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The last couple of days has really changed my perspective on life and values – because I now feel a little more personally connected to Maries previous tragic illnes and fight for survival and gaining back to life.

Especially the song “No one makes it on her own” really touches me in a way it hasn’t done before.

It’s all about my dad.

My dad is 69 years old and a retired policeman and was generally in good health. I have just turned 33.

Here is my story:

Within the last month or so my dear beloved father gradually has changed. His ability to walk and sense of balance suddenly went a whole lot worse. His mouth began to hang in the left side…
His personality changed to way more reserved than before… His mood changed to worse. His memory worsened…

All these symptoms began to show their ugly face… The first couple of weeks we began to wonder whether he had started suffering from a depression or such… We convinced him to visit his doctor, but they sent him home again telling us that he
was perfectly fit…

It soon turned out to be completely wrong. Early this week, my father rolled on the floor when he went to the bathroom. My mother trying to pick him up and helped him out to the bathroom. At this point he could not even stand straight on his legs

My mother called 112 (Emergency call in Denmark) for an ambulance fearing that he might have suffered a stroke.

This week then turned into the worst nightmare I have ever experienced in my whole life. Anything suddenly went upside down. It soon became obvious to my nearest family and I that this could be a matter of life and death.

My dad has now been through a bunch of medical examinations, a couple of CT/MR scannings – and the result now indicates, that he might actually suffer from a braintumor.

There is though great indications that he might “only” have some edema in his brain because the medication he now is receiving has already significantly improved his condition.

The final examinations are still not completed – probably mid next week and only time will tell whether or not my dad is undergoing necessary surgery.

I pray for the best – because my dad is the most amazing person in my life – he has given me such a secure, caring and good childhood – and I’m really not ready to let go yet (will I ever be?). I think it’s at least 10 years too early.

This tragic event really changes you and your nearest family. My perspective on life really has changed. Suddenly other problems seems like “a-walk-in-the-park”…

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