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Roxette to take another lap around the world

April 23, 2014 — by Thomas Evensson — Live, Roxette

Yesterday it was announced that Roxette would come to Tallinn, Estonia November 24, and today a Russian site announced these dates. It seems the Neverending Tour is kicking into gear again, and once again it starts in the east.

October 28 - Vladivostok, Fetisov Arena
October 30 - Chabarovsk, Platinum Arena
November 2 - Krasnoyarsk, DS them. Yarygin
November 4 - Novosibirsk Expo Centre
November 7 - Magnitogorsk "Metallurg Arena"
November 9 - Ekaterinburg, DS "Uralets"
November 12 - Saratov, LSD "Crystal"
November 14 - Rostov-on-Don, Sports Palace
November 16 - Krasnodar, Basket Hall
November 19 - St. Petersburg, Ice DS
November 21 - Moscow, Crocus City Hall
November 23 - Tallinn, Estonia

More to come.


Marie in Gävle - top notch

April 12, 2014 — by Thomas Evensson — Exclusive, Live, Marie Fredriksson

GÄVLE - Going into the final, northern, part of the tour Marie visited Gävle in the middle of Sweden tonight. Gävle Concert Hall wasn't sold out, but close to it. There were roughly 35 international fans there, and from what I saw there was even a meet & greet for some of them. Talking to the fans and listening to the crowd after the show I realized this was one of the better shows of the tour. Top 3 even according to some. There were no changes in the setlist, and frankly, I didn't expect it either. Marie was in very good spirits, smiling and almost joking between the songs. Barefoot of course.

The sound was nothing short of amazing! The band was perfect and Marie was brilliant. Christoffer was doing his normal Neil Young wailing and Micke looked stern behind the keys. Second guitar player Jokke Pettersson was all smiles. The audience could have been more "on" but it was a mature audience and you could still see they were enjoying the show. Swedish celebrity Roger Pontare was there. Biggest hits (according to audience reactions) were "Ännu doftar kärlek," "Sparvöga," "Så länge det lyser mitt emot" and "Mellan sommar och höst" where a lot of (other) people stood up. The newer material, being only two songs, didn't seem to hit the spot though.

All in all, a very good concert, albeit at 1.25 it felt a bit short.


Gothenburg: Marie's favorite show

March 16, 2014 — by Paul Belben — Exclusive, Live, Marie Fredriksson

GOTHENBURG - Around 1,200 fans squeezed into the Göteborg Konserthus last night.  From the sound of the audience reaction, it felt more like 12,000!  Marie was visably moved by the reaction from the audience and mentioned that this was the best show on the tour so far.  The audience jumped to their feet as soon as "Kom vila hos mig" started!  

Having never been to a Marie-solo concert before, this reporter wasn't sure what to expect.  What was delivered on the night by Marie and her band was excellent.  Marie was on top form! Super-top form in fact!  From the moment she entered the stage (barefoot again), Marie's vocals were excellent, and there were no obvious lyric issues.



Barefoot and full of energy in Växjö

March 11, 2014 — by Ailsa Plain — Exclusive, Live, Marie Fredriksson

VÄXJÖ - Marie came out to a wave of cheers and applause as she entered the stage (barefoot) in Växjö on Saturday night - cheers that disappeared in an instant as soon as Marie began singing "Så stilla, så långsamt" with only Christoffer's acoustic guitar as her guide. So quiet that that you could literally hear a pin drop - every single person in the audience completely captivated by this amazing voice - fiercely strong, yet heart achingly vulnerable at the same time. From the very first note she sang until she left the stage, Marie had everyone's undivided attention. Nothing less than she deserved.

Marie took the time to thank the Roxette fans for coming along to the show – a comment which was met with loud cheers and a lot of clapping, particularly from the first three rows.



Marie in Helsingborg - what a treat!

