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Roxette cancel their summer tour: “The joyride on the road is over now – but we sure had fun, didn’t we?”

Roxette were supposed to start the last leg of their massive RoXXXette 30th Anniversary Tour on June 3rd. However, singer Marie Fredriksson has been advised by her doctors to refrain from touring and as a consequence all the summer shows are cancelled. Their last performance was to be at the Grand Arena in Cape Town, South Africa on February 8 earlier this year.

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“XXX – The Daily Roxette Show”: Tour continues at Hotel Tylösand

+++ The following story was our April Fools Joke for 2016. No word of it is true, except that Pelle likes shorts. +++
The Daily Roxette goes on tour. Well, sort of. As we have heard from a source close to the management, Roxette will continue their XXX tour even after the already announced summer dates. The plan is to stay in Sweden for a couple of months in 2017, the shows will be placed in Per Gessle's Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad and the title will be... drum roll... "The Daily Roxette show". Time to ask The Man a couple of questions...

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Roxette to play Tatton Park

Good news for the UK fans.

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TDR: The Durban Report!

DURBAN - What a night! Certainly one to remember and one to note in the Roxette history books as a celebration of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle's 30 year career as Roxette.

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Roxette rock the Ticketpro Dome

JOHANNESBURG - For me, seeing a Roxette concert in Johannesburg has been a long time coming. I was 9 years old when the Crash! Boom! Bang! tour stopped at Ellis Park Stadium, and for obvious reasons I was not allowed to go.

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Next Stop: South Africa as XXX re-launches in 2016

With the Silly Season behind us all, it won't be long before Roxette re-ignite their mammoth XXX World Tour.

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New tour dates 2016

New dates have started to emerge. 12 concerts confirmed so far in 2016, more surely to appear within days.

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Warsaw – the awkward front row review

WARSAW - It all begins... Imagine: it’s early July, you are just back from a few concerts and some holidays, googling “Roxette Warszawa” (as the concert in the Torwar Hall, Warsaw, happened less than two weeks ago) and among reviews and photos you find an information that Roxette will cross your country again, just in a couple of weeks. Wow.

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Elvefestival: One more time, Europe!

DRAMMEN - Roxers like to call this the Neverending Tour, of course with a twinkle in the eye. For me, besides its fun aspect, the expression also represents a very powerful idea, a mighty thought which, among others, strengthens us in our fan-being, a beautiful scenario filled with love and dedication.

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Rox in Drammen, part 1

DRAMMEN - When you write a review about a concert which closes a tour it is easy to get a bit nostalgic, but I don't want mine to be so, and I prefer to fill my words just with positivity, gratefulness and passion, which is what I honestly feel at the end of Roxette's European tour.

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The Joyride continues to South Africa!

Roxette return to South Africa in 2016

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Sjöhistoriska: It’s where the water flows…

STOCKHOLM – “Shattered by rain", Marie sang during Roxette's epic ballad “Crash! Boom! Bang!”, while the drops were dancing wildly in the glow of the stage lights. In fact, the heavy rain did not destroy anything that night.

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Roxette in Gothenburg – 4 years later!

Exactly 4 years to the day, Roxette returns to Slottsskogvallen.

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Roxette at home

HALMSTAD - Between the organization of the fans at the gate and the tight security, no one
needed to or was allowed to run to the front row. For the most part, everything was very calm and orderly. Big relief.

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London Baby! – RoXXXette @ The O2.

LONDON - My Roxette History: In brief, it's my 4th ever Roxette concert despite being a fan since 1988. My Parents thought me to young to attend the Joyride or indeed Crash! Boom! Bang! World Tours when they hit the UK back in the early nineties. I don't think I ever forgave them for that. I've followed them since 1988 and have amassed a Roxette Collection to be proud of. My latest item being the rare French "Fading Like A Flower" CD Single with the Black Cover. Love it!

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Roxette conquers London’s O2 Arena!

LONDON - (This review is a little bit late being posted – flights were delayed due to technical reasons and weather and then my luggage was lost. The joys of living on an island! It’s here now though!)

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Roxette – live at Sunset

ZURICH – There I was standing. With my hands placed on the edge of the stage, lowering my head in order to relax my neck for a moment, asking me what has just happened in the last 100 minutes.

