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Contest Day, part 1: Win a chance to visit Chris in the AGM studio!

April 1, 2014 — by TDR Editorial — Exclusive, Fans, The Daily Roxette

This was sadly an April's Fools day joke - this time!

The Daily Roxette is thankful and proud to offer four of our readers the chance to visit Christoffer Lundquist in his mighty AGM studios. You will see the actual recording studio, the mighty studio cats and “Gubbens hus,” the place the guys (except for Per) stay at night. Of course you can ask Chris all your important questions and try the two echo chambers to your liking. All you have to do is write an email to telling us what the acronym AGM actually stand for.

Please observe the following rules that we had to introduce in order not to reveal the actual location of the studio to the winners:

The trip will take place in the end of April 2014, we’ll start at the Central station in Malmö. The exact date will be disclosed to the winners exclusively. A maximum of 4 winners will be allowed which is due to the limits of the van we will drive you with from Malmö to the AGM. The participants will have to agree to get blindfolded during the ride, all mobile phones and cameras and other devices with GPS functionalities will have to remain in a locker at Malmö station. Don’t worry, photos of this event will be taken for you and sent out afterwards. The winners will have to make sure that they can manage to travel to Malmö at the given date at their own costs. Sorry, you can’t bring your friends or cats with you. Only emails arriving today will be qualified to take part in the contest.


The winner of TDR's photo contest is...

August 16, 2013 — by TDR Editorial — Exclusive, Fans, Gyllene Tider, The Daily Roxette

The Daily Roxette, in cooperation with Anders Sällström, sponsored a photo contest during Gyllene Tider's successful summer tour. The task was to capture   the energy of the concert tour or some other aspect of being a fan. Many interesting photos arrived from everywhere and picking a winner was difficult. An exclusive photo taken by Anders at the secret GT gig at Penny Lane in Halmstad in 1995 will be awarded to Marta Artesero Coll from Spain. The jury, consisting of TDR's photographer team (Colin van der Bel, Kai-Uwe Heinze and Thomas Evensson) along with Anders serving as guest juror, made the selection.

One of Marta's interests is photography. She told TDR that she's been learning for the last two years and that she loves taking photos at concerts. Her winning photo was taken at the Ronneby concert.

"My story as a fan began when The World According to Gessle was released back in 1997. That's when everything started for me. I discovered Gyllene Tider when I started to buy things related to Roxette. And I always loved them. Their music is so great! And live? What can I say! Being there with two friends who are fans like me was really special," said Marta.

This was her second time traveling to Sweden and the first seeing Gyllene Tider live in concert. She enjoyed three concerts: Malmö, Ronneby and Linköping. She exclaimed she had the time of her life!

"It was such a wonderful experience. And meeting Per after one of those concerts made the trip even more special!"

One of the jurors had this to say about the winning photo: "In my opinion, this is an excellent picture. It clearly shows the pure fun Per and MP are having on stage performing, hinting at a similar atmosphere in the crowd. At the same time it shows old friends doing what, to them, must feel like one of the best things in the world and enjoying it immensely."

See the photo in a larger version.



A Wonderful Balloon party

December 4, 2012 — by Maria Sörgjerd — Fans, Misc, Roxette

UPPSALA - An ”In a Wonderful Balloon party” was thrown in Uppsala last Saturday, in celebration of the upcoming book release. The guests experienced an all-nighter with Roxette music, balloons, sparkles and an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the book. In the crowd people like Malin Norrgård (responsible for the book’s graphic design) could be spotted, as well as a couple of Roxers mentioned in the book. Another guest – Tove Pehrsson – initiated a book club group on Facebook, called “Vi som läser i en underbar ballong” (Us reading In a Wonderful Balloon). The group is open and you can find it on the Fenomena Förlag profile on Facebook.


Roxette 2012 - FANtastic!

November 24, 2012 — by Colin van der Bel — Exclusive, Fans, Live, Roxette, The Daily Roxette, Video

ROXETTE 2012 - FANtastic! : A mini-documentary about Roxette's 2012 world tour.

Here's our story of Roxette's world tour and the special relationship between the band and the fans. Of course we couldn't have done this without the help of many people, especially you readers of the Daily Roxette. Thank you kindly!

Recorded on the 29th of June at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Produced exclusively for the Daily Roxette. Shot, edited and directed by TDR reporter Colin van der Bel. Want to read more about how this video was made (technically speaking) and see some behind-the-scenes pictures? Head on over to Colin's blog.


"In a Wonderful Balloon" - a book about loving Roxette

October 19, 2012 — by Thomas Evensson — Fans, Misc, Roxette

UPPSALA - Maria Sörgjerd, hailing from Uppsala Sweden, got so fascinated with the Roxette fans outside of Sweden so she wrote a book about it. The book is called "I en underbar ballong - en bok om att älska Roxette" ("In a Wonderful Balloon - A Book about Loving Roxette") and it will be published by her own company Fenomena Förlag early December. Maria tells The Daily Roxette that she's been writing this book for a while, contacting fans outside of Sweden to get their stories. What's different about the book is that it's written about the fans mostly, about what a phenomenon Roxette is to the fans. What makes a person learn Swedish over the Internet and then travel literally thousands of miles to see Roxette, Per, Marie or Gyllene Tider on "holy ground"?, she wondered.