February 20, 2014 — by Neil Curran — Editorial, Live, Marie Fredriksson

HELSINGBORG - I wanted to write a review for Marie's Helsingborg concert, but I feel this is going to turn into much more than a review, because I think I have to explain the other things to show just how special this was to me. I still remember quite clearly the first time I heard of Roxette. It was on UK TV in 1990, where they played clips of 3 songs: "It Must Have Been Love," "Listen To Your Heart" and "Dressed for Success." I could also vaguely remember "The Look" from the year before, but it hadn't really registered at the time. It wasn't really the songs that hooked me in, it was Maries voice, and I knew I had to hear more of it. I remember going for a search for their record, but Look Sharp! was nowhere to be find in my local record store. I eventually found the LP in the tiny music section of a department store called 'Littlewoods'  and that was me hooked for the next 25 years!

Of course I didn't have any Internet access back then so had to me a little more innovative to find out about the latest releases. I would regularly be asking my local record store to check when the next Roxette release was happening. If I didn't get any joy from them I would sometimes call the EMI headquarters in London, although on most occasions they weren't particularly helpful. In fact because of them I missed out on Roxette's show in London in 1995 to coincide with the release of Don't Bore Us... but that's a story for another time. I can't remember when exactly, but at one point I became aware of the fan club in Holland and that became invaluable for finding out about the latest releases. The fanzines were also fantastic for getting much more information about the band, exclusive interviews and information about the recording process and advance notice of when the next record would be released. It was from being a member of the fan club that I also became aware of Pearls of Passion, as well as their solo projects, and from that moment on (from 1991 from what I remember) I spent all my money ordering various rarities from Record Collector magazine as well as buying all the old Marie/Per/GT albums (on CD by that point!)



Marie Fredriksson's 2014 tour kicks off

February 20, 2014 — by Paul Belben — Live, Marie Fredriksson

HELSINGBORG - Last night saw the premiere of Marie Fredriksson's long awaited 2014 solo tour at the Helsingborg Konserthus, an intimate venue in one of Sweden's southernmost cities. Aftonbladet gave the show 4/5 while Expressen and Helsingborgs Dagblad stayed with 3/5. 

There was official merchandise on sale which included T-shirts, candles, posters and iPhone covers to satisfy every need.  From the pictures that Rockfoto have published, it looked like Marie was clearly enjoying being back on stage singing her Swedish songs after a long 14 year wait.  

18 songs in total were played and the setlist was:

Så stilla så långsamt
Kom vila hos mig
Bara för en dag
Det regnar igen
Sista sommarens vals
Ber bara en gång
Ett hus vid havet
Ett bord i solen
Så skimrande var aldrig havet
Ännu doftar kärlek
Så länge det lyser mittemot
Om du såg mig nu
Efter stormen
Den sjunde vågen
Mellan sommar och höst
Den bästa dagen



Venue change for Marie's Halmstad concert

February 13, 2014 — by Paul Belben — Live, Marie Fredriksson

Marie Fredriksson's concert in Halmstad on Friday 21 March has had a venue change. The concert will now be held at Halmstad Theatre.

The reason behind this change is to give the Halmstad audience the same intimate experience as the other concerts on this tour. All tickets purchased are, of course, valid for the new venue.

If you have any questions, please contact the organisers -


New Roxette tour in 2014(?)

November 28, 2013 — by Kai-Uwe Heinze — Live, Roxette

Well, it has not been officially confirmed yet but both Marie and Per are publicly talking about a possible new Roxette tour "later" in 2014. Dates, places, prices, setlists, meet&greets? Too early to tell. We are quite sure though that should there really be a tour, we can expect another Roxette album somewhen next spring or early summer. Remember that Marie will be busy doing her solo tour in Sweden until the end of April 2014.

It may be tough to beat Bob Dylan who at the moment has done 2,561 concerts on his own "Neverending tour" but with a little support from the Roxette fanbase, this goal seems feasible, don't you think?


Roxette - Travelling the world

November 8, 2013 — by Thomas Evensson — Live, Releases, Roxette

Considering that Roxette is one of Scandinavia's most successful bands, it is really about time that there is a documentary about the band.

And given that the group during its sensational comeback tour 2011-2012 played before 1.5 million ecstatic people in 46 countries, it is as much high time for a concert film that shows where the group is right now.

All this and much more fits into the Blu-ray/DVD/CD package "Roxette Live: Travelling The World" which comes out on December 6 and thus should be regarded as the year's most obvious gift for the world's Roxette fans.

