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  ★ TDR Archive for December 25th, 2018

Still one of the best Xmas greetings ever, isn't it? ⭐🤩⭐ /PP Stills are from this Merry Christmas video 2009:

Per's 60 for 60. #19 Vilket håll du än går (Any Direction You Go). The opening track on "Mazarin" is a sweet declaration of love. Wherever you go, I will follow. Short and sweet. The girl is apparently leaving him, but that won't stop him. Jag är där/Jag kommer alltid att vara där/Mmm, jag är här/Jag kommer alltid att vara här "I'm there, I will always be there. I'm here, I will always be here." He loves her. I hope it works out for him, her, them. #per60

Vilket håll du än går

Per's 60 for 60. This is #19 of TDR's hand-picked list of songs from Per Gessle's career.