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A year or so before Roxette was born! /P.

Good q! /P.

If your life depended on PERFECTLY singing the LYRICS to 1 Roxette song start to finish, which would you choose? 🎶🎤🤔 (No matter if it's out of tune. 😜) You can pick ANY Roxette song, but only 1! ✌ /PP

Per's 60 for 60. #25 Theme from "Roberta Right". Number 25! The mighty 25 biggest songs from Per Gessle! And what a way to start them off... Roberta Right was recorded for "Party Crasher" but was left off the album because "it didn't fit." Per has later admitted he was wrong, and that it indeed would have been a killer on the album. Now it was reduced to a B-side of "Sing Along." The Theme is written by Per and son Gabriel. Gabriel was sitting in his room playing with something humming "Ro-ro-ro-robot dans" or something to that effect. Per grabbed his guitar and wrote the song. Sometimes it's too easy. #per60

Theme from ‘Roberta Right’

Per's 60 for 60. This is #25 of TDR's hand-picked list of songs from Per Gessle's career.