In fact, Roxette hasn't released a concert film since the group's first heydays, when they recorded the Crash!Boom!Bang! concert in Johannesburg before an audience of 52,000 people January 14, 1995. Infinitely more drama and darkness lies between this distant golden age and the unbacked resurgence in 2011-2012. Everything is captured here.

We get for instance a complete concert with 90 minutes of an inspired and energetic Roxette live from Curitiba, Brazil, Cordoba in Argentina and Santiago in Chile. The band had by this time been trimmed into an incorruptible and totally buffed rock machine that night after night pumped out 20 of their world hits with an energy that seemed inexhaustible. The film really captures the ecstatic mood of a typical concert in South America in the spring 2012, from the introduction of "Dressed for Success" to the sing-along party in the final encore "Church of Your Heart."

In addition to the concert film is also the poignant and insightful documentary "It All Begins Where It Ends," recorded on the road while Roxette for eighteen months did their unique return to the world stage. Join us behind the scenes, in the bus, at the airport, meet fans around the world and hear the stories of the events that shaped one of Sweden's most fascinating musical destinies.

Also included is a live CD with 16 tracks, recorded at the Teatro Caupolicán in the Chilean capital Santiago May 12, 2012 and the band members themselves classified as one of the tour's absolute highlights. It also contains lots of exciting extras in the form of Per Gessle's backstage films during the tour, the recording of the album Travelling and insights into life on stage just off the headlights.

At the same time a digital/streaming version of the live recording from the Teatro Caupolicán in Santiago will be released with two bonus tracks: "Silver Blue" concert favorite that Roxette fans voted the most desired live song on Facebook, as well as the acoustic encore "Church of Your Heart."

In short, it's like Christmas for everyone with a heart for the band that got up at nine, and took back the championship title when it was the least expected.



What's to come? A Roxette & related recap...

November 1, 2013 — by Kai-Uwe Heinze — Gyllene Tider, Live, Marie Fredriksson, Releases, Roxette

BERLIN - Blowing the dust off... (and for you guys who don't hang on Facebook)

Well, as you know there is this Christmas season approaching again as usual and so you're gonna need some gifts. Let's see...


"Roxette Live Travelling The World"

release date: December 6, 2013

format: BD & CD and DVD & CD

subtitles: English, German, Spanish

video tracks:(source

  1. Dressed for Success
  2. Sleeping in My Car 
  3. The Big L
  4. Silver Blue 
  5. Stars 
  6. She's Got Nothing on (But the Radio)
  7. Perfect Day
  8. Things Will Never be the Same
  9. It Must Have Been Love 
  10. It's Possible
  11. 7Twenty7
  12. Fading Like a Flower
  13. Crash! Boom! Bang!
  14. How Do You Do!
  15. Dangerous
  16. Joyride
  17. Spending My Time
  18. The Look
  19. Listen to Your Heart
  20. Church of Your Heart

Documentary: It All Begins Where It Ends - The Incredible Story of Roxette

extras (BD only):

  1. Part 1 "So, Christoffer?"
  2. Part 2 "Studio Work"
  3. Part 3 "Travelling"
  4. Mikael Nogueira-Svensson - The Secret Life of a Guitar Tech

audio tracks (CD):

  1. Dressed for Success (Live from Santiago 2012)
  2. Sleeping in My Car (Live from Santiago 2012)
  3. The Big L (Live from Santiago 2012)
  4. She's Got Nothing on (But the Radio) [Live from Santiago 2012]
  5. Perfect Day (Live from Santiago 2012)
  6. It Must Have Been Love (Live from Santiago 2012)
  7. It's Possible (Live from Santiago 2012)
  8. 7Twenty7 (Live from Santiago 2012)
  9. Fading Like a Flower (Live from Santiago 2012)
  10. Crash! Boom! Bang! (Live from Santiago 2012)
  11. How Do You Do! (Live from Santiago 2012)
  12. Dangerous (Live from Santiago 2012)
  13. Joyride (Live from Santiago 2012)
  14. Spending My Time (Live from Santiago 2012)
  15. The Look (Live from Santiago 2012)
  16. Listen to Your Heart (Live from Santiago 2012)

audio tracks (iTunes and Spotify only):

  1. Silver Blue
  2. Church of Your Heart