Maria, being a huge Roxette fan herself, is a psychology teacher in Uppsala and has written the book from a psychological perspective, but has tried her best to write it in a way that most anyone will appreciate it. "I en underbar ballong" will not initially be translated into any language, mostly because Maria can't do it herself and she obviously still doesn't know if it will be a success. She doesn't rule it out though.


A Canuck traveling with Roxette

September 13, 2012 — by Ian Seggie — Editorial, Fans, Roxette

Roxette World Tour - September 2012

After many years working in the media, and with the opportunity to interview Roxette’s Per Gessle several years ago, this media/long-time fan and supporter had been waiting 20 years to FINALLY see one of Sweden’s biggest exports perform live again in North America.

“If You Had One Wish, What Would it Be?”

In April 2012 Roxette announced they would perform again in New York City September 2.  Without any thought I grabbed my calendar and checked my work schedule for September then grabbed to phone to make a call to my good buddy Thomas in Sweden.  “Hey, so are we going?!”  Thomas replies, “That’s a big 10-4!”

“C’mon Join The Joyride”

Tickets bought, flights booked, and then at long last Roxette announces not just a few dates in Canada but 8 in total! This was just too good to be true! Grabbed my calendar again and checked out what dates would fit into my busy schedule and sure enough; Edmonton and Vancouver were a go!  Front row seats were booked, hotels and flight in early May and my 20-year anticipation to Join The Joyride was now in the wings and waiting.  Some close friends in Calgary were also ready to Joyride with us to New York and they also booked their trip from Alberta to the Big Apple.



And the winners are...

September 8, 2012 — by Thomas Evensson — Exclusive, Fans, Misc, Roxette

The Daily Roxette in cooperation with Roxette's official web store are proud to present the winners in our contest.

The lucky winners are:

Michael Persson, Sweden
Samu Reijonen, Finland
Kathie Winn, Australia
Gábor Keleti, Hungary
Christina Röhrs, Germany

Congratulations to your €10 gift cards!

The correct answers are as follows:

1. Where does the name "Roxette" originate from?
From a Dr Feelgood song (Roxette).

2. What does T&A stand for in the famous Studio T&A?
Tits & Ass

3. "Writing songs with XX was like a long joyride." was said by?
Sir Paul McCartney (talking about John Lennon of course.)



Win Meets & Greets in the US

August 22, 2012 — by Jennifer Malcome — Exclusive, Fans, Roxette

RoxetteFansUSA lets us know that there are four contests in the air to win exclusive meets and greets with Per and Marie. The contests are open to US citizens and residents only. Download the PDF to get the full rules. Seven lucky winners per concert will meet Per and Marie. Questions to be directed directly to RoxetteFansUSA:


Roxin’ Romania

July 23, 2012 — by Corina Lesu — Exclusive, Fans, Live, Roxette

CLUJ - For the second time, in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania 22,000 people gathered at the newly built Cluj Arena, the tickets to both the Golden Circle and the VIP Pit having been sold-out. This was the biggest concert so far this year and one of the big ones since the start of this Neverending Tour last year, after the Bospop Festival (Weert, NL) and the gigs held at Tivoli (Copenhagen, DK) and Slottsskogsvallen (Gothenburg, SE). Fantastic atmosphere? You betcha! Outstanding performance? Oh yeah! Like Mr. G himself said, you should have been there!

The magic started from the very moment the band entered the stage. Deafening cheers and screams could be heard, clapping hands all around, video cameras held high in the air with the Rec button on, photo camera flashes going one after another. It had been a bit over a year since the first ever concert in Bucharest, but the Rox hunger seemed to have only grown stronger in this corner of Europe. Every song, from the rocky up-tempos to the more laid-back ballads was met with joy and enthusiasm and sang along to, the crowd sometimes completely obliterating the singing on the stage.



Changes to The Look for Roxette

July 23, 2012 — by Evgeny Perekopskiy — Fans, Misc, Roxette

MOSCOW - Today, July 23, 2012, the team of The Look for Roxette, has decided to open the Web-site for all the rox-collectors to upload important infomation regarding rox-related on the site. The team understands how it is important not to lose information related to Roxette and feel the full importance of searching, finding and uploading this information. Each and every registered member can now upload to the enormous base of Roxette-related releases, and each and every fan can now make his or her contribution in enrichment of the site.

To add the absent release at the site, after log in each member can use the "Add release" link that can be easily found at My Account or by using the direct link.  If you want to send any additional information about the release, which is already included in, please send it from the page of that release through the link “Help Us”. For all other questions you may have, please use “Contact Us”.

Let's make and save the history of Roxette together!