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Interview with the Jonas. Practice your Swedish!

Jonas Isacsson (Roxette, Horizont) :: T.C Crew

Jonas Isacsson (Roxette, Horizont) 08.08.2017 21:28 Ända sedan slutet av 80-talet har Roxette varit ett av de största favoritbanden på T.C redaktionen och vi har alltid varit grymt imponerade av deras långhåriga gitarrist Jonas Isacsson. Därmed kör vi vidare på spåret med berömda gitarrist…

From the archives. Making the It Just Happen-video in 2016.

Project X[mas] revealed! TDR proudly presents Per Gessle’s Roxette’s Unofficial Tour Book 2018 with hundreds of selected photos, all our reports and this year’s Xmas and after-tour interview with Per Gessle. The ebook version will be available FOR FREE for our readers on our website from December 24 on. More details to come! Ho ho ho!???

Per’s 60 for 60. #32 Småstadsprat (Small Town Talk.) Here it is, the Swedish version of “Small Town Talk,” this time with Lasse Winnerbäck as the duet partner. A very low-key, and again sad, song. The man fell in love with a girl, and she left. It’s unclear if they ever were a couple or not. Like we mentioned a few weeks ago, this was also recorded in English with Nick Lowe. Small town gossip can really ruin things for you… If you want to play it on the geet: Capo 2. Verse D D A D G Em A Bm G A, chorus Em7 D A, solo Am Fmaj7 G6 Am Fmaj7 G #per60


Per’s 60 for 60. This is #32 of TDR’s hand-picked list of songs from Per Gessle’s career.