, if feels like the only ones who would understand this already know. And the ones who don't, won't care, sadly. Roxette is usually never viewed in a positive way in Sweden, not by media at least. What I miss in the book is going deeper in the cases Maria has interviewed. Interesting as they may be, I want to know more about the specific people. What happened in their lives to make them turn to Roxette like a religion? How do you leave your husband/wife/so behind to travel literally thousands of miles to listen to a band that sings in a foreign tongue?

"I en underbar ballong" will initially only be published in Swedish, which is good! Then foreign fans will get another incentive to learn the gods' native language!


A Wonderful Balloon party

December 4, 2012 — by Maria Sörgjerd — Fans, Misc, Roxette

UPPSALA - An ”In a Wonderful Balloon party” was thrown in Uppsala last Saturday, in celebration of the upcoming book release. The guests experienced an all-nighter with Roxette music, balloons, sparkles and an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the book. In the crowd people like Malin Norrgård (responsible for the book’s graphic design) could be spotted, as well as a couple of Roxers mentioned in the book. Another guest – Tove Pehrsson – initiated a book club group on Facebook, called “Vi som läser i en underbar ballong” (Us reading In a Wonderful Balloon). The group is open and you can find it on the Fenomena Förlag profile on Facebook.