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Roxette blasts Piazza Grande to bits

LOCARNO - What can I say?? God bless Switzerland! But let's start from the beginning, yes, I mean the beginning for me. Even though I have been a fan for so many years, Locarno has a special place in my heart because it's the place where my dream of seeing Roxette live became true for the first time in 2011.

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stage b&wstage b&w

Mainz: The fans speak up

Following on from our post on Monday about the aftermath of the cancelled Mainz show which focused on the various aspects of putting on a concert and what happens when a concert has to be cancelled, TDR got involved in various discussions on social media (with partially personal attacks aimed at some of our reporters) regarding meeting band members outside of hotels.

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What’s the deal? A word about Mainz, wind, contracts and fans

The concert in Mainz last night had to be canceled due to strong winds. Or was it because of the stage? What is it all about? And what do you actually get when you buy a ticket, or even 100?

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Roxette hits Bad Kissingen

BAD KISSINGEN - Dear fellow Roxette fans, today while trying to escape the heat, I thought a lot about what to write in this review about Roxette’s visit to Bad Kissingen. And believe me, it wasn’t easy to find the right words.

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“Two and three, no flash!”

The outcome of three Roxette concerts from a TDR photographer's point of view. Then there are around 100 photos to look at thus it might take a second to load this page. We think it's worth it, though.

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Roxette in Dresden 2015, photo by Kai-Uwe Heinze for The Daily RoxetteRoxette in Dresden 2015, photo by Kai-Uwe Heinze for The Daily Roxette

Roxette in Dresden, certainly a night to remember

DRESDEN - Just 24 hours after an explosive show in Berlin Roxette has finally found its way to Dresden, Germany. It was the first time they played this town. They did this pretty well, as you can read here. Yet there are some points worth being mentioned.

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Roxette in Berlin, 2015Roxette in Berlin, 2015

Best Roxette concert in Berlin ever, and here’s why

BERLIN - Okay, when you've seen a band play a couple of times you think you've seen it all already. Good that even a Daily Roxette reporter can still be surprised.

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Roxette in Warsaw 2015Roxette in Warsaw 2015

Warsaw 2015: The photos

Whenever The Daily Roxette attends a concert we try to capture the best moments in photos for you. This time we were in Warsaw, Poland, and now you find here not less than 42 huge pictures for your pleasure. Click = full-screen.

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Hearts for Roxette: Warsaw 2015Hearts for Roxette: Warsaw 2015

Hearts up, baby, hearts up: A heart shaped Warszaw(a)

Roxette in Warsaw is always something special but this time Polish fans made sure this evening will be remembered by the band, too.

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© Jessica Varta© Jessica Varta

Good Reporter checking in from Antwerp

ANTWERP - Usually I write concerts experiences for myself and of course in my native tongue. But sometimes you have to do something different, right?

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Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 2015-11Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 2015-11

Amsterdam: Dutch Paradise

AMSTERDAM - To put it in Per's words as he posted on Facebook, yesterday evening another "Dutch Paradise" took place in an almost sold-out Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.

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Good Reporter in Paris

PARIS - Roxette back in France 23 years later. In 1992, I was 12. Definitely too young to drive a car and go to see Roxette live at Le Zénith (I live in south of France, in Marseilles) for the join the joyride summer tour.

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Roxette in Prague, photo by ValeriaRoxette in Prague, photo by Valeria

Good reporter: Magic nights in Prague

PRAGUE - As you know, on FB, there is a platform for talking about tour plans, tickets, meetings etc. On this platform, a fan from Russia, Anya, has posted an idea about meeting the Rox fans before the Prague show. First we had this idea to meet in a pizzeria and have a chat together.. BUT....

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Roxette in Romania, photo by Christian D.Roxette in Romania, photo by Christian D.

Good Reporter: Roxette in Romania – Episode 3

BUCHAREST - We have been waiting many years for them and we were blessed with the third visit of Roxette in Romania.

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bcn IMG_0856 (05-15-15-12-24-50)bcn IMG_0856 (05-15-15-12-24-50)

Good Reporter reports in: Barcelona

BARCELONA - Enjoy a gallery from the Barcelona concert at the Sant Jordi Club the other night!

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