“Addeboy vs Cliff” meets “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?”

Addeboy vs Cliff give their take on Good Karma’s piano ballad.

The next single release from Good Karma will be a treat for hard core fans with a 4-track CD single featuring 2 remixes of “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?”, plus the album version and the release will also feature the original recording of fan favorite “From a Distance”. The preliminary release date is November 4.

The official third single from Roxette’s tenth studio album Good Karma is the uptempo remix of “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?” created by the album’s collaborators; Addeboy vs Cliff.

The stirring and sombre piano of the album version has been replaced with an uptempo EDM vibe all the while keeping Marie’s original vocals intact. The enchanting, hypnotic backing vocals heard throughout the original recording welcomes the listener to the new updated version before Addeboy vs Cliff pick up the tempo and slowly sprinkle their electro magic over the track and by the second verse the song is in full swing with all of Addeboy vs Cliff’s signature bells and whistles sweeping through this ethereal style make over. The end result is a lush, seductive affair with a contemporary charm.

In addition to the Addeboy vs Cliff version, the single also features a light and airy “Tropical House” remix by Patrick Jordan who also did a mix of “Some Other Summer” for its CD and digital release. Although the tempo is also increased on this one, the sparseness of the production gives it more of a “chill out” feel and distinguishes the song from both the original album recording and the Addeboy vs Cliff version.

The Daily Roxette can also confirm that “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?” will be released on CD in conjunction with the standard digital release – the above pictured green-hued butterfly motif will serve as the sleeve design.

In further good news for die-hard fans, the CD will contain the original “pre-Good Karma” version of “From a Distance” before Addeboy vs Cliff put their mark on it and it became track #6 on Roxette’s latest album. This previously unreleased original recording is the “dreamier” version of “From a Distance” before Team Rox suggested making it more uptempo. As Per Gessle previously explained to The Daily Roxette the original version of “From a Distance” was originally recorded as a ballad “…The first version we recorded with Rox was a very dreamy ballad but we felt like we had too many ballads around so we gave Marie’s lead vocals to AvsC and asked if they could do an uptempo version instead… we might use it one day…” – that day has arrived and the original version is now available for all Roxers to enjoy.

Track List to “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?” CD single release:

  1. 01. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? (Addeboy vs Cliff Remix)
  2. 02. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? (Patrick Jordan Remix)
  3. 03. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? (Original version)
  4. 04. From a Distance (Sing Sing version)



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October 17th, 2016

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  • Jesu

    And when will this happen? I’m eager to listen to my Good Karma’s favourite track, From a distance 😀

  • Skyrider

    Looking really forward to this release. I’d still prefered Good Karma or This One as single, but if the new version is as good as From a distance this could be quite awesome.

  • Tridy

    I am not complaining but It would be cool to get the slim plastic case maxi single instead of the cardboard. I think Reveal was the last one in plastic.
    Otherwise it would be pretty interesting to hear the Remix version of WDYBMF, I was nicely surprised with their version “From a Distance” but I can see that many fans will adore it because it is the “untouched original” version of the song. But exciting, nevertheless!

  • Bonta-kun

    Chances of seeing it on UK shelves: zero.

  • silviabräutigam

    ich freue mich schon auf die CD die jetzt raus kommt .von Roxette von Marie Fredriksson und Per Gessel

  • silviabräutigam

    ich wünsche mir von Marie Frediksson und Per Gessel und noch mehr Song,s auf die neuen CD raus bringen das wer so schön

  • silvia bräutigam

    Ich freue mich auf die schnelle cd die jetzt raus kommt am 4 November mit grüne Schmetterling und ich wünsche mir dass bald wieder neue cd. Von roxette Marie Fredriksson und Per Gessle mer raus bringen mit ganz viel neues Song.s und die beiden sie fehlen mir ganz toll und muss immer an die beiden viel denken

  • silvia bräutigam

    Marie Fredriksson und Per Gessle die fehlen mir ganz schöne.schade das die nicht mehr auf die Bühne sind so schöne Song singen.

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